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Palau Aggressor II :


Log Date: Sunday, Apr 09, 2017
Entry By: Palau Aggressor Crew


Palau Aggressor Charter April 9 – 16, 2017

Water Temp: 80-85 deg F

Air Temp: 85-90 deg F

Crew: Dan, Shea, Hector, Ernan, Herence, Joe and Editha

On Sunday afternoon we welcomed onboard guests from different parts of the world joined together in Palau Aggressor II for an exciting week of diving! The first ones who came were checked in, briefed with their rooms then helped set up their gear then afterwards headed upstairs to the salon to have a briefing from Captain Dan about Palau and the boat. It was followed by a delicious dinner prepared by Chef Shea and Editha then it was time to go to bed. The rest of the guests came in late night and early morning due to their flight schedules.

First day of the charter, everybody woke up had their breakfasts, greeted and introduced each other then had another briefing about safety. Downstairs the late comers were helped set up their gear and everybody analyzed tanks. As soon as they were finished the crew put the gears on the skiff and we did a check in dive at Helmet Wreck. There we saw a total of ten Chelidonura Electra Sea Sluggs and some of them were mating. On the second dive we went to the Iro Maru, the divers explored the different parts and saw its awesome structure. After a good lunch we did our first wall dive of the week at Short Drop-off then we chased the boat as it was making its way towards Ngerchelong Island were we did our fourth dive and saw 2 spotted eagle rays. At night while the big boat was heading towards German Channel, we had our dinner and then had another briefing on how use a reef hook.

The next day was getting more exciting as we did our first dive at the famous Blue Corner. We started at the incoming side then drifted along the wall seeing sharks and schooling snappers just before the hook-in area. As we were hooked we enjoyed the action from the sharks out of the blue then explored the plateau and able to hang around the three spotted eagle rays. It was followed by a dive at Blue Holes, we dropped down into one of the holes entering a big cavern and saw the ambient light shining through the holes giving us good photo opportunity. We also saw the disco clam then outside the cavern there was a great barracuda. Back in the big boat we had lunch then went to Barnum’s Wall were we saw a Silver Tip Shark. Next stop was at German Channel, there was one manta getting cleaned then we explored the channel and saw unicorn fish, turtles, anemone and schooling Horse Eyed Jacks. After dinner our night dive was at Ngedebus Coral Garden, there was a Giant Moray Eel, lobster, Pleurobranchs, Boxer Shrimps, Anemone, and Coral Crabs.


Early morning on Wednesday, the guests woke up to a new view inside the lagoon of Camp Beck at Peleliu Island. We started the day on a dive at Peleliu Corner were we enjoyed the ride at the “express” side as the current pushed us towards the tip of the corner and saw sharks along the way. The second dive was at Orange Beach, it’s an area very significant to history of Peleliu because it’s were the first Marine Division landed. We spotted some artifacts left over from the war and also a spotted eagle ray, turtles, and schooling Signate Barracuda. After lunch we went to West Wall and explored the beautiful wall and got to see some macro stuff. Before heading out on the fourth dive the engines started and the skiff was just dropped along the way while the big boat continued on to Turtle Cove area. At Barracks Point everybody took pictures of the giant clams and big friendly turtles and also saw a stonefish and anemone. The dinner was delicious as always and afterwards our night dive was at Turtle Cove. We saw the wall transformed at night as the cup corals start feeding turning the wall bright yellow. There were also plenty of crabs and shrimps with their eyes flashing red as we shine our lights on them.

We woke up to a rainy morning the next day but it didn’t stop us from going on another great dive at Blue Corner. The current was slack so we got to explore the plateau, there was a leaf scorpion fish just hanging around close to an anemone and we also spotted a Chromodoris Nudibranch. It was followed by a dive at New Drop Off, we spent few minutes of our bottom time hooked in then drifted along the top of the reef and spotted some turtles, anemone, and the schooling Blue Line Snappers. After lunch we went on the third dive at Canyons, it’s a beautiful sloping coral garden with big cuts along the wall creating interesting swim through. Next was round two at German Channel, we checked out both cleaning station but didn’t see any so we swim out in the blue hoping to see them feeding. We saw one manta from a distance but it took off right away so we didn’t have close encounter with it. The divers enjoyed being a part of the Schooling Blue Lined Fusiliers and we explored the channel for the rest of our dive. Afterwards we had our dinner and did a night dive at German Coral Garden.

Early on Friday the engines roared to life again and started heading to Ulong Island. The guests had breakfast with a beautiful view close to the island then went on a first dive at Ulong Channel. We drifted along the wall until we got to the mouth of the channel and hooked in. There was not much action so we continued on to the channel were we saw different species of Nudibranchs, Flatworms, and we were able to reach the big lettuce corals then checked out the giant clams. Then we went to Siase Corner for another hook in dive and we spotted a Devil Ray, afterwards we head back to the boat to have lunch and continued on to a dive at Sandy Paradise. There we explored the sloping coral garden and saw leaf scorpion fish, mantis shrimp, and lots of sleeping white tip sharks. At Ulong Coral garden was an exciting experience for us because of the strong current. We were able to check out the giant clam at the coral garden but the current picked up and we all ended at the Ulong Channel itself. We got to the lettuce corals and drifted further exploring more of the channel until it was time to end the dive. At night we had a dinner buffet and a movie premier of the video made by Ernan of the whole week of diving.

The following morning we started the day by diving at Siase Tunnel, and inside we spotted the Blue Back Pygmy Angel Fish and Decorated Dartfish. After spending some of our bottom time exploring the tunnel, we came up a bit shallower on the wall outside and drifted with the current. Then we came back to the big boat had breakfast as we were heading back to Koror. When we arrived in Malakal Harbor everybody settled bills then went on to the last dive of the week at Chandelier Cave. There we saw Mandarin Fish just outside the cave then checked out the air chambers of the cave seeing the beautiful formation of stalactites and stalagmites. Afterwards lunch was ready and then the rest of the afternoon was free, some guests decided to go on shore and others decided to stay on board and pack. At six p.m. everybody was back in the boat gathered up in the salon and the cocktail party started. The photos from the whole week taken by Dan were shown on the big T.V. and everybody talked about how great the trip was. The captain said a speech thanking everybody for a great week and hoping to see them again. After the cocktail party it was time to have dinner off the boat, they guests were dropped to the island making their way to their restaurant of choice.

At 8 o’clock on Sunday morning the remaining guests on board had breakfast and gathered all of their things ready to get off the boat. Everybody said their farewell and went to shore. Until then safe diving and hope to see you again!