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Thailand Aggressor :


Log Date: Saturday, Mar 11, 2017
Entry By: Thailand Aggressor Crew


Thailand Aggressor Captain’s Log                    

March 11-18 , 2017

North Andaman sea


*Air Temp. 30c

*Water Temp. 29c

* Visibility 20m



Captain: Tui

Cruise Director: Clive

Engineer: Pom

Second Captain: Rong

Chef: Pi Phorn

Chef: P, Son

Dive instructor: Bank

Dive instructor: Kim

Videographer Ashley

Steward: Jinny



Guests: Doug,Brett,Kimm,Michael,Nicole,Guy,Julie,Randy,Gwen,Claron,Cynthia,




Sunday – Sharkfin Reef, Deep Six, West of Eden, Anita’s Reef, Hideaway Bay.

Monday – Boulder City, Elephant Head Rock, North point, Turtle Rock, Nam Chai bay.

Tuesday – Three Trees, Christmas Point, Koh Bon x 2

Wednesday – Koh Tachai x 2, Richelieu Rock x 2

Thursday - Richelieu Rock x 4

Friday – Koh Tachai, Koh Bon



Saturday 11th March2017


All our guests this week came from one travel group and they were all family and friends, all had been out for a day trip during the day and all were eager to set up their equipment and get settled in the cabins, then we settled down to a great Thai dinner and an early night to get ready



Sunday 12th March 2017


Great sunrise this morning we had our safety briefing and sorted our weights out and all headed off for our check dive at Sharkfin Reef we all descended on the reef and one of our group headed off to a known area for finding a few White tip reef sharks they had good luck today with 3 sleeping soundly way back in the crack, we cast off the mooring and headed for Deep six this site is located on island seven the site is a pinnacle that just breaks the surface, the current is picking up a bit so a drift dive was planned and went quite smoothly. Next we went just around the corner to West of Eden where we saw the resident spearing mantis shrimp and a green sea turtle.  After a short interval we drop in at Anita’s Reef to check out ‘One Roll Rock’ and our photographers especially had a great time hanging out there watching a variety of marine life as small as nudibranchs and as big blue spotted stingrays. The chef prepares a nice dinner of bruschetta and chicken parmesan then divers are already gearing up for the night dive. We they return to the boat they are greeted with hot coco and Baileys and warm towels. A great start to out dive adventure in the Similans.



Monday 13th March 2017


Rise and shine divers we have a great days diving infront of us. We ventured backsouth to Boulder city and tied on the mooring line we could jump from the mothership as there was no current today, we found a few stingrays in the sand and a large school of banner fish in the blue also seen was a couple of dogtooth tuna on the safety stop, after breakfast we headed back north to Elephant head our guests loved the swimthrus that scatter this site there still was no current a couple of giant morays made an appearance and also some giant Trevally, one of our guides found a nudibranch that we had not seen before. Heading further north again we arrived at island nine and moored up for lunch, our afternoons diving would begin at North point and we swam straight to the Pygmy pipehorse this tiny critter has been around for the last few trips and really pleased our macro photographers, our 4th dive was at Turtle rock the current picked up a little bit and we drifted thru the Boulders finding some cool critters on the way one group saw a small white tip shark sleeping in the deeper area. The night dive was planned at Namchai bay and we found lobster and a hunting moray eel, after the dive our guests enjoyed a good documentary about Tuna and headed to bed.



Tuesday 14th March 2017


We slept the night at island nine in a nice secluded bay it was perfect for us to enjoy a beautiful sunrise. Our first dive for today is planned as a drift dive at Breakfast bend this reef runs the length of the east side of island number 9 and we descended at our normal spot at 3 trees we saw a large school of Barracuda on the descent and also a few Malabar groupers swimming close to the bottom. For our next dive we headed to the north west side of island 9 to Christmas point this was also a bit of a drift and as we went along we saw 2 white tip sharks and also a beautiful napoleon wrasse swimming in the blue, we also encountered dart gobies and a huge great barracuda. After our lunch we upped anchor and headed north to Koh Bon. The mornings current had slacked off and we decided to dive in the bay starting at the wall on the west ridge. We found our usual subjects of sponge snails and a clutch of Spanish dancer eggs clung to the wall. We also had a large school of fusiliers very close to the surface, Our next dive would take us to the north ridge and we drifted along before continuing into the bay we saw lots of marine life including oriental sweet lips and a school of trevally was hunting on a coral head covered in glass fish, our night dive was planned for the bay and our guests saw a moray that had been in a fight very badly chewed up. Also there were many hunting Lionfish also spotted was a couple of nudibranchs in the sand. We all came back from the dive with smiles as this had been a great nightdive.    



Wednesday 15th March 2017


It’s another beautiful morning as guests wake up to the site of Koh Tachai Island where we will be doing our two morning dives. We gear up an jump in at Koh Tachai Pinnacle using the mooring line to take us to the bottom which protects us from most current. We are greeted by a large school of chevron barracuda and also find a nice free swimming black flatworm. Hundreds, if not thousands, of bright blue and yellow fusiliers surround us as we admire the colorful coral gardens on the north side of the pinnacle. On top of the pinnacle we find many trevally on the hunt for an early meal. After two dives guests enjoy a Thai lunch of ginger soup, minced pork, and cashew chicken as we sail on towards Richelieu. Richelieu Rock is one of Thailand’s most beautiful dive sites. This horseshoe shaped pinnacle is covered in pink and purple soft corals along with many brightly colored anemones. Divers enjoyed the saddleback and skunk anemone fish and of course the clown ‘nemos’. Schools of snapper and fusiliers swim almost in synchrony around us and we also find several nudibranchs and banded cleaner shrimp. Needless to say we are all very excited to be spending the day here tomorrow.



Thursday 16th March 2017


After a peaceful night’s sleep in the Surin Islands we head back to beautiful Richelieu Rock where we will be spending the day. Our divers absolutely love this site! We start the day by congratulating our guest for her 500th dive with an underwater banner and group photo. Next, we go deep to check out our resident spiny seahorse. After spending a little time with the sea horse we move over to our next special find, which is two ornate ghost pipefish. After lunch the current has picked up a bit so we start with a drift around the outside of the horseshoe and see the big Napolean wrasse, a mantis shrimp, and thousands of schooling fish including trevally, snapper, and fusiliers. We then head inside the horseshoe and are almost overwhelmed by the variety of marine life that is there at the moment. So many creatures including a devil scorpion fish, moray eels, banded cleaner shrimp, tomato anemone fish, bat fish, yellowtail barracuda, giant trevally are all coexisting in this somewhat small area. It was an absolutely amazing day. After the fourth dive guests enjoy a glass of wine with their filet mignon dinner then settle in for a movie before bed.



Friday 17th March 2017


With a late wake up of 7:00 guests are able to sleep in before gathering in the salon for the briefing. The groups divide and some go to the pinnacle while others go to the reef. Both are great dives. Next we head to Koh Bon for our final dive of the week. Afterwards, the crew cleans the gear while guests enjoy lunch. We arrive in Thaplamu at 4:00pm and have a farewell BBQ at 6:00pm. The guests hang out in the salon and lido deck and we enjoy our last night together aboard Thailand Aggressor. Congratulations to our iron divers of the week!



Saturday 18th March 2017


Guests wake up and have a hot breakfast while crew loads the luggage onto the dinghy. They depart the vessel at 8:00am and head to the pier where prearranged transfers are   waiting to take them to their next destination. Thank you everyone for another awesome week on board. See you next time!