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Log Date: Sunday, Mar 12, 2017
Entry By: Rock Islands Aggressor Crew


Sunday afternoon we welcomed aboard 15 guests from Belgium. We started with a quick introduction to the staterooms and then on the dive deck, everyone set up their dive gear. Once we checked certification cards and checked in we headed up stairs to cover the vessel safety briefing and soon after dinner prepared by our Chef Andy. After dinner some of the guest stays up in the salon, some went down stair to set up their cameras and some went to bed.


   Very early Monday morning Captain Ike motor up the boat to German Channel area. While we are under way the guests are having breakfast and after we covered up the general dive briefing. First dive of the charter we dive German Coral Garden for our checkout dive. Started at the mooring and went down to red anemone, we did try to check the cleaning station but once we get to the cleaning station the current get out going current so we decided to turn around and put the shallow on our right. While drifting we saw Thorny ray and Sting ray. We come up to shallow on top of the coral garden and do our safety stop at the end. Second dive was Big drop off. Started at the ball and chain. A beautiful vertical wall covered with soft coral and sea fan and lots of macro life on the wall. On this dive we saw nudibranch, anthias, lionfish, Napoleon, turtles and more. The wall is right next to the island so after the dive we swim away from the wall to end our dive. Come back to the big boat and have lunch and after lunch we covered the reef hook briefing. For our third dive we dive New Drop Off. Still out going current so we start at the mooring with the wall on our left. Come up to the hook in area and hook in for a while. Not much current so we unhooked and explore the plateau instead. We saw Nudibranch, Sharks, Napoleon, Blue lined snapper, Turtles and more on this dive. The current switch to incoming so we turn around and end our dive drifting on the top of the plateau. For our fourth dive we dive German Channel. We start at Koror side and once we hit the water we swim in the blue to check the Mantas if they are feeding. While we are in the blue we saw two Mantas going at the cleaning station so we follow. Did not stay there so we swim to the next cleaning station on the other side. No luck so we swim back to the blue again and this time we found three Mantas, not feeding but they stay there swimming around with the guests. After watching them we drifted inside to end the dive. Come back to the big boat and have dinner.


     Tuesday morning we woke and our first dive was at Blue Corner. We descended down from the mooring with the wall on our right and head down to hook in area. When we hooked in we saw schooling of jacks, fusilier and trigger fish. We move to the deeper hook in area for a better view. This time sharks are closer and more. We stay for long and after we drifted and explore the plateau and saw turtles, groupers, snappers, barracudas and lots of fish. Our second dive was at Blue holes. We descended to the holes and stay the cavern for quite a long time looking for disco clam and nudibranch and taking pictures. After we exit we explore the wall on our left. Anemones, nudibranch, anthias, sweet lips and more to see at the wall. In the blue sharks and tuna and turtles is free swimming. The third dive was at Turtle Cove, like Blue Holes there is hole on top of the reef where we descended and end in small cavern. We exit and drifted wall on the right. The wall itself is covered with beautiful soft coral and sea fan and lots of macro life on the wall. We drifted on top of the reef before the corner and end our dive exploring the shallow water with turtles and schooling of snapper to see. Also there are some trigger fish that are nesting and one of the diver where been attacked by trigger fish. Fourth dive and we dive German Channel again but this time we started at Peleliu side. So descended at the mooring we head down to cleaning station. Stop there several minutes and swim to the other cleaning station but when we get to the mouth we start seeing mantas so we swim in the blue up in the shallow and swim with four Mantas to end the dive. We come back to the boat and have dinner. For our night dive was at Turtle cove. We started at the mooring and drop down while we were at the line a feather tail show up. Then we drifted wall on our right. While diving we saw spiny lobster, basket stars, shrimps and crabs and big grouper. The dive last 45 minutes.

     Early Wednesday morning the big boat started motoring down to Peleliu. For our first dive we dive Peleliu express or the incoming side of the corner. We did a live drop and put the wall on the right. Current is not much as matter of fact very mellow current so we decided not to hook in and just drift on the wall to the top of the reef instead. We saw big school of Sailfin snapper because this is the time of year they are gathering at the corner to spawn. School of barracudas and Giant Trevally and snapper are around the corner too. So lot of shark but they won’t let the diver to come close to them. We end the dive drifting in blue. After the dive we come back to the boat and five guest went on the World War II land tour. Second dive was Peleliu Cut; the outgoing side of the corner. We did a live drive and descended drifting wall on our left. Same like first dive the current was mellow so we just drifted and stop for a while close to the corner to watch the sharks swimming at the edge of the plateau. On top of the reef we saw schooling of Bumphead parrot fish together with jacks, turtles and big grouper. We drifted in the blue and does our safety stop to end our dive. Barrack’s point for our third dive. Beautiful dive site, sloping coral garden carpeted with soft coral and hard coral formation. We saw lots of turtles, several Giant clams, and lots of tropical fish. Fourth dive was Orange Beach Coral Garden. We jump in the water and explore the coral garden with the shallow on our right. Mellow current perfect to explore the coral garden with lots of artifacts scattered on the area. Bullets ammunition, bombs, landing craft, 1944 coke bottles, chains and anchors and more. We saw lots of tropical fish as well. After the dive we come back to the boat and start motoring up back to German Channel area. After the dive we went to Big Drop off. Beautiful wall at night. Soft coral and sea fans, lots of shrimp and crabs on the wall, nudibranch and lots of sleeping fish too.


     On Thursday morning our first dive was at Blue Corner. We enter the water on the incoming side drifting wall on the right. Then hooked in at the deep hook in area at 60 feet. We maximize the time here watching the sharks, barracudas, jacks, triggers and fusilier in front of us. There are some big fish as well chasing the school of fish like Dogtooth tuna, Spanish mackerel and Trevally. After the hook in we drifted at the corner, do the safety stop in the blue to end the dive. Second dive we dive Virgin Blue Hole. The skiff drops us on top of the hole and immediately descends to the bottom. We saw hermit crab in the hole and play with them giving sea grass on top of their hole. We swim into the tunnel and come out to the wall on our right. We drifted and swim in and out the canyons at the end of our dive. After lunch we come back to Blue Corner. It was same current so we enter at the incoming side of the wall. We hooked in not long at the 45 feet area and went down to 60 feet hook in area. Sharks in the blue together with lots of fusilier and trigger fish. When we unhook we explore the plateau and saw two leaf scorpion fish’ octopus, three eagle rays, more sharks and turtles. We visit the tip of the corner again and as usual a lot of fish to see. We drifted in the blue to do our safety stop and end our dive. Fourth dive and we dive Barnum’s Wall. Mellow current we enter the water and drifted shallow on the left. Anemones and nudibranch on the coral garden. We saw feather tail ray too before we do our safety stop to finish the dive. For our night dive we head to German Channel. Started the dive at the mooring and saw a cuttle fish right next to it. Then we swim to see the red anemone. Drifted inside the channel and saw lots of sleeping fish.


     Early Friday morning we Capt. Ike motor the boat to Ulong and once we secured the boat on our Mooring right next to the island we head down to Ulong Channel for first dive. We enter the water and drifted along the wall on our left to the mouth of the channel. Unfortunately the current stop so we did not hook in instead we go in straight the channel itself. We saw several flat worms and anemones. Couple turtle and lots of grouper. But the current switch to outgoing so we turn around and end the dive exploring the coral garden area. For our second dive we went out to Siaes tunnel. We start at the mooring and descend to the entrance of the tunnel. Inside the tunnel we saw sharks, school of jacks and snapper and several nudibranch and lots of decorated dart fish. We exit the tunnel and end the dive drifting along the wall on out right hand side. After lunch we went to Siaes corner for third dive. We started at the mooring and drifted wall on the right. Come up to the hook in area and hooked in. watch the show with sharks, school of scad and black snapper. When we unhooked we drifted on the top of the reef with beautiful coral formation. For our fourth dive was Sandy Paradise. We enter the water at the mooring and descend down to check the cleaning station. Nothing cleaning so we drifted and checked the rock out cropping with lots of glassy sweeper. Over there we saw several leaf fish and mantis shrimp. After we continue shallow on the right and saw schooling scad, jack and barracuda. Several sharks resting at the bottom and trevally free swimming hunting small fish. We returned to the big boat where we enjoyed another fine meal prepared by chef Andy and after dinner we watched the video of the charter.


     We woke up Saturday morning with the big boat in the rock islands. Our first dive was The Iro. We started the dive at the mooring attach to the bow of the wreck. We explore the bow first where we saw the big gun. Then dropped down to the first cargo hold. Come up and swim off the top deck. We pass the bridge, several Masts and several cargo hold as we reach the stern deck to check another big gun. After we come up circling around on what we called TRIPOD. And on top of it we saw lots of tomato anemone with tomato anemone fish and two giant clams as well. We swim back to the mooring line checking and passing several king posts. We did a quick turnaround and headed out to Chandelier Cave for second dive. All the divers surfaced in all four air chambers to take photos of the stalactites and outside the cave we found the mandarin fish, signal goby, razor fish and pajama cardinal. After an afternoon of cleaning, drying and packing scuba gear. At 6pm we gathered in the salon for the cocktail party and watched a photo slideshow of the week and soon after all the guests headed off into town for dinner and come back to the boat after.


     On Sunday morning we said our goodbyes to our guests as they headed off to their hotels. We would like to thank everyone for joining us this week and hope to see you all again soon.


         -Rock Islands Aggressor Crew