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Cayman Aggressor V :


Log Date: Saturday, Mar 18, 2017
Entry By: Cayman Aggressor Crew


March 18th to 25th 2017

Guests   Chris & Melissa, Maureen, Jimmy, Kristi, Lukas, Jeff & Andy, Chris & Michelle, John & Ann, Scott, Steven, Price & Barbara, Gretchen & Megan.

Crew Capt Alan, Chef Kingsley, Engineer Rodel, Steward Oniel, Instructors, Manny & Justin.

Saturday Once again Saturday comes around so quickly and the Cayman Aggressor is ready for another action packed week, with several repeat guests this week and our very own yacht specialist from our corporate office, Jimmy, joining us to complete his open water course. With all our guests onboard we slowly motored off the dock and onward to our first site of the week. Once our safety briefing and introductions were complete, and after Chef Kingsley’s famous BBQ dinner it was time to relax and gets some sleep.

Sunday Our first site was the wreck of the Doc Poulson, a perfect check out dive, with the wreck sitting in 50 ft of water. Next to the wreck there was a large spotted Eagle ray feeding in the sand, all our divers had time to enjoy the scene for the entire dive. Out on the wall a Turtle was feeding on a sponge, and with Creol Wrass and Purple Reef Fish it was a great taste of Cayman Style diving. After a delicious lunch we cruised toward our next spot which was the Wreck of the Oro Verde. This ship reef is a favorite among guests and crew alike, with the wall close by it gives us a mix of reef, wreck and wall. Several turtles were spotted along with a large green Moray Eel which was feeding on an unsuspecting octopus!! The site comes alive at night, with several eels, large Lobster, Mid-night Parrot fish and a very restless spotted drum. With Hot chocolate and hot towels wrapping up or first great day of diving.

Monday With North winds in the post it was time to motor to the south side of Grand Cayman, Bullwinkle was the first site of the day, Tarpon were here in abundance along with schooling fish on top of the reef, down in the shallows we spotted Sail Fin Blenny’s hiding in the rubble. The best creature of the morning had to be the Juvenile Damsel fish, darting in and out of the Elk Horn Coral. Next up was Pedro’s Castle for two afternoon dives and night dive. This is a highlight of our southern itinerary, we had stingrays, lobster and a large school of Black Durgon dancing in the sun’s rays filtering down through the crystal clear water. Chef Kingsley served up a scrumptious dinner of Pork Tenderloin and stuffed Lamb. The night dive began soon after Chocolate Lava cake completed the meal. The smiles were ear-to-ear as the divers returned from the night dive, excited about the underwater rewards provided by an octopus, stingray and squid.

Tuesday Our tour of the south side of Grand Cayman continued with a move further east to a site called Kelly’s Caverns. Breakfast was wrapping up as the last orders of decadent eggs benedict were served. The divers were so enthusiastic for the first dive, they were on the dive deck, dressed and ready to splash even before the dive bell had been sounded. Their punctuality was satisfied with incredible, cavernous swim-thrus and deep, coral channels revealing lots of lobster, a nurse shark and an extremely friendly turtle who swan with the divers for several minutes after a breakfast of sponges. During a deliciously, satisfying Italian lunch, we pointed the compass west and headed around to West Bay arriving at our afternoon and evening dive site, Governor’s Reef. It didn’t take long for this location to deliver. A Spotted Eagle Ray was gliding above the sand and a juvenile Spotted Drum was seen pirouetting under a coral overhang with its fins streaming behind. Four of our guests, working on their Advanced Open Water course, paused their training while practicing their new underwater navigation skills to watch a massive, free-swimming, Green Moray Eel come reeling by. The show wasn’t over as an inquisitive turtle came down to join the navigation festivities. The night dive didn’t disappoint either. A sleeping turtle was spotted with his head tucked into a crevice. A Moray Eel was seen hunting among the coral and for the finally, an octopus spent several minutes foraging in the open for all the divers to see!


Wednesday  We started or engines at 6:00 heading for Round Rock Trinity caves, this site is on the North west side of Grand Cayman. The wall here is expansive and sheer. The trinity side is a diver’s delight with ambient light filtering through the caverns. Up on top the school masters, chubs and Wrass are in the hundreds. A hawksbill turtle was seen cruising along the reef and another Spotted Eagle ray was seen casually feeding in the sand, allowing divers to get with 3 feet. Toward the end of the dive a Hammerhead Shark was seen by Price and Meghan!! Such a delight for our father and daughter buddy team! Cheeseburgers in paradise were the lunch of the day, and with a short journey to the Ex-Kittiwake the former Submarine support vessel. This wreck is made for divers, so many places to explore, a Goliath Grouper was cruising inside and on the outside a large Loggerhead turtle was spotted and two large Eagle rays feeding in the sand. At Night the reef became alive with 5 Octopus seen on the reef, making a perfect ending to a fantastic day of diving.

Thursday We started our day with a pair of dives at Neptune’s Drop off. The visibility was incredibly clear affording the opportunity to peruse the reef and to keep an eye out into the deep blue. We joined a Hawksbill turtle munching his way through his morning meal. Arriving at our next site, Angelfish Reef, Kingsley transported our guests to the Orient for an Asian themed lunch. Following a much deserved siesta, our guests began the afternoon at a “two for one” dive site, Lost Treasure and Spanish Anchor. Barbara, Meghan, Price and Gretchen were seen finishing up their Advanced Open Water course, intently practicing Peak Performance Buoyancy. Their hard work was rewarded when a large free swimming Green Moray came by for a look. Next up was a dusk dive. The divers were lined up on the dive deck anxiously awaiting the briefing so they could splash in. As the divers returned, tales of Eagle Rays, Nurse Shark and turtles and the smiles were ear to ear and the excited chatter, nonstop as they discussed the visual bounty of the dive.

Friday Our sunrise this morning was picture perfect, as were the conditions at Devil’s grotto. Our divers were eager to explore these crevices and caverns. The fish life here is impressive with Snappers, chubs and purple reef fish in abundance. A nurse shark was seen swimming along the reef and two reef Squid were spotted next to our mooring line. An impressive last dive to a safe and action packed week here in Cayman. Congrats to Jeff for completing 2100 dives, John & Ann for completing 400 Dives, Meghan 50 Dives & Gretchen 48 Dives. For our courses this Jimmy finished his Open Water and his Nitrox course, Melissa, Price & Barbara also finished their Nitrox.

Thank you to all our guests this week for a safe and enjoyable week of diving.

Your Cayman Aggressor Crew