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Bahamas Aggressor :


Log Date: Saturday, Mar 25, 2017
Entry By: Bahamas Aggressor crew


Bahamas Aggressor Captain’s Log 25th March - 1st April 2017


Air Temp. 77-84+ F

Water Temp. 74-77 F

Visibility 70-100+ft



Captain David

Instructor Gabi

Instructor AQ

Chef Marco

Galley Assistant Sherman



Cassandra, Don, Daryl, Dean, Bob, Jim, Lou, Dotty, Wanda, Rodney, Woody, Carla & Cheryl.



Sunday –Periwinkle, Blue Hole

Monday –Crab Mountain, Pillar Wall, Madison Avenue

Tuesday – Up Jump The Devil, Austin Smith

Wednesday – Jewfish Wall, Barracuda Shoals, Flat Rock, Close Mon

Thursday – Dog Rocks, Hammerhead Gulch, Airplane Wreck

Friday – Crab Mountain


Saturday March 25th

The crew welcomed 14 divers onboard the Bahamas Aggressor for a fun filled actioned packed week of scuba diving, Aggressor style. Due to some late or cancelled flights we did not meet the majority of our group until around 11.30PM. This meant that we stayed the night on our home dock of Elizabeth on Bay.

Sunday March 26th

Early on Sunday morning the engines of the Bahamas Aggressor rumbled into life once more and we motored out of Nassau toward the open ocean. Due to some lost bags we decided to stay close and dive around Nassau. First up for us was the ever popular reef at Periwinkle. This fish laden underwater paradise is home to vast array of marine life. On the two dives here we saw huge schools of Seargent Majors, huge stingrays, Eels, Grouper and some very friendly lobster. We also saw Yellow rays, Turtles, and barracuda.

We then moved the yacht to dive the famous Blue Hole. This majestic site is a favorite among our guests and crew. On this dive we saw the resident Loggerhead Turtle, Trigger Fish, Mutton Snappers, Reef Sharks, Nurse Sharks and around 8 Stingrays. This was a fantastic dive which our whole group enjoyed very much.

As we had no takers for the night dive we moved the yacht around the yellow banks to the Exumas. A little after midnight we were anchored in the Exumas.


Monday March 27th

We began the day on Crab Mountain. This wall dive is famed for its sheer vertical drop off and beautiful sandy plateaus. We did one dive here and we saw Turtles, Barracuda, Rays, Lionfish and huge spiny lobster. What a way to start our morning!

Next up we moved the boat to Pillar Wall where we completed 2 wonderful dives. the group explored the pinnacles and swim throughs that we find here. We were joined for the whole dive by around 4 resident reef sharks. These sharks followed our every move. Our divers were able to get some great shots of thee amazing creatures. We also saw schools of different species of reef fish adorning the tops of the reef. Venturing further into the shallows we saw a whole host of smaller critters too such as banded coral shrimp and corkscrew anemone.

After two great dives we then went to madison Avenue for our afternoon and night dive.

Over the course of two dives we saw Rays, Turtles, Sharks and Lobsters.


Tuesday March 28th

We started the day off with two wonderful dives at Up Jump the Devil. Our guests were able to explore the myriad of swim throughs that are found here. Of the many things we saw the highlights were the schooling Jacks, Dogfish, Goat Fish, Eels, Triggerfish, Lobsters, Groupers and Crabs. The list goes on way longer but you kinda get the picture, It was a great dive!

Next up we decided to dive the Wreck of The Austin Smith. We dropped our fish attraction triangle and waited to see how many sharks appeared. Our divers settled into the sandy bottom and watched as they were surrounded by up to ten Reef Sharks. These sharks zoomed close by our divers. This made for a great picture op which our avid group of photographers did not pass up!

We completed another dive here on the Austin Smith which again was enjoyed with the super friendly Exuma Sharks!

Our guests decided that they wanted to enjoy a glass of wine with dinner so we did not have any takers for the night dive on the Austin Smith.


Wednesday March 29th

We moved the yacht early in the morning to dive the majestic dive site Jewfish Wall. On this dive site we completed two phenomenal dives. Our intrepid underwater explorers ventured through the many swim throughs and canyon ways that we find here. We saw a plethora of beautiful creatures here. We saw Lobsters, Spade Fish, Angelfish, Pipefish, Spotted Drum and Horse Eyed Jacks.

We then moved the yacht inside the Exuma Bank to dive the ever popular Barracuda Shoals. This Shallow site can only be dived on an outgoing tide so we were only able to dive this site once. The sheer health of the coral here is astounding. The fact it is in a tidal area makes sure it is jam packed with life. We had fantastic visibility and flat calm seas so it was a perfect day to venture in on this dive site.

We saw many Rays, Lizardfish, Reef Sharks, Groupers, Gobies, plus much much more. Guests were extremely happy with this dive. We then decided to dive Flat Rock for our 4th dive of the day. This shallow site is similar to Barracuda Shoals in that it can only be explored on a certain tide. The reef at Flat Rock is extremely shallow which made the color on this site very vivid indeed. We saw a ton of small fish that were zooming around the reef tops going about their daily business.

We then moved the yacht again for the night dive, this time it was Close Mon!

On this dive site it is an anchor drop. We dropped the anchor close to the reef - hence the name close mon!

Here we saw Sea Urchins, Chubs, Parrotfish, Spotted Eels, Banded shrimp, Arrow Crabs and Trigger Fish.

We then moved the yacht away from the island to sleep for the night.


Thursday March 30th

First up for us was Dog Rocks. This amazing dive site is a favorite among the crew. Due to its many swim throughs and vibrant fish life it is hard not to like this site.

We saw schools of spadefish, Trumpetfish, Barracuda, Hogfish, Eels as well as reef sharks and stingrays.

After two glorious dives we moved the yacht to the Airplane wreck where we completed an afternoon dive. This compact dove site has an extremely dense fish population. We see schools of grunts, snappers, Dogfish and Goat fish scurrying around the wreckage looking for safety. We also see anemone’s Crabs, Lobsters, Angelfish and some very pretty flounders.

We had no takers for the night dive so we enjoyed a wonderful peaceful night at anchor in the Exuma Bank.


Friday March 31st

We decided to end the trip with a superb dive on Crab Mountain. The group descended down the wall to check out the huge gorgonians, Black Coral and numerous swim throughs we see here. We then motored back to New Providence, back toward civilization. We ended the charter with a cocktail party on the sundeck prior to our guests going out to dinner in Nassau.


 The Crew Would Like To Thank Everyone For Joining Us On The Bahamas Aggressor.

Huge congratulations must go out to to Wanda. She completed her 400th dive on this trip and also well done to Bob for completing his 200th dive with us here in the Bahamas.

Lastly thank you to Don & Cassie from Breeze Away Bubbles for the magnificent group of divers you brought to us. This was a thoroughly enjoyable week and we cant wait to do it all again.


Until next time, Safe diving - Always.


Bahamas Aggressor Crew