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Cayman Aggressor V :


Log Date: Saturday, Mar 11, 2017
Entry By: Cayman Aggressor Crew


Cayman Aggressor IV

March 11th to 18th 2017

Guests   Robert & Tersea , Sandy & Dave, Barbara, Terri, Jean Paul & Martine, Gary & Becky, Ken, Stephen & Tracy, Elizabeth, Marilyn, Bruce, Ignacio.

Crew Capt Niall, Chef Kingsley, Engineer Rodel, Instructors Aubri, Manny & Justin.

We again had a varied mix of divers from around the world with folks coming from Spain via Canada and of course all over the US of A and a delightful couple of experienced Aggressor divers all the way from France.

Saturday We got all our guests on by 8pm and with all safety briefs done and plans laid out everyone settled down for a good nights rest in anticipation of a great week of diving to come.

Sunday Our week started where it quite often does at the Ship Reef Doc Poulson. This little wreck is a great starter dive, it sits near a very cool swim that leads out to the drop off and the wreck itself is covered in coral life. Kingsley served up delicious chocolate chip cookies as we made our way around northwest point and into the north sound for a dive at world famous Sting Ray City. The water was blue as could be and we had a healthy number of rays that came to play with us. We then made our way out east to Babylon for a couple of dives at this pristine spot before we would make the 67 mile run to Bloody Bay. The highlight of the day was most certainly an encounter with a 7ft to 8ft Hammerhead shark at Babylon. This majestic creature came up from the blue and gave us a slow drive by before it sank away into the blue again.

Monday After a pretty smooth crossing we arrived at Randys Gazebo in Little Cayman. Our morning dives offered Bloody Bay at its finest, 100ft vis with a deep rich blue background. We had turtles and grouper galore amongst countless huge and healthy seafans. Kingsley served up genuine Mexican lunch experience while we made the very short run to 3 Fathom Wall and then on to Meadows for a late afternoon and nightdive. Turtles and sharks, groupers and lobsters were the order of the day and everyone ended the day now knowing what the hype about Little Cayman is all about.

Tuesday Our day started at Leah Leahs Lookout and again the visibility was in the 100ft range. We again had turtles and groupers and a very cute baby nurse shark. We sighted 3 very cool lemon rays along with a delightful school of painted file fish. Italian was the treat served up by Kingsley for lunch as we made the short hop Marilyns Cut for 2 afternoon dives where we had turtles and lobster and grouper galore All agreed it was a splendid day of Bloody Bay diving, the seas were flat and the visibility exceptional with a deep rich blue background.

Wednesday The weather gods were intent on sending us some heavy winds so we sadly had to say goodbye to Bloody Bay and head for Grand Cayman. A smooth crossing found us on the east end of Grand Cayman for 2 morning dives at Lighthouse Reef. The wall structure on the east end is quite different with huge over hangs and ghostly swim thrus, we had a cool turtle encounter and even found 2 majestic juvenile spotted drums. Cheese Burgers in paradise was the lunch Kingsley expertly served up as we made our way along the south coast of Grand Cayman to Pedros Castle for the afternoon and nightdives. We had turtles and channel crabs, spotted drum and scorpion fish and several lobster and to cap the day we had a cool octopus encounter on the night dive.

Thursday The USS Kittiwake was the start of our day for a couple of morning dives with visibility easily in the 100ft range we explored this dynamic shipwreck and once proud US Navy Submarine rescue vessel. Moment of the morning had to be spending a few minutes looking out thru a large port hole at an eagle ray feeding in the sand below. Asian lunch was the culinary theme served by Kingsley as we made our way to Lost Treasure for our first afternoon dive and then on to the Oro Verde of mid afternoon and then a twilight dive. We again had turtles and lobster and more beautiful juvenile spotted drum. Thanks giving dinner was the feast Kingsley served up in honor of a simply great and varied week of Cayman diving but most importantly a very safe week of diving.

Friday Round Rock/Trinity Caves was the chosen spot for our final morning of diving and although the wind wanted to blow the underwater realm was calm and serene. More turtles among the cavernous swim thrus was the order of the morning. Sadly our diving came to an end and all thoughts turned to drying and packing gear but also to which Aggressor yacht would our intrepid divers be heading to next….Sri Lanka or Belize, Palau or Kona, the choices are as varied and they are plentiful.

Your Cayman Aggressor Crew