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Thailand Aggressor :


Log Date: Saturday, Apr 08, 2017
Entry By: Thailand Aggressor Crew


Thailand Aggressor Captain’s Log                     8th - 15th April , 2017

North Andaman Sea


*Air Temp. 30c

*Water Temp. 29c

* Visibility 20m



Captain: Tui

Cruise Director: Clive

Engineer: Pom

Second Captain: Rong

Chef: Phorn

Chef: P, Son

Dive instructor: Bank

Dive instructor: Patrick

Dive Instructor: Koi

Videographer: Ashley

Steward: Jinny



Guests: Vincent,Clotilde,Claire,Paul,Cathy,Lev,Cian.



Sunday – Zodiac, Sharkfin Reef, Boulder City,Anita’s Reef, Honeymoon bay

Monday – West of Eden, Deep six, Elephant Head Rock,3 Trees, Namchai bay.

Tuesday – Christmas point, North Point, Koh Bon x3

Wednesday  - Richelieu Rock x 4

Thursday -  Koh Tachai pinnacle x3, Koh Tachai reef x 2.

Friday – Koh bon Pinnacle, Koh Bon ridge.



Saturday 8st April 2017


Welcome aboard! It’s a beautiful afternoon as seven guests arrive to Thaplamu Pier from all over including France, Ireland, and California, USA. We board the vessel by dinghy and our smiling crew shows them to their cabins. After setting up on the dive deck we gather in the saloon area for a general briefing. As we set sail for the Similan Islands we celebrate by lighting firecrackers on the bow as is Thai tradition to ward off bad luck during the voyage. Chef prepares a three course Thai style dinner, then guests are off to bed in anticipation of the diving adventure to come.



Sunday 9th April 2017


With an early wakeup of 6:00am we are able to enjoy a nice colorful sunrise over Island 4 before the first briefing. Divers gear up and hop in the dinghy for our check out dive at Zodiac, a site characterized by the dozen Chinese zodiac statues, mermaid statue, and many Kohl’s blue spotted stingrays. After a hot breakfast of eggs, bacon, French toast, and hash browns, we head to our southernmost dive site, Boulder City. Here divers got a good look at a juvenile emperor angelfish who dodged shyly around the tubular corals and also a couple clown triggerfish, and golden trumpet fish. Next we have lunch and guests agree that they can get used to this ‘eat, sleep, dive’ routine.   A long 2 hour surface interval allows time for everyone to relax on the sundeck or in their cabins before heading to the neighboring site called Sharkfin Reef. This site is a great place to drift along and look out for white tips as well as a variety of surgeon fish and the larger species of spotted boxfish. For our late afternoon dive we head to Anita’s Reef where we find ‘Hin Muan Deaw’ aka ‘One Roll Rock’ where it is said that a photographer could use an entire roll of film due to the variety and abundance of life found on this one rock. We head over to Honeymoon Bay for the night dive which our divers find very enjoyable and relaxing, then off to bed for another wonderful day of diving tomorrow.



Monday 10th April 2017


Up bright and early some of our guest arose early to catch a beautiful sunrise and were not disappointed. We headed for the mooring at west of Eden this site is one of our typical west coast dive sites with huge granite boulders and a very nice hard stone coral reef. We encountered our resident spearing mantis shrimp here and also we saw some jacks hunting on the reef one of our guests found a very large giant moray eel, our next dive would be adjacent to this dive site on island 7 we dived deep six there are many schooling fish at this dive site including a large school of banner fish. We again found some giant morays and also a Blue spotted stingray. After a fantastic Thai buffet lunch we headed right between islands 7 and 8 to Elephant head rock the site is known for its great underwater topography and very large swimthrus we found large snapper hunting in the swimthru and also a   very beautiful yellow ribbon eel. After a snack of spring rolls we decided to move north to island 9 and the site known as 3 trees, this is a drift dive in one direction and today the current was heading north this vast coral reef is home to a few green sea turtles and also a couple of bump head parrot fish. After a nice evening meal we headed for namchai bay for our nite dive this bay is very sheltered and a good spot to spend the night, on the dive we found a hunting moray and also many different shrimps, after the dive and some hot coco we had our movie night and all settled down for a new movie.



Tuesday 11th April 2017


After a peaceful nights sleep in a the peaceful Nam Chai Bay, guests wake up refreshed and ready to dive again. We jump in at Christmas Point and make are way to the wide swim through. We are greeted by our resident giant barracuda which is very thrilling for our divers, as this massive toothy fish is at least five feet long! Next we jump in at our most northerly dive site in the Similans, as well as our last dive in the Similans, called North Point. Here we stop by and see our two super tiny pygmy pipe horse. After a delicious lunch of brown rice, grilled veggies, ginger soup, and curry chicken, we head north to Koh Bon. This rocky islet comprises of a massive sloping ridge beginning at 35 meters above sea level and reaching a sandy seafloor bottom at 40 meters. This ridge is a well known cleaning station in the underwater world and is a great place for finding the larger marine life. Today we are lucky enough to see two mantas! The mantas circle around the ridge area for cleaning and all of our divers get to spend time with them. Before the day is over we also see a sea turtle, two cuttlefish, and a sea snake. Another wonderful day of diving on the Thailand Aggressor!



Wednesday 12th April 2017


We woke up at the Surin islands and headed for Thailand’s premier dive site, Richelieu rock is situated 7 miles east of the Surin islands and consists of 7 limestones pinnacles in a horseshoe formation, we are approaching full moon so we expected the current to be a little bit stronger than normal, Richelieu is a great spot for diving in current as its very easy to find shelter on the leeward side of the dive site, on the descent for our first dive we encounter a big school of trevallys, as it was the first dive we decided to head to the deeper part of the divesite and check out one of our special finds and yes as usual we found our resident thorny sea horse in the same area, this is very easy to find as it is bright yellow. We headed off and tried to locate our ornate ghost pipe fish, to our surprise a new one had joined the two original ones what a great photo opportunity, the visibility just got better all day and so did the special finds, we found Cuttlefish mating and also a small school of squid on the safety stop on our second dive, our afternoons diving was just as great as the mornings, the current slacked off and we were able to swim around the whole site on our 3rd and 4th dive. On our fourth dive we had a special event our guest Lev from Ireland celebrated his 100th dive we had our usual banner made up and had a group photo at Richelieu rock, what a great place to celebrate the dive. After a great day diving we cast off the mooring line and had a nice sunset cruise to Koh Tachai for tomorrows adventure.



Thursday 13th April 2017


With a late wake up of 7:30, guests enjoy sleeping in a bit before the first briefing. Koh Tachai is a small island consisting of beautiful white sand beaches and two very nice dive sites. We start at Tachai Pinnacle aka ‘Twin Peaks’, a site made up of two pinnacles with a variety of corals and marine life. After rolling out of the dinghy we grab the mooring line and use it as an aid to get us right on top of the site. Immediately we are surrounded by a massive school of Chevron barracuda! Over the courses of two dives, we see many different creatures including nudibranchs, egg cowries, a green sea turtle, several cobia, and multiple giant moray eels. After lunch, guests relax and look through fish books or get some sun on the upper deck. For the last two dives we head over to Tachai Reef, a sloping coral reef that reaches a sandy bottom of about 24 meters. Here we find a colorful variety of butterfly fish, angel fish, and anemone fish as well as a couple blue spotted stingrays. In the evening we settle in with a nice Japanese style pork dinner and guests are able to enjoy a glass of wine as there is no night dive tonight. Some are early to bed while others stay up to watch a documentary in the main area. Yet another wonderful day on Thailand Aggressor.



Friday 14th April 2017


Sadly we reached our last day of diving, we slept at Koh Tachai island and upped anchor early to head to Koh Bon for our last 2 dives, on our first dive we headed to the pinnacle that is about 400meters to the north it proved to be a good decision as we saw some cool marine life including a eagle ray and a marbled stingray free swimming, for our second dive we headed back to the ridge we saw a nice sea snake and lots of blue fin trevally hunting along the reef we also saw a few nudibranchs and a devil scorpion fish, after the dive we cruised back to our home port for a great sea food bbq and our video show,



Saturday 15th April 2017


Guests wake up at their leisure and head to the saloon area for a hot made to order breakfast. Crew gather up the luggage and have it waiting on the pier. We say our farewells and are guests are off to Thaplamu Pier where there prearranged transfers are waiting. It has been a great week on board, we thank our guests and hope to see you all again sometime! Khap kun Krap!