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Log Date: Saturday, Mar 11, 2017
Entry By: Red Sea Aggressor Crew


Log Date: Saturday, Mar 18, 2017
Entry By: Red Sea Aggressor Crew
Southern Route
Water temperature: 72 - 74F / 22 - 24C
Air temperature:  70 - 73F /  21 - 23C.  Cozy jumper, trousers, sock/slippers and hat recommended for post-dive/evenings.
Exposure suit:  7mm full length.  Hood/rash vest underneath recommended.
Visibility: 82ft / 25m
Captain:  Abdullah
Cruise Directors:  Mahmoud
Dive Guides:Katia, Sam
Chef:  Hussein
Sous Chef:  Sherif
Salon Steward:  Hegazy and Ali
Seamen/Deckhands:  Said, Emad, Ayob, Hossam
Mechanic:  Ahmed
Chiara & John, Adam & Samantha, Linda & Alain, Scott & Suzanne, Dallas, Tucker, Nadja, Shelley
Our guests arrived in good time on the Saturday afternoon so were able to check everyone in and relax in the salon while music played and pizza was eaten.  Everyone set up their equipment, unpacked in the their cabins and had a good look around the boat.  Before long, it was time for guests and crew to settle in the salon for introductions and the Welcome Briefing.
Chef Hussein was busy preparing dinner which the guests enjoyed while getting to know each other more.  The rest of the evening was spent on the dock at Port Ghalib Marina.
We enjoyed a nice lazy breakfast on the dock on Sunday morning before firing up the engines and making for the open sea, First we went to Marsa Shouna. On the dive itself, many fish were spotted including Scorpion Fish, Bluespotted Rays, Pale Damsel Fish, Cornet Fish, Pipe Fish, a big Starry Puffer, a Moray Eel, and an Octopus.
Abu Dabbab 1 was our chosen sight for the second and the third dives.  On the second dive everyone was lead through a fun swim-through that runs through a crack in the reef. Our divers enjoyed the pretty hard coral garden looking for White Tip Reef Shark , Wrasse, Parrot Fish, schools of Goat Fish, Bluespotted Rays.
The night dive at Abu Dabbab 1 was fun with the PajamaChromodorids, a sleeping parrotfish and different species of Crab and shrimps.
We sailed all night to reach the famous reef of Daedalus with his large rounded shape and stunning lighthouse.
We completed our first dive at the east and then continued the second dive exploring the south plateau. Black, soft and leather corals in the morning lights, a school of Black Snapper, a Giant Trevally, a Giant Murray Eel, a Scorpion fish, a Napoleon Wrasse let our guests with cameras took some stunning photos and videos.
Early in the afternoon we dived the magnificent anemone city. There are so many of these Anemones, that each diver can easily have their own.
Back to the south for the last dive of the day, and the Giant Murray eel and Scorpion Fishes said their goodbyes to us along with the Napoleon Wrasse.
We arrived at Shaab Maksour, Sataya, ready to dive the south of this long reef.  Divers jumped off the back of the boat and descended straight onto the two gigantic pinnacles that sit on the plateau.  A Murray Eel was nearby the Table Coral. Trigger Fish, Groupers, Rainbow Wrasse, a Porcupinefish and some splendid Gorgonian Fans adorned the wall.  On the way back, the hard coral in the shallows looked bright in the early morning light with Unicorn Fish all around and a Napoleon Wrasse below the boat.
We moored up at Gota Sataya and as usual had the whole place to ourselves! Transparent Cleaner shrimps and Squirrel Fish were hiding under ledges and in small cracks in the reef, and Blue spotted Rays kicked up the sand searching for sustenance.
After delicious lunch we motored to Sataya Reef. This is one of the largest reef of the Red Sea and it host a large pod of white stripes dolphins. And we entered the tinder with mask and snorkel and we spent memorable hour swimming with the more than fifty dolphins!
We dived Sataya in the south for the third dive and night dives.  This dive site is a real pleasure to dive as the topography is so varied and the marine life in such abundance.  Many Blue spotted Rays swam over the sandy bottom before disappearing up and over the hard coral garden.
The Lion Fish were out in full force during the night dive at Sataya south.  They followed our divers closely, creeping up on them while they were distracted looking at something else!  Surgeon Fish, Giant Moray Eels, Parrot Fish and Blue spotted Rays also came out in the darkness.
For the first and second dives, we set off to the stunning caverns and coral gardens of Shaab Claude.  What an awesome dive we had working our way through winding passages, and taking a moment to appreciate the beauty of the dappled sunlight hitting the floor from the cracks in the ceiling above.  Down one corridor we came across a school of Cave Sweepers shimmering like gold.  Big Eye was lurking in the shadows, retreating shyly as we passed, and schools of Snapper hung inside the main chamber.  Several Wart Slugs were found on the rubbly floor, and on the outsides of the cavern were Murray Eel, Yellow spotted Trevally, Napoleon Wrasse, Anthias, Damsel Fish and Tuna.
We dived Big Abu Galawa for the third and the forth dives.  This dive site is a real pleasure to dive as the topography is so varied and the marine life in such abundance. And old tag boat wreck is covered by different kinds of corals gave a shelter for mane small critters.  Many Blue spotted Rays swam over the sandy bottom before disappearing up and over the hard coral garden, schools of Red Sea Banner Fish, Rabbit Fish, and Snapper. Once at the drop off, our guests encountered White Tip Reef Shark..
The Spanish Dancer was below the boat waiting our night divers at Big Abu Galawa. Two Cuttle Fishes, Sea star, Parrot Fish and Bluespotted Rays also came out in the darkness.
After an overnight crossing, we got kitted up on the dive deck in high spirits despite the windy weather before taking the plunge for the first dive at Shaab Sharm.  Early morning dives are often the best as many fish are still in hunting mode while the sun is low in the sky. The soft corals are fantastic with so many shades of pink, violet, cream, white and crimson; an eye-popping contrast to the deep blue behind. The second dive our divers dropped down into the clear blue water and were greeted by 2 Whitetip Reef Sharks.  We completed 2 dives and after a tasty lunch we headed north to Gota Marsa Alam.  Here our divers saw Parrot Fish, Picasso Fish, Big Eye, Crocodile Fish, Lion Fish and the wreck of an old safari boat surrounded by schools of Goat Fish.
A further two Black Dendrodoris were found on the night dive at Gota Marsa Alam!  Parrot fish, Puffer Fish and Bat Fish had tucked themselves into the reef to sleep, and one diver was lucky enough to come across some spawning coral!  Lion fishes, different types of Sea Urchin,  Boxer Shrimps  were spotted as well.
The night dive over, and it was time to enioy the dinner prepared by Chef Hussein, and Sous Chef Sherif.
For our last day, we went to the fabulous reef that is Elphinstone. The north plateau was bustling with activity in the early morning.  Hundreds of Fusilier Fish and Cornet Fish flickered over the reef that disappeared down into the blue.  We also saw two Turtles, Tuna, Trevally, Groupers and a Giant Moray Eel.
The eastern wall of Elphinstone was our destination for the second dive.  Here we saw Coral Hinds, Pipe Fish, Lion Fish, Unicorn Fish, Hawk Fish,Long nose Hawk Fish and a huge Giant Moray Eel and a pristine Gorgonian Fan.  This Gorgonian is a complete semicircle growing out from the reef and it is truly magnificent.
It has been a fantastic week here on board the Red Sea Aggressor.  We’ve dived, laughed, relaxed. We also must take a moment to congratulate...
500th DIVE:  Scott & Suzanne
1700th DIVE:  John
Thank you to all of our wonderful guests, and thank you Red Sea for another magical week of diving.
Your Red Sea Aggressor Crew