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Log Date: Saturday, Apr 29, 2017
Entry By: Bahamas Aggressor crew


Bahamas Aggressor Captain’s Log 26th April - 6th May 2017

Air Temp.  77-84+ F
Water Temp. 77-79 F
Visibility 40-100+ft

Captain David Patterson
Engineer David M.
Instructor Gabi
Instructor AQ
Instructor Caitilin
Chef James

Don, Ed, Jim, Tom, Susan, Regina, Horst, Bob, Heather, Bill, Susan, Carolyn, Maria & Alexandra

Sunday – Sherwood Forest, Silverfox Ledge, Shark Paradise
Monday –Mini Wall (Drift Dive), El Dorado (Drift Dive), Hogfish Reef
Tuesday – Reds Ledge, Shark Paradise, Sugar Wreck
Wednesday – Mini Wall, El Cappitan, Gary Woods Wonderland, Mini Wall
Thursday – Mt Olympus, Shark Paradise, Sugar wreck
Friday –

Saturday 29th April
The crew of the Bahamas Aggressor welcomed 14 eager divers aboard the yacht for a fun filled week of diving the Tiger Beach area. This was our first trip of the 2017 Grand Bahama season, both crew and guests were excited to see what was in store for us. We enjoyed a restful night tied up to our home dock at Old Bahama Bay Marina. Dinner was served up by chef James after which many of our guests decided to get an early night in preparation for the following days adventure.

Sunday April 30th
The crew awoke early to take the yacht out of the marina and out toward open ocean. While we motored toward our first dive site Chef James served up a delicious breakfast. First up for us was Sherwood forest. This medium to shallow site is the perfect place to start our charter. Our divers were greeted by around 20 Reef Sharks all zipping close by them checking them out. We also saw Turtles, Eels and plentiful reef fish. After a wonderful dive we motored a little further North and we were soon tied up at Silver Fox Ledge.
This dive site has some extremely healthy coral heads that are home to a whole host of critters. Here we saw Sharks, Crabs, Lobsters, Angelfish, Parrotfish, Eels, Chubs, Barracuda and much much more. Upon completion of our dive at Silver fox Ledge we motored a little further North to dive Shark Paradise. This dive site is where we see the majority of Tiger Shark sightings so we opted to dive this first to see what was around.
Our divers saw many Reef sharks, Lemon sharks and nurse shark. They were rewarded after around 45 minutes of diving when we were greeted by 3 Tiger Sharks! These apex predators cruised by our divers so close we could almost touch them (of course we didn’t!)
Our divers spent some time with the Tigers before they had to ascend back to the boat. We quickly filled the tanks up so we could hop back in again. Not only were we happy to see the Tiger Sharks but we also saw Bull Sharks. Our photographers and videographers in the group were overjoyed at these sightings. Our guests boarded the yacht with beaming smiles on their faces.
We had no takers for a night dive so we motored south toward our anchorage for the night.

Monday May 1st
First up for us on Monday morning was a wonderful drift dive on Mini Wall. here was saw the healthy corals and plentiful fish life that inhabit this underwater paradise. Our group drifted for almost 3 quarters of a mile before they ascended and were picked up by the mothership.
Due to the strong currents we decided to drift El Dorado Reef for our second dive of the day. Here we saw Stingrays, Grunts, huge schools of snappers, Barracuda, Sharks and much much more.
We then ended the day by dropping the fish attraction triangle in on Hogfish Reef. Here our group got up close and personal with upwards of 25 different sharks of all shapes and sizes. We then found safe anchorage on the Little Bahama Bank where we hid from the brisk winds that had whipped up.

Tuesday May 2nd
First up for us was Reds ledge. This wonderful medium depth site is always popular with our divers. The amount of soft corals on top of the reef is astounding. Here we saw reef sharks, Barracuda, Hogfish, Spadefish, Rays, Eels and more Sharks!
Next up was Shark Paradise where had another two dives to swim round with 4 Tiger Sharks and 3 Bull Sharks. One of the Tiger Sharks must of been around 13 feet long and she was pregnant. What an amazing sight to see that was.
We then motored a little further north where we tied up to the sugar wreck. This shallow wreck is a crew favorite due to the fact it is laden with marine life. Here we saw the huge schools of grunts, snappers, dogfish and barracuda. we saw Turtles, Eels, Sharks, Rays and much much more.
We also completed our night dive here. The highlight of this dive was the huge sleeping loggerhead turtle. What a sight!
We then found safe anchorage for the night on the Little Bahama Bank.

Wednesday May 3rd
We opted to do a drift dive for our first dive due to the strong current that was present. This was on a site near to Mini Wall. After an enjoyable drift dive we then picked up El Caippitan for dive two. Here our guests were lucky to see 3 eagle rays crying by them in the blue. Great stuff. We also saw many Barracudas, Turtles, Sharks and a whole host of reef fish.
Next up was Garry Woods Wonderland and Mini Wall where we jumped in to dive with the many reef sharks that stopped by to check us out.
We were blessed with calm seas so we were able to sleep on the mooring and close to the diving grounds.

Thursday May 4th
We started our day off at Mt Olympus. This majestic wall dive always attracts a whole host of marine life. Our group checked out the blue to see of any big critters were lurking there. We saw Eagle Rays, Sharks, rays, and a wide variety of fish life. We then had one last hoorah on Shark Paradise. This lived up to expectation as we saw around 4 Tiger Sharks all coming close to our divers. Some epic memories were made this week with the tiger sharks. We then ended the day on the sugar wreck. This fish laden dive site was a request from many of the guests so we took them back to explore some more. After the night dive we moved the yacht to a safe anchorage for the night.

Friday December 5th
We awoke to find rough winds and harsh seas which made the diving grounds non dividable so we motored back toward port. We entered the marina and docked up safely. Our guests enjoyed a leisurely afternoon relaxing in around the marina. We ended our trip with a cocktail party on the sundeck.
Congratulations to regina for completing her 500th dive and to Heather for completing her 300th dive. A massive congrats to our iron divers this week - Maria, Bob & Jim, way to go!
Finally we had a few courses completed on this charter. Carolyn completed her Nitrox course and Susan completed her Navigation course, well done to you both for furthering your diving education.

The Crew Would Like To Thank Everyone For Joining Us On The Bahamas Aggressor!!!

Until The Next Time Safe Travels…

Bahamas Aggressor Crew