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Cayman Aggressor V :


Log Date: Saturday, Mar 25, 2017
Entry By: Cayman Aggressor Crew


Cayman Aggressor IV

March 25th to April 1st 2017

Guests   Ann & Larry, Karen & Glen, Jerry & Lisa, Pat & Jeneen, Hugh & Mollie, Rich, Barry & Matt, Dan &Rachel, and Candice.

Crew Capt Alan, Chef Kingsley, Engineer Rodel, Instructors, Manny, Aubri & Justin.

Saturday The Cayman Aggressor IV is ready again for another adventure, welcome back, Dan, Rachel, Hugh, Mollie, Candice and Barry. All our guests arrived on time so we pushed off the dock and made our way to the first site of the week. After our BBQ dinner we conducted our safety briefing, introduced the crew and gave our plan for the week, after which it was time to call it a day.

Sunday We woke up to the Doc Poulson: a perfect check out dive with wall, wreck and reef options, on the wreck a Hawksbill Turtle was feeding on a sponge, making incredible video and photo, in the sand an Eagle Ray was feeding in garden Eels. Next up was the wreck of the Kittiwake. Sank in 2011, this is a divers playground, sitting in 60 feet of water. A huge Goliath Grouper was sleeping next to the prop, all our divers had a chance to take a photo. The Horse-eye jacks here today were in the hundreds. Another Turtle was seen eating a sponge on the wreck. After Chef Kinsley’s classic meal of Lamb and Yorkshire potatoes we were ready for our night dive. Our divers returned with tales of spotted drums, Lobster, Green Eels and two Octopuses, out feeding on the reef. And that wraps up another fantastic day of diving here in Cayman.

Monday Divers awoke early to the mouthwatering smell of bacon drifting through the boat- ready for another day of eating, sleeping, and diving! First up on our dive plan is a Cayman classic, Round Rock/Trinity Caves, with its impressive topography and cavernous maze of swim throughs. We were delighted to also encounter some feeding Eagle Rays, a Free Swimming Moray Eel, Lobsters hiding in the caves, and even a Turtle on his way up to catch a breath. After a delicious Mexican themed lunch we moved down to a site known as the Governor’s Reef, a fingering reef that leads down to a gently sloping wall. For the afternoon dives some chose to explore the wall and found a great big Eel, while others stayed shallow to check out a pair of Squid and some playful Porcupine Fish. But of course we could not complete the day without taking an after dinner splash to see several Octopus, a Spotted Moray Eel, a Juvenile Trunk Fish, and an Ornate Chiton before heading off to bed to dream of the dives to come.

Tuesday We were underway shortly before 6:00am and headed for the North East side of Grand Cayman for an area known as Babylon- Candice’s favorite dive spot on the island. Arriving shortly after 8:00am we geared up to jump in the water and explore the dramatic wall and sponge incrusted pinnacle. The site gets its name from the Black coral that hangs here; it looks like the hanging gardens of Babylon. The main focus of the dive is on the main pinnacle, which starts at 90feet and go up about 60ft, the life on here is impressive with sponges, sea whips, sea fans and lots of schooling fish. Our super Chef Kingsley was serving up the finest food with an outstanding Italian style lunch. We dove again in the afternoon and found a tiny Spotted Drum hiding in the reef, a Moray eel free swimming, and a hawksbill turtle feeding on the reef. With the winds still holding strong it was time to cruise around to the south side of Grand Cayman.

Wednesday Our day began with fresh brewed coffee and hot, delicious French Toast served right off of Kingsley’s grill. The first two dives were on the south side of Grand Cayman at a site called Tunnel of Love. As the name suggests, there is a long sweeping tunnel that begins on top of the reef and expels you out of the wall into the blue at 90ft. A large Goliath Grouper was spotted as we woke him from a nap. An itsy bitsy juvenile Spotted Drum made an appearance dancing among the coral and several Sailfin Blennys curiously poked their heads out of their burrows as we swam by. Next up was Cheeseburgers In Paradise for lunch and a break to nap or lounge on the sundeck. We moved locations further east to Kelly’s Caverns, continuing our journey around the island. This site offers endless swim-thrus , curving and winding among the coral and rock chasms. The first dive supplied an inquisitive turtle and a shy, but lustrous Nurse Shark. Dropping down to the sandy bottom, we spied countless Yellow Headed Jawfish hovering out of their holes – several males were seen with their mouths stuffed full, protecting and gestating their eggs. A wise, old Loggerhead Turtle came gliding by with a sage glint in his eyes… I bet he could tell a few stories about Cayman history. The night dive revealed a Slipper Lobster and the star of the show – two Octopus!

Thursday We started our engines at 6:00 and cruised to a site known as Lighthouse Wall, an impressive site that has cuts, cracks and crevices, along the wall the sea fans and sponges are in abundance. Glen tried to get up close and personal with a scorpion fish which darted into the reef. Next up was Pedro’s Castle, another classic south side site. With two pinnacles situated out on the wall, covered with life, back up in the shallows, three Sail fin blennies were spotted hiding in a rock. After a fine lunch we cruised towards the west side of Grand for some flat clam seas. The Oro Verde was the site for the afternoon and dusk dive, with turtles on every dive and again a chance encounter with the oversized Loggerhead we spotted at Kelly’s the previous day, what a sight, this 150 year old turtle looking at our divers, wondering what we were doing. After which it was time our traditional Thanks Giving Dinner which was carved up by our famous Chef Kingsley.  

Friday We Moved the yacht to a site called Neptune’s Drop off, Located close to North West Point, with 200 Ft visibility and no current, it was a perfect wall dive. An Eagle Ray was seen feeding in the sand and a snowflake Eel was spotted in the reef. The Creol Wrass and chubs here seem to be multiplying in numbers. Next up was our old favorite: Devil’s Grotto, this is where diving began in Cayman and fitting for us is where we will end our week. The crevices and canyons are a diver’s delight, the Tarpon here are 60 strong and for the last few weeks we have seen reef squid hanging out next to our mooring, making this dive a perfect ending to a classic south side week of diving onboard the Cayman Aggressor IV.

Well done to Rich for completing his Nitrox and Deep water specialty , for Ann and Matt for completing their Nitrox course. Karen, Jeneen, Larry for completing 50 divers, and Lisa for completing 200 dives. Thank you to all our Guests and Crew for making this a safe and successful week.

Your Cayman Aggressor Crew