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Thailand Aggressor :


Log Date: Saturday, Apr 15, 2017
Entry By: Thailand Aggressor Crew


Thailand Aggressor Captain’s Log                     15th – 22nd April, 2017

North Andaman Sea


*Air Temp. 30c

*Water Temp. 29c

* Visibility 20m



Captain: Tui

Cruise Director: Clive

Engineer: Pom

Second Captain: Rong

Second engineer Hem

Chef: Phorn

Chef: P, Son

Dive instructor: Bank

Dive Instructor: Koi

Steward: Jinny



Guests: Derek,Lauri,Melissa,Loren,Sean,Markolf



Sunday – Zodiac, West of Eden, Deep Six,Stonehenge,Princess Bay.

Monday – Shark fin reef , Elephant Head Rock,3 Trees, . North point, Beacon reef.

Tuesday – Turtle rock, Christmas point, Koh Bon x3

Wednesday – Koh Tachai pinnacle x2 Richelieu rock x2.

Thursday - Richelieu Rock x 4

Friday – Koh bon Pinnacle, Koh Bon ridge.


Saturday 15th April 2017

Welcome aboard! It’s a beautiful afternoon as six guests arrive to Thaplamu Pier from all over including Usa, Germany, and China. We board the vessel by dinghy and our smiling crew shows our guests to their cabins. After setting up on the dive deck we gather in the saloon area for a Safety briefing. As we set sail for the Similan Islands we celebrate by lighting firecrackers on the bow as is Thai tradition ward off bad luck during the voyage. Chef prepares a three course Thai style dinner, then guests are off to bed in anticipation of the diving adventure to come.


Sunday 16th April 2017

With an early wakeup of 6:00am we all assembled in the salon for our orientation briefing and dive safety briefing, after all the checking of certs we headed for our check dive at Zodiac, all went well and some of our guests were lucky and saw a Leopard shark asleep in the sand, also encountered were turtle and Blue spotted stingrays, on our next dive we headed to West of Eden and saw our resident mantis shrimp lurking awaiting his next meal, on our third dive we headed for the north tip of island number 7 this dive site called Deep six drops down to 130ft but we just stay shallow and encounter a white tip shark and also a nice school of snapper, for our fourth and final day dive we try the north tip of island number 4 this dive site is known as Stonehenge due to the circle of stones on the tip, encountered were many box fish and some nudibranch and also a giant moray. Our dinner tonight is chicken parmigiana always a favorite with the guests, after dinner we head off for our night dive at stone henge we stay inside the bay and find a free swimming moray and some lionfish feeding. After a long day our guests opted for an early night ready for more tomorrow.


Monday 17th April 2017

Up bright and early some of our guest arose early to catch a beautiful sunrise and were not disappointed. We headed to the very far south of these 9 islands and dived at Sharkfin reef this is primarily a drift dive in one direction, the current was not too strong today we encountered a White tip shark swimming across the sand and also found many blue spotted sting rays sleeping in the sand, We cast off the mooring and headed north to elephant head rock, this is always a favorite with the guests they find the swimthrus here very enjoyable its almost possible to swim all the way thru the divesite we found large giant morays and a school of jacks hunting. The wind picked up temporarily and we got some shelter on the east side of island 8 and dropped in at 3 trees we saw a turtle halfway thru the dive and many trigger fish nesting in the sand. Our next dive would be at north point here we have a special find a pygmy pipe horse our macro photographers had a great 15mins getting there setting correct and they got some good photographs of this tiny critter. After a nice evening meal we headed for Beacon beach for our nite dive this bay is very sheltered and a good spot to spend the night, on the dive we found a hunting moray and also many different shrimps, after the dive and some hot coco we had our movie night and all settled down for a new movie.


Tuesday 18th April 2017

The waves this morning had dropped off so we headed back to the west and dived at Turtle rock this site is named after the turtle shaped rock that points north our guests found lobster and nudibranchs also a Kuhls stingray was found sleeping in the sand. After a good breakfast we moved to island 9 and the most westerly site within these 9 islands, the ridge drops down deep and has some interesting rock formations we looked for our resident great barracuda and found it once again in the large channel to the north also sighted was a juvenile Napoleon wrasse. Our second dive at Christmas point we descended on the west side and along came a thermocline , the water seemed to drop a degree or two but lots of fish were swimming all along the edge there was many Fusileers and a couple of giant trevally. We had a nice buffet style Thai lunch and many of our guests went for a snooze before our next dive at koh Bon sadly no Mantas on either dive but we did find Octopus and some Maldivian sponge snails along with many Blue fin Trevally. Our night dive would be in the Bay we found an Octopus and a free swimming moray eel. We downed hot chocolate after the dive and headed for Koh Tachai our diving tomorrow.


Wednesday 19th April 2017

Koh Tachai what a beautiful sunrise the sky looked so red. Continuing north, we arrive at Koh Tachai Island, a solitary island located 20km north of Koh Bon. This island has magnificent white sand beaches and a very nice dive site called Koh Tachai Pinnacle, aka Twin Peaks. The top of the pinnacle is dome shaped at about 12 meters and the rest of the pinnacle falls to the sea floor at about 30 meters. We do two morning dives here and the guests are amazed with the site. Today we have strangely clear visibility and almost no current. Hundreds of schooling chevron barracuda patrol the surface and just below them are thousands of brightly colored blue and yellow fusiliers. Many trevallies are also on the prowl. At the bottom we find a walking feather star, some unique nudibranchs, and salt water catfish. What an amazing couple of dives!   Next we head to Richelieu Rock, known to be Thailand’s most famous and beautiful divesite, and it certainly does not disappoint. Guests are looking forward to spending the entire day here tomorrow. After two dives at Richelieu we sail to the Surin Islands for a peaceful night of sleep, dreaming of more adventures to come.


Thursday 20th April 2017

We had a 7:30 wake up today and arrived from Surin Islands to   Richelieu rock around 8:30 all kitted up and ready to jump in we all stepped into the tender and descended at the solitary mooring line, we headed out to the Thorney seahorse our photographers were amazed at how yellow this little critter is, from here we headed to our small spot in the north that is home to our 3 ghost pipefish our keen photographers and videographers all had ages to set up the perfect shot as ours was the only group in the water, we decided to stay at Richelieu rock for the day and had some awesome diving with big schools of barracuda and trevally being spotted, we found our usual amount of other cool stuff as well including many mantis shrimps. The viz improved throughout the day and the diving was awesome all our guests were very happy to see so much marine life. So after a great day of diving we headed back to Koh Tachai for the evening and enjoyed a great sunset and dinner of Filet mignon.


Friday 21st April 2017

Sadly just 2 dives today before we make our journey back to Thaplamu, we decided to try Koh Tachai pinnacle again, our guests really enjoyed the dive and we saw many different species of marine life, the barracuda also showed up in there hundreds and our guests made some great video. We had decided to do 2 dives here but after we surfaced we heard on the radio that Manta ray had been sighted at Koh bon island so we cast off the mooring and headed straight there for our last dive of the trip. We descended on the wall and made our way around to the ridge. We had spent a couple of minutes on the ridge when a beautiful giant Manta ray turned up. This awesome giant decided to spend the whole dive with us and our guests were amazed at its size, for a few of our guests it was their first encounter with this fantastic fish. After the dive we headed back to port for our last night BBQ and a movie.


Saturday 22nd April 2017

Well what a great group we had this week, we had many laughs on the trip. Our guests were all heading off in different directions today some were off Elephant trekking others made their way to the airport. We all said our goodbyes and farewells.