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Okeanos Aggressor II :


Log Date: Saturday, Mar 04, 2017
Entry By: Okeanos Aggressor II crew


Cocos Island

Air Temperature 85F/ 28 C
Average Water Temperature 80F/27C
Average Visibility 60ft / 20m
Wetsuits: 3ml or 5mm if you get cold easily.

Captain: Carlos, Chefs: Jairol and Esteban, Engineer: Miguel; Steward: Osayuki; Tender Skippers: Jorge and Jeyler; Dive Instructor: Anibal.

Guest: Jun, Rumi, Jorge, Marcela, Jean, Georges, Jene, Henri, Michel, Denis, Igor, Svetlana, Daniel, Julissa, Sebastian, Carolina, Fabian, Maria, Todd, Alain and Genevieve .

Dive Sites : Manuelita- Dirty Rock- Punta Maria- Alcyone- Ulloa- Viking Rock- Dos Amigos ,Isla Pajara.

We had a lovely and smooth crossing and the guests were able to set up all their gear and enjoy some relaxation time. We arrived early morning and did the check dive in Chatham. It showed us our first few hammerheads with a taste of what was to come. Visibility was good, water was warm and sea was very calm. We continued the day to our favorite site Manuelita. Hammerheads were at every cleaning station, guests learnt the dive structure of staying close to the rocks so that gets the hammerheards much closer.,

This week we saw the tigers several times in Manuelita, but it was Dirty rock this week which showed us the action. In every direction of the eyes, there were hammerheads in schools of hundreds. On our afternoon dives they tended to go deeper and so we had to be conservative with the depth of the dives. Punta Maria showed us the cleaning of the Galapagos sharks and we saw a few hammerheads there also.

Night dives were again awesome, its interesting to see the behaviour of the sharks changing as for years now its been Manuelita shallows showing us the white tip feeding frenzy, recently were seeing changes and this is happening close to Chatham bay. The Galapagos sharks are showing up so maybe this is why the white tips have moved as they are prey. On this trip we saw a galapagos shark on night dives, which is such a different view at night time, they somehow feel much bigger in our lights.

We made our way over to Alcyone and submerged rock which gave us some lovely t diving, but the visibility at alycone this week wasn’t awesome. Dos amigos was full of Galapagos sharks which was a great close to the week.

Many thanks to all our guests for a fantastic company and great memories.
Looking forward having you onboard again.
Safe travels.
Best regards,.