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Cayman Aggressor V :


Log Date: Saturday, Apr 29, 2017
Entry By: Cayman Aggressor Crew


Cayman Aggressor IV

Capts Log

April 29th to May 6th 2017

Guests Colleen & Craig, Eric & Tammy, Bill, Bryan, Janice & Matt, Dexter, Tersea, Gail & Dickie, Joyce & Jimmy, Patty, Cindy, Darren, David.

Crew Capt Niall, Engineer Rodel, Chef Kingsley, Steward Latoya, Instructors Manny & Justin.

Water Temp 81f

Air Temp 84f

Exposure Protection 3mm suits but the water is definitely warming up and soon only board shorts and rashguards will suffice.

Saturday All Guests were safely on board by 3.30pm and so we pushed off the dock and headed out to what would be our first dive site for the next day. Our guests came all over the US of A and a chap that made his way all the way from London, England.

Sunday Our chosen spot for the first dives of the week was the USS Kittiwake, this vessel was once a US Navy Submarine Rescue boat is now a majestic dive site that sits very close to a healthy reef and sheer drop off. We explored inside and out and cruised over the wall top and we encounter schooling jacks, friendly turtles and a feeding eagle ray. Kingsley served up a tasty subway Sunday lunch followed by delicious ice cream sundaes as we made the short hop to Lost Treasure for one afternoon dive and then on to the wreck of the Oro Verde for the late afternoon and night dive. Turtles, Lobsters and spotted drum fish were the order of the afternoon with an all too brief octopus sighting but a much better squid sighting was the order of the nightdive.

Monday We awoke to a band of rain but that did not deter our eager gang of happy divers as today we would be on the move. First up was a dive at Round Rock/Trinity Caves on the west side of Grand Cayman and again we had a very cool eagle ray encounter. On we moved to Sting Ray City for what is arguably the best 12ft dive in the world and we had several southern Sting Rays visit with us for picture taken and up close encounters. On we moved again out to Babylon on the east end of Grand Cayman for a couple of dives on a sheer and coral adorned wall. A nice turtle encounter and a fantastic find by Gail & Dickie of 2 mantis shrimp made for a great way to end the diving day with the underwater wonders of Little Cayman to look forward to.

Tuesday We awoke to a dynamic Little Cayman sunrise while moored to Randys Gazebo on Bloody Bay wall. Eggs benedict or eggs Florentine were the tasty breakfast choices on offer from Kingsley and with all divers fasts broken we headed off for some Bloody Bay delights. The friendly and famous Little Cayman Grouper were out in force, they swam with us and seemingly posed for photos, we had a peaceful sleeping nurse shark sitting right in the swim thru we all wanted to go thru and he just kept on sleeping as we all swam on by. We had turtles and a chain mail moray along with several painted file fish. A mouth watering Italian lunch was waiting for us when we got back on deck after the second dive as we moved up the bay to Bus Stop for afternoon and night dive, turtles, eagle rays and sharks were the highlight of the afternoon with squid, lobster , channel and yet another shark to entertain us on the night dive.

Wednesday And we were on the move again, this time heading for Cayman Brac and a morning diving on the Capt Keith Tibbetts Russian Destroyer 356. This grand ole wreck was sunk back in the 90s and is not decorated with all kinds of coral life and of course we still had friendly Grouper and Turtles to pose for us. Kingsley served up tasty cheese burgers in paradise for lunch as we headed back to Little Cayman and Bloody Bay for another afternoon of sheer walls, cool swim thrus along with sharks, eagle rays and turtles. We had a glorious nightdive that produced feeding Grouper, Hermit Crabs and Basket Stars along with several huge Lobster and a fantastic Channel Crab.

Thursday Our day started with a dawn dive front and center of Bloody Bay at 3 Fathom Wall, this sheer drop off starts at only 18ft and is truly adorned with all the colours of the rainbow and all variety of coral life. We then moved on to Leah Leahs Lookout and finished our adventures in Bloody Bay at The Great Wall. We had sharks and turtles at the 3 fathom more sharks and turtles at Leah Leahs along with a care free moray out hunting and feeding but star of the show of the day was Freddie at The Great Wall. Freddie is probably the oldest and most diver friendly Grouper in Bloody Bay and was certainly in the mood to get his photo taken today.

Friday After a flat calm crossing back from Little Cayman we arrived back in Grand Cayman and the dive site known as Doc Poulson. This little ship wreck has been on the ocean floor so long it is more aptly described as a “Ship Reef” than “Ship Wreck”. We had a very cool eagle ray and another friendly turtle. On we moved for our final dive of the week at Devils Grotto among the glorious swim thrus and schools of tarpon. Safe to say a great week of diving was had by all, we visited all three islands of the Cayman chain, we swam with the sting rays in their famous city and explored multiple shipwrecks. Special mention goes to Darren for completing his 50th logged dive and becoming a newly certified nitrox diver, Dexter logged her 300th dive on board with us and Tammy enjoyed her birthday. Our cocktail party had a glorious back drop of a fabulous Cayman sunset and the sounds of soca music from the Batabanu street festival happening just near by.

Until Next Week

Your Cayman Aggressor Crew.