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Aggressor Adventure Travel
Palau Aggressor II :


Log Date: Sunday, Mar 19, 2017
Entry By: Palau Aggressor Crew


Palau Aggressor II

Charter Date: March 19-26, 2017



Captain: Scott Arni

Engineer / Dive Master: Hector Manglicmot

Video Pro: Ernan Dukha

Chef: Ronnie: Aya-ay

Skiff Driver / Dive Master: Steve Koichi

Stewardess: Editha Baldos



First dive: German Channel

The dive start at the red anemone and swim all the way to the manta cleaning station, we saw couple of grey reef and a white tip reef shark, spotted eagle ray and schooling big eye barracuda. We don’t have a manta on the sight but it was a wonderful dive to start with.

Second dive: Turtle Cove

Turtle cove is a wall dive with a small chimney hole to start the wall is covered with soft coral. The corner has so many schooling fish such as black snapper, big eye jacks, barracuda, rudderfish and schooling butterfly fish and red tooth triggerfish.

Third dive: Ferns Wall

Ferns wall is shear wall with lots of sea fan and soft coral, the dive start at the western side were the flow of current is relatively slow. The schools of pyramid butterfly fish are dancing in the current flow while different small fish are having clean by the cleaner wrasse. We saw a couple of hawks bill turtle, napoleon wrasse, boxfish, lots of anemone with eggs on their side. It was a easy and relaxing dive.

Fourth dive: Barnum’s Wall

One of the best dive of the day, we start with lots of soft coral and sea fan’s along the wall. Haft way the dive we saw a resting leopard shark associated with a couple of golden trevally. We also saw anemone with popcorn shrimp on it, swimming turtle, moray eel and nudibranch.


First dive: Blue Corner

It was a awesome dive to start a second day of diving, we saw lot’s of marine life on this dive. Particularly the shark’s, schooling horse eye jack’s, 3 baby spotted eagle ray, lot’s of potato cod, couple of bump head parrotfish

Second dive: New Drop Off

New drop off is a miniature version of blue corner, the wall along the outgoing side are abundant of soft coral and schooling pyramid butterfly and red tooth triggerfish. The dive start at the incoming side, the visibility was very good and the current is mild. We able to hook in about half an hour and after that we explore the top of the reef, we saw the schools of blue line snapper, couple of resting green sea turtle, barracuda and peacock flounder.

Third dive: Blue Holes

Crystal clear water to start with down to the chimney hole, very relaxing dive and great photo opportunity for every one, inside the cavern where we can see the disco clam or flame scallop. This particular clam is creating it own electrical pulse along the lip mantle, the light that penetrating on each and every chimney holes is just eyed catching moment. Also inside the cavern one great big barracuda was friendly associated with us in a few minutes, it was a wonderful dive.

Fourth dive: Ngedebus Corner

This dive site is located in the northern tip of the island of Peleliu, the dive start at the northern side of the corner. Not much current in the very beginning and it build up at the very tip of the corner. We saw lots of schooling pyramid butterfly and red tooth triggerfish, soft coral and sea fan are feeding in the current different varieties of angel and puffer fish cruising along the wall.

Night dive: Turtle Cove

Fantastic night dive, we saw two Spanish dancer, couple of long nose hawk fish, paddle fin cardinal fish and flatworm swimming in the free water.


First dive: Peleliu Corner – The Express

The dive start with good current flow were we just drifting all the way to the tip of the corner, we saw what we looking for the spawning of sea bream snapper or known as sail fin snapper. This event happen only one week during month of march and it only happen once in a year, in addition to the dive the group of fish are associated with a couple of silky sharks around ten feet long. It was a wonderful dive to start the day of diving, the dive was followed by a world war two land tour at around 9 till 12 noon.

Second dive: West Wall

West wall is a shear wall with lots of cut’s, overhang reef and crevices, the wall has giant sea fan in different color, yellow soft coral that cover the whole wall and lot’s of animals passing by specially the school of hump back snappers, groups of bump head parrotfish and occasional tuna and sharks.

Third dive: Orange Beach

This particular dive is one of Peleliu prime site due to the connection of the history, the site was one of the drop-point when the US Marines land and invade the island. The name orange beach is name after the few codename during the invasion. The site is a coral garden and it’s a haven place for turtles, barracuda, jack’s and other group of small and big fishes because of not much current in the area. Also in addition to that, it has lots of artifact like LVT stocks of bullets, bomb, mortar shell and bottled of soda.

Fourth dive: Barrack’s Point

Barracks point is corner reef dive with sheer wall both side and the highlight of the dive is the top of the corner were it cover by healthy hard and coral garden, along the coral garden we saw a couple of giant clams, lots of green and hawks bill turtle. Few white tip reef sharks patrolling around looking for the place to rest,

Night dive: Ngedebus Coral Garden



First dive: Blue Corner

The dive start at the outgoing side and the current is relatively slow, along the wall are schooling pyramid butterfly fish, grey reef sharks, big eye barracuda and lots of different kind of fish. We reach the top of the corner were the school of horse eye jack’s are hovering in the mid water, lots of cool stuff to see such as napoleon wrasse, bump head parrot fish, and also the three residence baby spotted eagle ray. We finished the at the tip of the corner were the patch of lettuce coral are surrounded by school of soldier fish, blue line snappers, potato groupers and couple of grey reef and white tip reef sharks swimming around. We make our way up for our safety stop then suddenly the school of black bar barracuda shows up, it was a wonderful dive.

Second dive: German Channel

The dive start at Peleliu side mooring and we stayed at the manta cleaning station, we don’t have a manta but the dive usually very good to see other usual stuff like shark’s, big eye barracuda, garden eel, soldier fish and schooling blue line fusiliers.

Third dive: The Canyon

Canyon’s is one of a vey relaxing dive, the coral garden are full of different fish that are feeding and cleaning in every corner. We saw a couple of anemone with eggs on it guarded by couple of anemone fish. On the way to the middle of the dive we swim through the over hang reef like canyon and it was a great dive.

Fourth dive: Big Drop Off

This is one of Palau famous wall dive because of the soft coral formation and giant sea fans, Perfect place to look for nudibranch, flatworm and scorpion fish.

Night dive: German Coral Garden

The current was mild outgoing so that we decide to start inside and slowly swim to the southern buoy, we saw couple of nudibranch, juvenile crocodile fish, white tip reef shark, cowrie shells, moray eel and very rare bumble bee shrimp, great dive.


First dive: Siaes Tunnel

Siaes Tunnel is a semi close environment dive although it’s a little bit deeper but the natural light are enough to see dramatic view of the tunnel. Inside the tunnel were we usually see a couple of rare marine critters such as the decorated and helfrich dart fish, blue back pigmy angel fish, harlequin grouper and black and white angel butterfly fish. Also in the cave the school of horse eye jack’s are always in the inviting at the entrance of the tunnel.

Second dive: Siaes Corner

Siaes corner is hook in dive were the current are usually start from east or west. The dive start in the west side which the incoming current, we saw sharks like grey and white tip reef shark along the wall. We hook in the corner for quite a bit of time and the current switch to the opposite side lucky its just a few feet away swim. We unhook after 45 minutes towards the coral garden were we finished the dive with a couple of hawks bill turtle, sharks and lots of other small fish.

Third dive: Ulong Channel

Ulong channel is one of the caliber dive in Palau were the drift dive is the highlight. The start wall on the left with a little wall to explore before you spend time in the hook in are, in the hook in are usually the sharks, fusiliers, trevally and tuna are passing in front of the divers. After we hook in the we start to swim with current into the channel, in the channel we saw the school of crescent tail soldier fish, big patch of lettuce coral and two giant clams.

Fourth dive: Ulong Coral Garden

Ulong coral garden is relatively easy dive and most of the coral are hard coral like tabletop, branching and few soft corals. In the middle there is a giant clam and right next to it are resting white tip reef sharks. That time the current are still incoming so we decided to swim into the channel and along the way lots of groupers are hiding in their resting hole. Haft way the channel then the current start to switch were we start to swim back and stayed shallow then we finished the dive, it was a wonder full dive to end the day.


First dive: Sandy Paradise

We are very excited to this particular dive because of the spawning of bump head parrotfish, every 3 days before new moon the bump head parrot fish are spawn at early outgoing current. We start the dive at 6:30 in the morning and we are very happy to this rarely special marine event, also in addition to our dive we saw a bull a shark and huge nurse shark patrolling the area, it was amazing dive.

Second dive: Chandelier Cave

Chandelier cave is a relatively easy dive. Inside the cave have four chamber enough for 8 people to surface. Not much marine life live inside but the formation of stalactite are very interesting to photograph, in addition on the way out the cave we usually swim without light’s on. Spending the rest of the dive outside the cave where the mandarin fish are, and also lot’s of juvenile fish cruising around. Also in addition sometimes we spotted a spiny devil scorpion fish dig down the sandy patches. We also saw a twin spot goby, pajama cardinal fish and many other cardinal fish, another wonderful dive to finish the week of diving.


Thanks to the guests this week: