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Kona Aggressor II :


Log Date: Saturday, Mar 04, 2017
Entry By: Kona Aggressor Crew


Kona Aggressor II Captains Log

March 4th – March 10th, 2017 Air temperature: 70- 80 °F Water Temperature: 75°F Visibility: 50 -100+ ft.

Captain Matt Herwig
2nd Captain: Cliff Muse
Instructor: Colin Gamez
Divemasters: Cameron Smay & Celia Corbin Chef: Kevin Bennett

Raymond, Kerry, and Amy Russell; Joel and Sylvie Meudic; John Christiansen; Maguerite Wilbur; Kin Wa Ip (Vincent); John Seidler;

Dive Sites:
Sunday: Peles Playground, Manuka Bay
Monday: Black Coral Forest, Rainbow Reef
Tuesday: Ladders, Walls Wall, Pohue Bay
Wednesday: Land of Oz, Au Au Crater, Hammerhead, Mantaville Thursday: Ampitheater, The Dome
Friday: Turtle Pinnacle

Saturday, March 4th, 2017 – Aloha from the Kona Aggressor II. Today we welcomed 9 guests aboard in the late afternoon. A very diverse group of guests from France, China, Boston, and Irvine. have come out to enjoy a relaxing week of diving. We also welcome a new crewmember aboard: Celia Corbin. After some introductions, Captain Matt led a safety briefing explaining the protocols of the ship for the week. The guests set up their dive gear and as we tied up to the mooring in the Kona harbor Chef Kevin served an excellent assortment of barbecue. The divers retired early, many of them jet lagged, ready to dive in the morning.

Sunday, March 5th, 2017 – Our excursion begins with excellent weather as we push south in the early morning for the south coast of the big island of Hawaii. Stopping briefly Peles Playground for a few dives, we are blessed early in the week with our first (but hopefully not last) turtle sighting of the week. Arriving finally at Manuka Bay, we enjoyed diving the site and its many lava tubes and arches, spotting a rare black long nose butterfly fish. Chef Kevin prepared a delicious meal of grilled salmon and mashed cauliflower, followed by a dessert of pound cake. The Russell family decided to achieve their PADI advanced open water diver certification with Instructor Colin and completed their first specialty on the night dive.

Monday, March 6th, 2017 – The Aggressor II continues its journey south to Black Coral Forest. Our first dive took us fairly deep to view the rare black coral, while our second dive stayed moderately shallow as we spotted several octopuses in hiding. We then moved on to rainbow reef, a site aptly named for its colorful coral formations. The advanced students performed necessary skills for the PADI underwater naturalist course, correctly identifying several of Hawaiis endemic species. Chef Kevin grilled up some juicy flank steak on a bed of mashed potatoes, and then treated us to cheesecake for dessert. Cliff led the night dive and found a cheekspot scorpion fish and a good number of viper moray eels.

Tuesday, March 7th, 2017 – Today we pushed all the way to the southernmost point in the United States (Ka Le) and we dove the cliffs at a site named Ladders. The boulder like terrain gave divers many small crevices to peek under and find spiny tailed lobsters. Our second site, Walls Wall gave the advanced students their deep dive specialty where we spotted some Tinkers butterfly fish far down at 90 feet. Chef Kevin cooked some Cornish game hens with brown rice and green beans, followed by some brownie Sundaes. Our last site and mooring for the night was Pohue Bay, where we came across a few flame angelfish underneath the boat.

Wednesday, March 8th, 2017 – Returning on a course north for our manta dive we stopped at four sites along the way. First, the Land of Oz to say hello to a resident frogfish; then Au Au crater which granted us a sighting of a nurse shark in the blue water; after which we visited Hammerhead to perform the peak performance bouncy dive for our advanced students, and finally Mantaville for the highly anticipated Manta dive. Tonights dinner was a ship favorite, grilled mahi mahi on coconut rice, then cookie pie as guests relaxed and warmed up in the hot tub after an eventful evening with the mantas.

Thursday, March 9th, 2017 – The last full day of diving on this weeks charter brought us to Red Hill with two dive sites: Amphitheater and the Dome. A white tip reef shark graced us with its presence on out first dive, while another photogenic Hawaiian freckled frogfish posed for pictures on our second. The Russell family performed their most taxing specialty of underwater navigation flawlessly before exiting the water to savory filet mignon and crème brûlée. We then ventured three miles off the coast to witness the magic of the pelagic dive and all the micro-organisms of the depths.

Friday, February 24th, 2017 – Our last two dives at Turtle Pinnacle led by instructor Colin and divemaster Celia were arguably the best dives of the week. Several large turtles, a large spotted eagle ray, some territorial fighting eels, and a pod of overhead dolphins are just a few highlights of these dives. After such, the guests cleaned their gear as we traveled back to Kona for a relaxing day in the sunshine. At our cocktail party we recognized seven iron divers (Raymond, Kerry, Amy, Joel, Sylvie, Vincent, and John

Seidler) as well as our three newest advanced open water divers. The guests then enjoyed a nice evening to the soothing saxophone music of instructor Colin before journeying ashore for dinner to end a very successful vacation once again aboard the Kona Aggressor II. On behalf of the crew thank you for joining us this and we hope to see you in the water again soon!