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Log Date: Saturday, Apr 01, 2017
Entry By: Thailand Aggressor Crew


Thailand Aggressor Captain’s Log                     1st -8th April , 2017

North Andaman sea


*Air Temp. 30c

*Water Temp. 29c

* Visibility 20m



Captain: Tui

Cruise Director: Clive

Engineer: Pom

Second Captain: Rong

Chef: Phorn

Chef: P, Son

Dive instructor: Bank

Dive instructor: Patrick

Dive Instructor: Koi

Videographer: Ashley

Steward: Jinny


Guests: Dawn,Robert,Debbie,Cary,Kay,Diane,Terry



Sunday – Zodiac, Sharkfin Reef, Boulder City,Anita’s Reef, Honeymoon bay

Monday – West of Eden,Deep six, Elephant Head Rock,3 Trees, Namchai bay.

Tuesday – Christmas point, North Point, 3 trees, Koh Bon x2

Wednesday – Koh Tachai pinnacle x3, Koh Tachai reef.

Thursday - Richelieu Rock x 4

Friday – Koh bon Pinnacle, Koh Bon ridge.


Saturday 1st April 2017

Welcome Aboard!

All our guests came from all different resorts and many made their own way to the boat, we set up eqpt and showed our guests to their rooms, after everyone was settled in we had our boat safety briefing this is finished off with our local traditional firecracker display this is said to ward off any bad luck we may encounter on our charter. We then settled down to a fine Issan thai dinner. Many of our guests had been to Aggressor before and it wasn’t long before we started discussing different areas we had visited, we all headed off to bed looking forward to a great week of diving.


Sunday 2nd April 2017

We began our day with the dive safety briefing and then our divesite briefing, we decided to head to Zodiac for our check dive, this is located on the south tip of island 4, the dive site consists of a few statues placed in a circle this area is a memorial for the tsunami victims and forms a large circle of stones depicting many different scenes. We cast off the mooring and headed down to boulder city for our second dive of the day, this completely submerged divesite is a pile of huge granite boulders our guests had a great dive and saw a huge Leopard shark sleeping on the sand, we moved the boat slightly for our 3rd dive to sharkfin reef, again our divemasters were on great form with White tip reef shark and also bumphead parrot fish sighted. We headed back north for our next dive to anitas reef, this is a sloping coral reef that has a very nice coral head midway down the reef. We saw giant moray and also blue spotted stingray. Our nightdive was at the same location with many nice finds including lobster and a free swimming moray. Our guests elected to watch a movie after the dive so we settled down with popcorn and cookies.


Monday 3rd April 2017

We stayed around the south Similans for todays diving and started at west of eden, this divesite is always a firm favorite with our guests, we had ok visibility today and our guests saw a school of trevallys hunting on the reef, our guests also encountered a very nice turtle feeding on the reef. For our next dive we stayed at island 5 and headed to deep 6 this is a pinnacle located on the very north tip we saw lots of marine life here and a couple of very nice nudibranchs crawling up the rock. Our 3rd dive was at Elephant head rock this is one of the regions most famous dive locations this huge dive site pierces the water with 3 rocks showing above the surface. We swim descended on the south side and headed thru the many huge boulders we saw a ribbon eel and some jacks hunting. We upped anchor and headed north for the rest of the days diving and decided to dive 3 trees we saw a turtle in the shallows on the safety stop and lots of general reef fish. North point would be our next dive and fortunately we found the pygmy pipe horse very quickly our guest could barely make it out. Our night dive was at Namchai bay we found nudibranchs and a hunting moray , after the dive we settled down to a documentary.


Tuesday 4th April 2017

It’s another beautiful morning in the Similan Islands as guests wake up and enjoy a light breakfast with fresh brewed coffee. We jump in at Christmas Point and make our way around the huge stacks of boulders. Outside one swim through we run into a massive barracuda, over 5 feet long! We are also lucky enough to spot to bumphead parrotfish. Next we head to North Point to check out the two resident pygmy pipehorses. After a delicious lunch of basil minced pork, grilled veggies, and green chicken curry we gear up for our final dive in the Similan Islands. Breakfast Bend is as lively as ever with many brightly colored fusiliers, a green sea turtle, and a big jellyfish. Afterwards, we set sail heading North to Koh Bon where we will spend the remainder of the day. For the fourth dive we make our way along the wall to the ridge which is covered in thousands of glass fish. Many fish are out feeding at this time which is quite the spectacle watching emperors, trevally, and snapper all hunting at once. In the evening we gear up and head over to the bay for the night dive where guests are delighted to see many eels and one cuttlefish. We head back to the boat where guests are served hot coco and then off to bed for another exciting day of diving tomorrow.


Wednesday 5th April 2017

We headed to koh Tachai for our fourth day of diving little did we know what was to await us we decided on diving the pinnacle there was no current and just as we ducked our heads we saw a manta ray we headed for the center of the dive site as 2 mantas circled us for the whole dive this fantastic experience was to happen not once but twice more wow Koh Tachai had been very kind to us, We headed to the reef for our 4th dive and yes almost amazingly we had one more manta ray encounter absolute manta madness all day. We planned Richelieu for tomorrow so we decided to sleep at surin island all the talk over our great steak dinner was of our fantastic manta encounters that day


Thursday 6th April 2017

Richelieu rock today we headed off to a beautiful sunrise over the Andaman sea. We moored up at Richelieu and got our briefing done and headed for the limestone pinnacle we were surprised the visibility had improved and was at about 80ft the rock was teaming with life with big schools of Trevally and Barracuda showing up, we visited a couple of special spots and saw the Spiny seahorse and also 3 ghost pipe fish all drifting in the current. We did all our dives at Richelieu today as the conditions were so good our guests loved searching for the small critters as well as spotting the larger marine life, we finished the day up with a sunset dive all the action started as soon as we entered the water the trevallys were hunting it was real exhilarating stuff. We cast off the mooring and had a sunset cruise to Koh Bon.


Friday 7th April 2017

Just 2 dives today the first would be at the pinnacle this is located some 400m from the main island there is very deep water all around the site in some places dropping down to 140ft. We stayed shallow to get the most out of our nitriox, we found a few nudibranchs and a flat worm but on the ascent we were greeted by yet another manta ray. Was this to be a repeat of our luck at Koh Tachai , our second dive we did the west ridge and almost unbelievable luck with 3 mantas circling just our group of divers for the whole dive we all returned to the boat with very big smiles, we set to washing our guests eqpt and headed for port and our last nite BBQ.


Saturday 8th April 2017

Sad to see to see this group leave we had a fantastic week of diving and many new friends were made lots of storys to tell once the guests returned home. We said our farewells and waved our guests on to the airport or other destinations… another great week of eat sleep and dive with Thailand Aggressor.