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Cayman Aggressor V :


Log Date: Saturday, Apr 22, 2017
Entry By: Cayman Aggressor Crew


Cayman Aggressor IV

Capts Log

April 22nd to 29th 2017

Guests Cheryle & Tony, Matt & Margaret, Drew, Ray, Debby & Brian, Hilda & Gary, Heather & Sid, Cathy, Bill & Brad, John, Steve.

Crew   Capt Niall, 1st Mate Alan, Chef Kingsley, Instructors Justin, Aubri, Manny.

Water Temp 79f

Air Temp 82f

Exposure Protection 3mm wetsuit or Rashguard & Board shorts.

Saturday By 9.30pm we had all 17 pax on board so we pushed off the dock and headed out to take up a mooring in readiness for a great Aggressor adventure to come.

Sunday Our day started at the USS Kittiwake for a couple of morning dives in lake like flat calm seas. We had a loggerhead turtle the very minute we jumped in and then a slow explore of this once majestic US Navy submarine rescue that is day by day transforming itself into a living reef. We had eagle rays and school jacks in what had to be 100ft visibility. Kingsley served up a tasty subway Sunday lunch followed by smile inducing ice cream sundaes as we made our way around to Sting Ray City for what is arguably the best 12ft dive in the world. Next up was a late afternoon and night dive at Babylon out on the northeast corner of Grand Cayman. Babylon is a sheer drop off and supremely healthy reef and was a great way to end a fantastic day of Aggressor style diving.

Monday Our day started on the east end of Grand Cayman at a dive site known as the Maze. This site is well known for shark encounters and we were well entertained with several encounters with a 7ft to 8ft grey reef shark, we also had a very cool turtle encounter. Kingsley served up a delicious Mexican lunch as we made the 3 mile run to Kellys Caverns for our afternoon and night dive. Lobster galore was the order of the afternoon and some were so big we could almost smell the garlic and the butter. Channel crab and more lobster and even a slipper lobster were sited on the night dive along with a cool Octopus encounter.

Tuesday First stop was Lighthouse Reef on the south side of Grand Cayman for 2 morning dives and the on to Tunnel of Love for 2 afternoon dives before we would point the boat east and head for Bloody Bay. Tuesday was a day of sheer drop off and cool swim thrus with turtles and scorpion fish, eagle rays and moray eels. Kingsley served up wonderful steaks as we rounded east end into a flat calm seas with Liitle Cayman planned as our next stop.

Wednesday A truly gorgeous Little Cayman sunrise greeted us as we awoke over the dive site known as Randys Gazebo and headed off for 2 glorious fun filled dives with the famous friendly Grouper of Bloody Bay Wall, lobster and channel crab and photogenic turtles. Kingsley served up a mouth watering cheese burgers as we made the short run to 3 Fathom Wall for 1 dive and then on to Bus Stop for late in the afternoon dive and night dive. We had sharks, turtles and eagle rays and a night dive that produced slipper lobster, squid yet another eagle ray and a brief sighting of an octopus.

Thursday We awoke to flat seas and so we headed for Cayman Brac and a dive at the former Russian destroyer now proudly named after Capt Keith Tibbetts. The vis was in the 100ft mark and we again had company in a friendly turtle and curious Grouper. Mid morning we headed back to Bloody Bay and a dive a Sarahs Set and afternoon dives at the Meadows. Sharks and Eagle rays, Turtles and Groupers were again the order of the day and with heavy hearts we had to say goodbye to Little Cayman and head across a calm sea to Grand Cayman.

Friday A smooth and uneventful crossing put us back in Grand Cayman and probably the very best wall site on west bay. We had turtles and again more Eagle Rays amongst some very cool swim thrus and caverns. Our final dive was at an old Cayman favorite, Devils Grotto, more swim thrus and schooling tarpon gave us a very cool dive and a great end to a fantastic week of diving. We had some true milestones on board this week, both Cheryle and Brad celebrated their birthdays with us, Brad, Margaret, Matt & Debby got nitrox certified, Brad logged fifty dives and Heather and Sid logged 100dives but the very best and sweetest milestone was Heather and Sid becoming first time grandparents to a beautiful baby boy named Arjen.

Until Next Week

Your Cayman Aggressor IV Crew.