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Bahamas Aggressor :


Log Date: Saturday, Mar 18, 2017
Entry By: Captain David Patterson


Bahamas Aggressor Captain’s Log 18th - 25th March 2017


Air Temp. 74-84+ F

Water Temp. 74-81 F

Visibility 40-100+ft



Captain David

Instructor Gabi

Instructor AQ

Chef Marco

Steward Sherman



Michelle, Bill, Tammy, Neil. Linda, David, Sarah, Cory, Elaine, Damnit Don, Becky, Chris, Emily & Bruce



Sunday –Periwinkle, Blue Hole, Pillar Wall

Monday – Flat Rock, Jewfish Wall, Crab Reef

Tuesday – Dog Rocks, Ausin Smith, Blacktip Wall

Wednesday –Blacktip Wall, Shroud Wall, Amberjack Reef

Thursday – Whale Shark Wall, Up Jump the Devil, Madison Avenue

Friday –


Saturday March 18th 2017

The crew of the Bahamas Aggressor welcomed 14 divers aboard the yacht for a week of live aboard diving around the Exumas.

Once everyone had boarded the yacht we left our home dock at Elizabeth on Bay to head to our anchorage for the night at Periwinkle Reef.

En route Chef Marco served up a wonderful Italian dinner which everyone enjoyed. Captain Dave then delivered the safety briefing to the group. Before long our weary group of travelers were bound for bed as a full day of travel had caught up on them.



Sunday March 19th

We begun our week of diving at the beautiful shallow reef - Periwinkle. This fish laden dive site is always a highlight with crew and guests alike. On the dive our group of underwater warriors saw Grouper, Filefish, Gobies, Eels and huge schools of grunts, snappers and Squirrel fish.

We then motored toward the second dive site of the day - The Blue Hole.

This wonderful site is quite unique in its topography. The shallows around the hole are around 25 feet which then plummets away like a sinkhole down into the abyss. Guests see a wonderful Loggerhead Turtle, Nurse sharks, Reef Sharks as well as huge schools of reef fish that inhabit the coral heads around the hole. After one great dive here we dropped the mooring and motored south toward the Exumas.

Before too long we were tied up at Pillar wall where we completed two dives. This majestic wall site features pinnacles that jut up from the abyss which our divers can swim around exploring the many reef fish that live here. Our group were fortunate to see a plethora of sharks, Stingrays, Turtles Eels and crabs on this dive site.

None of our group wanted to night dive so we headed toward the Exuma Bank to enjoy dinner and tie up for a restful nights sleep in preparation for the diving day to come.




Monday March 20th

First up for us was the shallow dive site Flat Rock. Due to some fairly strong north east winds we found shelter in the Lee of the island so our guests could enjoy a comfortable and safe experience.

Due to its shallow nature Flat Rock attracts a whole host of marine life. Our group saw Barracuda, Yellow Tail Snapper, Porcupine fish, Blennies, Morays eels and even a wonderful Hawksbill Turtle sighting.

Upon completion of our dive we then moved to the Exuma Sound to take in a dive on the ever popular Jewfish Wall. We completed two dives here on this amazing wall site. We were able to explore the myriad of swim throughs and canyon ways that lead us out onto the wall. Here we see Eels, Lionfish, Lobsters, Snappers, Grunts, Jacks and many many Sharks. We then moved the yacht north to the final dive site of the day Crab Reef. This wonderful site has many coral fingers that lead out onto the wall. This creates sand gullies in between the fingers which are home to a plethora of marine life. We see Chubs, Barracuda, Snappers, Squirrelfish, Lobsters, Spotted drums and parrotfish.

We had no takers for the night dive so we slept at crab mountain for the night as the winds had calmed considerably.



Tuesday March 21st

While the guests enjoyed breakfast we moved the yacht toward our next dive site - Dog Rocks. This site is a firm favorite among the crew. The swim throughs and over hanging ledges here are simply awe inspiring. We see the resident schooling Horse Eye jacks, Huge Barracuda, Schools of reef fish and lots of shark sightings. We then hot footed it south toward the next site - The Wreck of The Austin Smith. This is always a popular dive site on our itinerary as we see lots of sharks here. We dropped our ‘fish attraction triangle’ into the water and waited to see what arrived. We were lucky to have around 8 reef sharks cruising by close to our divers. The sharks passed by close to each and every diver ensuring that we all got a close look at these amazing creatures. We completed two dives here at the Austin Smith. Next up for us was Blacktip wall where we completed our afternoon dive. Here we explored the many swim throughs and tunnels that lead out onto the wall. We saw huge schools of Dog Snapper and Atlantic Spadefish. These made for some excellent video and picture opportunities. We also saw Sharks, Lobsters and Crabs among other very special sightings. Once again we had no takers for the night dive so the guests enjoyed a glass of wine with dinner prior to enjoying a night of frivolity in the Carib Dancer Salon.



Wednesday March 22nd

Our divers wanted another chance to explore Blacktop wall so we opted to dive here for our first dive of the day. It was interesting for them to see the difference between the two dives from a late afternoon to an early morning dive. We then tracked south and decided to dive Shroud Wall. This beautiful site sits just inside the Exuma Land & Sea Park. We checked out the beautiful over hanging ledges, the abundant black coral, sea whips and healthy gorgonians that frequent this area. We saw a couple of reef sharks cruise by us in the blue as well as a whole host of critters including Jawfish, Groupers, Angelfish and Snappers.

Our guests showered off and then enjoyed another wonderful lunch served up by chef Marco.

We then took the yacht into the Exuma Land & Sea Park. This is headquartered at Warderick wells cay. The guests were able to walk up Boobo Hill and check out the beautiful views over the Cay. The stunning blue hues are simply breathtaking. Our group also got to spend some time chilling out on the beach and taking a swim in the shallows around the beach.

We then left paradise behind and before long we found ourselves at Amberjack Reef where we completed the afternoon dive. We then hot footed it back North toward a safe anchorage for the night on the Exuma Bank.



Thursday December 7th

First up for us was a dive on the fantastic dive site of Whale Shark Wall. This wall site is famed for its swim throughs and dramatic drop offs. We see many sharks, a turtle and many many reef fish.

We then moved further north and dived Up Jump the Devil for our next two dives. The group were very impressed and happy with this dive site. They loved the long swim throughs, huge fish populations and healthy corals.

We ended the day at Madison Avenue where we completed our afternoon dive.

We then moved back into the bank to get a restful nights sleep.



Friday December 8th

We awoke on Friday morning to strong winds and heavy seas. Our guests decided that they did not wish to dive so we took the opportunity to head back early into Nassau and enjoy the bars and the shops of the capital city.

We had a wonderful cocktail party upon the sundeck prior to taking dinner ashore.


Congratulations to Elaine for completing her 100th dive on this trip and also to group leader David for completing his 1300th dive! Way to go guys!

A huge happy birthday to Becky also, it was a pleasure to spend it here with you in the Bahamas.


The crew and I enjoyed all of your company this week, even after you gave me ‘that’ T-shirt & minion (Cory). I sincerely hope that our paths cross again somewhere in the world. It would my ultimate pleasure to welcome you back with open arms and to dive with you all again.



Safe diving always




Captain David Patterson & The Bahamas Aggressor crew