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Cayman Aggressor V :


Log Date: Saturday, Apr 15, 2017
Entry By: Cayman Aggressor Crew


Cayman Aggressor IV

Captains Log

April 15th to 22nd 2017

Guests  Scott & Suzanne, Suzanne & David, Art, Tom, Catherine, Sue, Sam, Bruce, Luke, Doug, Mike, Ingram & Cindy.

Crew Capt Niall, Engineer Rodel, Chef Kingsley, Steward Oneil, Instructors Aubri & Justin.

Water temp 79 to 81F

Air temp 84 to 86F

Exposure protection   Mostly 3mm wetsuits or broadshorts & rashguards for the braver amongst us.

Saturday With heavy hearts we said goodbye to the guests form the week before but we had no time to brood as we got busy in readiness for another group diving adventurers. We had all new guests on board by 5pm so we pushed off the dock and headed out for what would be our first divesite for the next day.

Sunday We awoke to a fantastic Cayman sunrise and the aromatic draw of Kingsley’s fresh cooked breakfast. Our first stop was the shipreef Doc Poulson and it was a great way to start the week, we had eagle rays and turtles along with a cool swim thru and sheer drop off. Subway Sunday was our easter lunch followed by almost sinful ice creams sundaes. Our next stop was a site named in honor of the queens emissary to the Cayman Islands at Governors Reef. The site is made up of long fingers of healthy coral that lead out to the blue drop off. Once in the water we right away another eagle ray went right past and toward the end of the dive we had a drive by from one of the biggest loggerhead turtles any of us have ever seen. The days delights were not end done as we had sleeping turtles and channel crab along with a few different moray eels and star of the show a cool octopus on our night dive.

Monday Yet another glorious sunrise greeted us on this fine Cayman day as we headed for the USS Kittiwake for 2 morning dives. The water was blue as could be as we descended on to fantastic shipwreck that also offers a healthy reef and sheer drop just near by. We had eagle rays and schooling jacks and for the 2nd week in a row we had a magnificent goliath grouper that we are hoping is going to take residency on the wreck. Kingsley lavished us we a truly authentic Mexican lunch as we made the short run to the Oro Verde shipwreck for our afternoon and nightdive. The Oro Verde is an old Cayman classic and is always a worthy divesite. We had turtles and lobster, eagle rays and spotted drum and the nightdive produced a cowrie shell, more lobster , a channel crab and not one but two Octopus.

Tuesday We awoke to the promise of much less wind and true to his word the weather man was right. Our first dive was at Round Rock & Trinity caves in clear blue water. We had turtles and a free swimming moray eel along with very cool swim thrus. Next up was world famous Sting Ray City for a dive with the southern rays. We had plenty of these lovable creatures that were very keen to play with us. We moved on again way out to the east at Babylon for a couple of afternoon dives and not long after we jumped in we were fortunate enough to see a very graceful eight or nine foot Hammerhead shark, this majestic animal gave us a good show as it swam past just off the wall.

Wednesday After a uneventful crossing we awoke to a grey day but it didn’t matter because we were in Little Cayman and about to dive Bloody Bay Wall. First stop was Randy’s Gazebo and what a dive it was, we had turtle after turtle all thru the dive and of course the resident Grouper were in attendance along with a couple of nurse sharks. Kingsley served up the best Cheese Burgers in these here islands as we made the short run to Meadows for our afternoon and night dives. We again had more friendly turtles and a very good and close encounter with some grey reef sharks and our night dive again produced some sharks.

Thursday We awoke on Thursday to a dark sky but it in no way affected the mood of our happy guests as we headed for Bus Stop dive site for our morning dives. Reef sharks and nurse sharks, eagle rays and turtles and of course the umpteen friendly Grouper made for a fantastic morning of underwater adventure. Kingsley served up an amazing Asian lunch as the wind picked up and we headed back to the calm water that Meadows provided in the hook of Jackson bite. It was action replay of the mornings events with more reef sharks and turtles and eagle rays feeding in the sand and Bruce even had an amazing find of a large male jaw fish with dozens of eggs in its mouth. It was great to get to Little Cayman and equally sad to leave but all loved the experience and will definitely be back to see Bloody Bay again.

Friday A calm crossing back from Little Cayman saw us awake at Neptunes Drop Off for our penultimate dive of the week and what a dive it was, we had turtles and free swimming moray eels and also a couple of very cute juvenile spotted drum. Kingsley out did himself with chocolate brownies for a mid morning snack as we headed south to Devils grotto for our final dive. Cavernous swim thrus and schooling tarpon were the order of the morning at Devils Grotto. And so another fun filled dive adventure on the Cayman Aggressor IV came to an end. We had miles stones on board this week, Mike reached 300 logged dives, David had a shark swim directly at him for the first time, Suzanne had the best pork chop she ever tasted and young Samatha from Aggressor Fleet head office reached the grand age of 25+. All in all a great week was had by guest and crew and both guest and crew ended the week keen to do it all again as soon as possible.

Unitk Next Week

Your Cayman Aggressor Crew