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Thailand Aggressor :


Log Date: Saturday, Mar 04, 2017
Entry By: Thailand Aggressor Crew


Thailand Aggressor Captain’s Log                    

February March 4-11 , 2017

North Andaman Sea


*Air Temp. 30c

*Water Temp. 29c

* Visibility 20m



Captain: Tui

Cruise Director: Clive

Engineer: Pom

Second Captain: Rong

Chef: Pi Phorn

Chef: P, Son

Dive instructor: Patrick

Dive instructor: Kim

Steward: Jinny



Guests: Erika,Jim,Don,Joe,Eli,Elton,Tammy,Chris,RC,



Sunday – Sharkfin Reef, Boulder city,Anitas reef,Deep six.Hideaway Bay

Monday – West of Eden,Elephant Head Rock, North point, Breakfast bend,Namchai bay.

Tuesday – Turtle Rock, Christmas Point, Koh Bon West Ridge, Koh Bon Bay

Wednesday – Koh Tachai x 2, Richelieu Rock x 2

Thursday - Richelieu Rock x 4

Friday – Koh Tachai, Koh Bon



Saturday 4th March2017


All our guests arrived around 5:30pm and began setting their eqpt up after this we had our cabin briefings and then all made our way to the salon and had our boat safety briefing, this was followed by a great 5 course Thai meal with glassnoodles and massaman curry. When we departed we had our small ceremony at the front of the boat, this is for good luck and the firecrackers are let off to scare off any bad spirits on the trip. Our guests headed to bed early after a day full of adventure and tours around Phuket.



Sunday 5th March 2017


Sawadee don chao (good morning all) We were up with the sun this morning and our guests eagerly waited for our dive safety briefing after this we had a dive site briefing. We decided to start in the very south of the similans at a dive site known as Sharkfin Reef although no sharks were spotted this week we did see a Bumphead parrot fish and many Fusileers at the surface. After breakfast we moved east to boulder city where a few guests saw a kuhls Ray in the sand and also a turtle showed up just as we headed back to the mooring line. We moved the boat bac to island 4 for our afternoons diving and dived Anitas reef most of our guest had there hands cleaned by the many cleaner wrasse, we also saw a very large moray on the north side. Deep six was planned for our 4th dive and we did a nice drift along the reef with sightings of Barracuda and Trevally along with many bannerfish cruising the blue. Our nightdive was in a secluded bay and our guests found lobster and hunting moray. We decided on a documentary for our late entertainment and some guests retired early all ready looking forward to tmmrws diving.



Monday 6th March 2017


All our guests arose early ready for another great day of diving we headed for island 7 and a divesite known as West of Eden this is a very large granite boulder dive site with an abundance of soft and hard coral this dive can be done as a drift or you can circle the dive site we had a good dive with a white tip shark being sighted and also a sleeping Turtle. Next it is off to Elephant head and the fantastic swim thrus that dot this site we found stingr ay and also many trevally hunting at the surface, on departing this dive site we had a great encounter with a whale breaching the surface many times about 400yards away all our guest were yelping each time this huge creature breached the surface. On our third dive at north point we saw a leopard shark asleep in the sand our guests got some video and many still shots. At breakfast bend we saw a large school of Barracuda and also a sleeping white tip shark. For the night dive we had a nice encounter with a hunting moray and a couple of lobsters were sighted. Our guests opted for a movie tonight so we had popcorn and settled down after an exciting days diving.



Tuesday 7th March 2017


The visibility is amazing at the moment in north Similan, Our day started at Turtle rock on island number 8 this rocky outcrop drops down to 130 feet very close to the shore, we jumped from the rear of the boat as the current was favorable, we saw a couple of resident ghost pipefish that pleased our photographers. We headed for the north of island 9 for our second dive this was at Christmas point a particular favorite with our guests the swimthrus here are awesome and theres a huge quantity of fish in the blue at this dive site including a large school of bannerfish we also found a large stingray in the sand. Our next dive is right next door to Christmas point here we were super lucky and found a Leopard shark in the sand, for many of our guests this was the first encounter with this docile creature. At 3 Trees we had fantastic visibility and saw many Barracuda in the blue. When we were shallowing up we came across a Green sea turtle feeding on the reef. We upped anchor and off to koh bon we went, this island is still within the park but about 1 hours motoring north, when we arrived we jumped straight away on the north ridge. We were greated by a huge puffer fish that showed great interest in the divers. We also saw a couple of sea snakes and our usual sponge snails. On the night dive we headed for the wall and enjoyed a slight drift one of our guests foud an octopus out hunting for the nights meal we finished the dive in the bay and returned to the mothership for a movie night with popcorn.    



Wednesday 8th March 2017


Our first dive today is at koh Tachai island the current was moderate and we had our briefing, One of our guests celebrated a birthday today and what a gift for the first dive as on the safety stop a beautiful manta ray cruised by also sighted was the large school of barracuda passing by. On our second dive we saw many schools of fish including snapper and giant trevally. There was a enormous number of fusiliers. After the dive we headed up to Thailands premier divesite Richelieu Rock. The divesite had just a couple of boats on it when we arrived and we had the divesite to ourselves. We headed to our favorite spots that have special finds including ornate ghost pipe fish and a large furn coral with ten flabelina nudibranchs in it, also sighted were yellowtail barracuda and many trevallys, for our second dive we headed around to the north, the current had picked up and a lot and we got lots of shelter from this huge limestone pinnacle. We had many fish all schooling on the sheltered side.



Thursday 9th March 2017


After spending the night at the Surin Islands we motored back to our favorite dive site at Richelieu Rock, again the visibility was fantastic at 100ft plus, all our dives today would be at Richelieu rock we were lucky that there was only 1 other boat here today, we visited all of our special finds on the first dive then on our subsequent dives we explored all of the outer lying rocks which turned up a couple of great finds including our spiny seahorse and many nudibranchs we also saw a huge Malabar grouper being cleaned on the main rock, on one of our dives we spotted 3 very large yellowtail Barracuda these were alsobeing cleaned very close to the bottom. On one of our dives we saw a school of about 10 Batfish all were very interested in our divers and we got some great video and some good still shots also, On the sunset dive all the predatory fish seemed to come close to the rock, again we had schools of big eye trevally and schools of snapper in abundance it felt like all the marine life was very nervous for all the predatory fish patrolling the reef. We upped anchor and enjoyed a great sunset cruise back to Koh Tachai hopefully for some continued manta Ray action.



Friday 10th March 2017


Just 2 dives today then we head back to our home port we decided to check out the pinnacle again and all our guests kept there eyes peeled for the manta ray we had encountered 2 days earlier, sadly no manta ray but the huge school of barracuda were very shallow and we saw them on the descent we also saw a Black Tip Shark in between pinnacle 1 and 2, for our second dive we headed back to Koh bon the visibility was amazing and we saw an eagle ray and a turtle, well sadly the last dive of the trip was not blessed with mantas but all our guest were amazed at the diversity of marine life we encountered on the trip. We filled the hot tub for our guests for the journey home and they enjoyed the cruise with a couple of beers on the way we finished the cruise with our BBQ and enjoyed reminiscing about the trip.



Saturday 11th March 2017


Sad to see this group go we had a good trip all our guest were continuing there holidays in Thailand and we bid them all farewell and safe travels.