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Cayman Aggressor V :


Log Date: Saturday, Apr 01, 2017
Entry By: Cayman Aggressor Crew


Capts Log

Cayman Aggressor IV

April 1st to April 8th 2017

Guests   Stephanie & Gary, Graham & Penny, Bridget & Robert, Rejean & Denis, Roger & Mary Kay, Nadine & Daniel, Amanda & Daniel, and Christina.

Crew Capt Alan, Chef Kingsley, Engineer Rodel, Instructors, Manny, Aubri & Justin.

Saturday The Cayman Aggressor IV is fueled, replenished and the finishing touches completed in time to welcome our guests aboard at 3pm. Welcome back, Bridgett & Robert. All our guests arrived on time and were onboard by 4pm, so we pushed back from the dock and pointed the compass East toward Little Cayman! We conducted the safety briefing, introduced the crew and presented our plan for the week. Kingsley served up a delicious BBQ dinner as the sun was setting and we cruised our way to Little Cayman for our ten hour journey. Our guests retired to their staterooms for a much deserved nights rest.

Sunday We arrived in Little Cayman overnight and woke up to a magnificent sunrise over our first dive site, Randy’s Gazebo. This site is ideal for a first dive. The mooring sits on the edge of the wall, situated perfectly for the experienced diver wanting to drop over the wall and catering to other divers who want to stay on top of the reef to shake out any first dive cobwebs. Immediately after splashing in for the first dive, a graceful Nurse Shark was spotted resting among the coral. Soon after descending over the wall, a pack of friendly Groupers joined up with us, like puppies running to greet long lost friends. Following the morning dives, Kingsley prepared a deli style lunch that primed us for an afternoon siesta. The dive bell was heard again after moving to Three Fathom Wall, our afternoon and evening dive site. Not to disappoint, we were greeted by an inquisitive turtle who didn’t mind our company. We also spotted a Nurse Shark, Lemon Ray, Reef Shark and Jawfish with eggs. Dive four – holy cow!... or horse rather. That’s right, a Seahorse!!!

Monday We Cruised across to Cayman Brac for our two morning dives on the Russian Destroyer, this is a classic wreck, sank in ‘96 and sitting on the north side, settling in 100ft of water, the light and life on this wreck is outstanding, and with the Bow and Stern Guns, making it a photographers dream. During our Mexican lunch we motored back to Bloody Bay to a spot known as Meadows. This part of Bloody Bay is known as Jackson Bight, and has the best wall diving in these parts. Our resident grouper Cosmo was giving our divers a wonderful display of friendliness. On top of the reef schoolmasters, chubs, snappers and goatfish live in large numbers. Off on the sand hiding in the distance someone found a Yellow Headed Jaw fish with eggs. At night the reef comes alive with our nocturnal creatures and after a stellar meal it was time to splash. Our divers returned with tales of Sharks, turtles Cowries, Lobster and of course a reef Octopus. A fantastic way to end our day.

Tuesday Today is the day where we separate the hardcore divers from the rest with an early morning splash time. Eight fearless divers made it up at 5:45am, slowly pulled on their wetsuits, and without much to say jumped in the water with the promise of seeing some curious Sharks. Not long after making it over to the wall of Bus Stop our first Reef Shark swam by to see what these crazy divers were doing up so early. She was shortly followed by two smaller Reef Sharks that came in close and chased each other around the group. Just as we thought the action was over and we were ready to come back over the wall, a Nurse Shark decided to swim by and join the party. After a thrilling dive it was time to get some breakfast and move to our next spot, Lea Lea’s Lookout. Always a favorite among divers, this spot did not disappoint. We spent the morning checking out The Great Room and being entertained by Juvenile Spotted Drums, Hawksbill Turtles, and a Pipe Horse. With so many dives already accomplished for the day divers were famished! Thankfully Kingsley had an Italian feast prepared for us after which we were ready to go for the fourth dive of the day at The Great Wall. It was a splendid way to end this chapter of our diving here in Little Cayman and, of course, Freddy the Friendly Grouper was there to bid us farewell as we set off for Grand Cayman.

Wednesday We woke up to a beautiful sunrise over a site called Babylon; this has to be the most talked about dive site on Grand Cayman. The Pinnacle here is the focus of the dive starting at 90ft, Black Coral, sponges, Sea Whips and Sea Fans all in and around the pinnacle which is a photographers dream. Next up was Hammerhead Hill, this sheer wall is very impressive, the sea fans and sponges here are in abundance, a large hawksbill turtle was seen gracefully moving along the top of the wall. A green moray was seen free swimming on top of the Hill. During our Cheeseburger lunch we cruised around to the Westside to Governor’s Reef. This site has it all, wall, reef and sand, several turtles, our resident Nurse Shark and a juvenile Queen Angel fish. Our winner for bringing back a photo of a Pistol Shrimp went to Rob, what an Eagle Eye! At night this site comes alive and at 30ft this makes a perfect easy and enjoyable night dive, our divers returned with exciting stories of Octopus, Turtles, Lobster, crabs and squid, a perfect ending to a great day of diving.

Thursday It’s a bittersweet feeling as we begin our last full day of diving- luckily we’ve saved two of Grand Cayman’s very best dives sites for today. The first, Round Rock/Trinity Caves, was action packed with free swimming Moray Eels, juvenile Spotted Drums, crystal clear swim throughs, and a feeding Eagle Ray that didn’t at all mind 15 divers joining him for breakfast. Famished from watching feeding Turtles and Eagle Rays all morning, we tucked into a delicious Pilipino style lunch and moved over to the Kittiwake for the afternoon and dusk dives. The former US submarine support vessel was looking fine as ever with nearly bow to stern visibility and massive schools of Creole Wrasse and Horse-Eyed Jacks circling her. Today, however, we were not alone on the ship, as divers weaved in and out of her many wide open rooms we came across a 5 foot long Goliath Grouper checking itself out in the bathroom mirrors! After getting our fill of the wreck we moved on to the surrounding reef, formerly known as Caribbean Sand Chutes. Once there more Eagle Rays were spotted and divers enjoyed looking at the many different colored Bubble Tip Anemones to see what critters lived inside. When we hung up our fins for the day it was time for Kingsley’s famous Thanksgiving Feast followed by some of the world’s best Fried Ice Cream! Feeling quite thankful for the delicious food and amazing week of diving we all gathered around to watch the trip movie and photo slideshow before heading off to bed.

Friday We started our engines at 6 am and moved to Neptunes Drop Off, a classic dive with a sloping wall, the visibility here is amazing as is the amount of marine life, a free swimming moray Eel, two hawksbill turtles and schooling Snappers and chubs. Next up was Lost Treasure, located along Seven Mile Beach, this is very close to a site called Spanish Anchor, apparently the Anchor dates back to the 17th Century, coral encrusted and difficult to see unless pointed out by a Divemaster. The fingers of coral here are a delight with lobsters, crabs and Eels all here in large numbers. A perfect way to finish our diving here in Cayman

Goodbye for all of us here in Cayman, Thank You to all our guests for keeping it a safe and very enjoyable week of diving, a special congrats to Rob for finding a Pistol Shrimp and winning his free T –Shirt!

Until Next Time

Your Cayman Aggressor Crew