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Red Sea Aggressor :


Log Date: Saturday, Apr 22, 2017
Entry By: Red Sea Aggressor Crew


Log Date: Sunday, April 22, 2017

Entry By: Red Sea Aggressor Crew


Air Temp: 25c / 77f

Water Temp: 24c / 75

Visibility: 20 – 35 m / 70 – 149 feet


Weather: first two days the wind speed was20 to 30 knots but the rest of the week it was great the wind speed was from 4 to 8 knots

Itinerary: Daedalus, Sataeh, Elphinstone.

Highlights: Hammerhead Sharks, Gorgonia Garden, Manta, Turtle



Captain Abdallah,

Cruise Director Mahmoud,

Dive Instructor Rashad & Said

Seamen Ayub, Emad, Said & Husam & Chef Hussain Engineers Ahmed, Stewards Hegazy & Aly



Jim, Vic, Tom, Mark, Bart, Eliane, Ken, Carolyn, Wojciech, Aleksandra, Tom, Giardt, Annie, Olivier, Jackie, Gary, Bill, Jayne & Scott


Dive Sites:

Sunday – Elshuna, Abudabab 3

Monday – Abugalawa -Sataeh

Tuesday –Claudea – gota Sataeh

Wednesday – Shaab Maksour – Dolphin house –Malahe- Elguta

Thuresday –– Deadalus Reef

Friday – Elphinstone Reef

Southern Itinerary!


The Red Sea Aggressor crew welcomed our divers aboard for a week of diving our southern Itinerary. We departed the dock early on Sunday morning and stopped at our first site of the week, Elshona.


Day 1

This dive was to be our check dive. Dive was mainly to check out buoyancy or test out new pieces of equipment. Was very nice dive we saw turtle and pipe Fish. After completing our check dive we motored south towards the next dive site of choice, Abu Dabab. Here at Abu Dabab there are many sites very close to each other.


We completed the final afternoon and night dive on Abu Dabbab 3. Here at Abu Dabbab we saw a Parrotfish. We also sight the Yellow Bar Angel fish alongside its close relative the Regal Angelfish. These beautiful fish are always popular among the photographers in our group. After we completed the night dive here we motored south toward the next dive site of the charter – Abugalawa.


Day 3

Captain Abdallah moved the Yacht to Abugalawa which we did two dives in that beautiful dive site. we dived on the wreck and we saw many colorful reef fish such as the Arabian Picasso Fish,we did the second dive at the north of Abugalawa Reef. We then traveled the relatively short distance to shaab Sataeh and this was our next diving spot where we did two dives and we got to see the majestic corals. An abundant marine life consisting of Red Sea Anemone fish, Masked Puffer fish and Burr fish made this a very enjoyable dive indeed. And we did the night dive in the same place.


Day 3

For the first dive in Shaab Claude we dive with very big Napoleon wrasse the second dive we dive the stunning caverns of Shaab Claude. What an awesome dive we had working our way through winding passages, down one corridor we came across a school of Cave Sweepers shimmering like gold. Big Eye were lurking in the shadows, and schools of Snapper hung inside the main chamber. Several Wart Slugs were found on the rubbly floor, and on the outsides of the cavern were Yellow spotted Trevally, Anthias, Damsel Fish and Tuna. We did also the night dive in Shaab Claude. Then we moved the boat to Gota Sataeh and we did two dives there and the night dive too the visibility was very good hard coral was fantastic


Day 4

Our early morning dive was at Shab Maksour and we saw huge schools of Unicorn fish and Hammerhead shark. We also saw a plethora of reef fish that had our divers strobes popping at regular intervals trying to photograph these timid reef dwellers. The second dive was Maksour west beautiful dreft Dive And then we moved the boat to dolphin reef. It wasn t far only 30 minutes,we sent the zodiac to see if they are there,the seaman came back with the smile on his face and said yes they are there,more than 40 Dolphin. we swam with them for abut one hour then we moved the boat again to Elmalahy for another dive.then our night dive was Elgota


Thursday morning arrived, and we were moored safely and ready to go at Daedalus. Up in the north, we saw 12 Hammerheads gracefully making their way through the blue towards us, as well as Manta,Tuna, Barracuda, and Giant Trevally. As all the action seemed to be happening in the north, we returned for dive two. This time, we saw again the hammerhead sharks Tuna, Giant Tevally and the Manta again. Finning extra slowly along the wall at the south of Daedalus always pays off as many smaller creatures can be seen here.Wart Slugs, Nudibranchs, Glossodorids, Pipe Fish, and Yellowspotted Scorpion Fish make their homes here. Schools of Barracuda and Lion Fish.We left Daedalus Reef and cruised overnight to our next anchorage Elphinstone Reef.


Day 6

Captain Abdallah took us to our anchorage here on the South side of this world famous dive site. Here on Elphinstone reef we saw the plethora of Orange Antheas,, A free swimming Moray eel and Tuna. After a wonderful we dive the south side of elphinstone reef, there was no current we dive along the reef watching the beautiful soft coral and Orang Antheas and Giant Trevally.


And it was time to wash off the trusted dive equipment and hang it up to dry. We cruised back into the port. Thank you to you all for joining us this week aboard The Red Sea Aggressor. We hope to see you all back again soon to dive with us soon.


Until then Safe diving always.



Jim 2500 &Annie 1000 &Olivier 1000


Iron Divers

Eliane& Ken&Jayne&Wojciech


Thanks and kind regards


Mahmoud Abdella