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Log Date: Sunday, Apr 30, 2017
Entry By: Rock Islands Aggressor Crew


Sunday afternoon we welcomed aboard 16 guests all from Colorado. We started with a quick introduction to the staterooms and then on the dive deck, everyone set up their dive gear. Once we checked certification cards and checked in we headed up stairs to cover the vessel safety briefing and soon after we eat dinner prepared by our Chef Ronnie. After dinner we watched Living Eden to show the guest what to expect to see on this charter.  


   Very early Monday morning Captain Ike motor the big boat down to Ulong Island. After breakfast, we gathered around the TV in the salon for the general dive briefing before heading off on our first dive at Sandy Paradise. This dive sight was good for our check out dive. Slopping coral garden with very light current in this area. So we start the dive in the mooring system and make our way to cleaning station after the entire guest checks their weights. We are very fortunate to have a Manta already cleaning at the cleaning station when we got there. We stay several minutes at the cleaning station and watch the Manta get clean. After we put the shallow water on our right and explore the coral garden. We saw mantis shrimp, leaf scorpion fish, and school of fish, barracudas and sharks too. For our second dive we go Siaes Tunnel. We tied the skiff and start the dive. We enter the entrance of the tunnel and work our way to the other side. On our way out we saw fish swimming upside down, decorated dart fish, nudibranch and beautiful sea fan and soft coral sitting at the exit of the tunnel. After we continue our dive on the wall on our right but the current switch so we turn around and end our dive doing safety stop up in the shallow water with lots of tropical fish to see. We come back to the boat and have lunch. After lunch we cover Reef Hook Briefing. And at 2:00 o’clock we head down to Siaes corner for our first hook in dive. When we got to the corner the current is not what we expect for, we do live drop starting shallow water on the left. Cruising along the wall we saw Silver Tip so we stop and watch the big shark for a while as he circling around the cleaning station area. Then we come up to the reef and explore the coral garden and watch schooling of fish. But again the current switch so we turn around again and end our dive in the shallow water. For our fourth dive we went to Ulong Coral Garden, we tied up the skiff and does our back roll entry and start our dive wall on the left. We saw couples anemones feeding at the moment, school of snappers and as we get closer to the mouth of the channel the current switch so we drifted inside Ulong channel and witness the beautiful coral garden inside the channel as well as the grouper as they are gathering for their spawning. We also saw the two Giant Clam sitting side by side covers with soft coral to end the dive. We returned to the big boat and soon after, dinner was ready. After dinner we watched a fish ID presentation on the fish we normally find here in Palau.    


     Tuesday morning we woke and our first dive was at Ulong Channel. We descended down from the mooring and head to the wall. When we reach the mouth of the channel we hook in even the current is not moving but good practice for our real hook in dive. We did not stay long at the hook in and we unhook and drifted inside the channel. While we are almost at the middle of the channel the current switch and we turn around and end the dive at the mouth of the channel. Our second dive was at Sandy Paradise. The divers rolled in and swim to the cleaning station. No Manta this time so we continue exploring the area going shallow water on the right. We stopped at the rock out cropping with hundreds of glassy eye sweeper together with several leaf scorpion fish and several mantis shrimp. After we explore the coral garden up in the shallows to end the dive and comeback to the big boat for lunch. During lunch Captain Ike motor the big boat to Turtle Cove mooring. When we secured the big boat we head to Turtle Cove dive sight. When we hit the water we swim on the surface and descend into the hole located at the top of the reef. The hole end down in small cavern where we find the disco clam. We drifted wall on the right looking for macro and beautiful wall cover with both soft coral and sea fan. When we reach the small corner we go on the top of the reef but the current is other way so we turn around and explore the top of the reef to end the dive. For our fourth dive we dive Dexter’s wall. We start the dive at the mooring and go wall on the left but the current switch so we turn around and do the wall on the right instead. While cruising against the wall we saw lots of turtles, anemones and nudibranch. We come back to the big boat for dinner. After dinner it was German Coral Garden for our night dive. We descended and drifted shallow water on the left. As we were drifting we saw anemones, shrimp, crabs, sleeping fish, nudibranch and lots of lion fish hunting.

     Wednesday morning we woke and started the day with Blue Corner, the current was incoming and we started with the wall on our right. We hooked in at the 60 feet and watched the show. The current is moving this time and it was a challenge for our guest to hook in. Several sharks were in front of the divers mixed with school of fish like jacks, red tooth trigger, pyramid butterfly fish and chevron barracuda too and baby eagle ray show up to at the end before we unhook; we unhooked and drift the plateau and end our dive in the blue water. Our second dive was at German Channel. We start the dive at Peleliu side, this time we did live drop because someone using the mooring. We hit the water and descend to the cleaning station. Waited for several minutes but not so lucky to see manta. We swim to the middle of the mouth of the channel and so lots of school of fish such as jacks, barracudas, and snappers too. And then we drifted in the channel with lots of beautiful hard coral formation such as big table coral, big patch of lettuce coral and colorful stag horn. After lunch our third dive of the day was at New Drop Off . The current was outgoing and we lightly drifted to the hook in area. We hooked in around the cut on the outgoing side and had one grey reef shark swimming by in front of the divers. We then unhooked and explored the plateau. We took photos with some very friendly turtles, the school of blue lined snapper. Ngedebus Corner for our fourth dive. We started the dive with the wall on our right but it felt like the current switched a couple of times on us. We saw a lot of macro life and some turtles and rays off in the blue. After dinner we went back to Turtle Cove for the night dive. At night the wall is beautiful. All the cup coral comes out to feed and turns the wall into a beautiful mixture of orange and yellow. We also found a turtle sleeping and a couple of yellow hermit crabs out walking around.


     Early Thursday morning the big boat started motoring down to Peleliu. We secured the boat at south dock (camp beck). We then headed out for the first dive. Dive one Peleliu Corner we made it out to the corner and we saw the current was far to strong to make a safe dive so we went over to Orange beach coral garden, it was outgoing and we drifted along the coral garden with the shallow on our left. This is one of the most beautiful coral gardens in Palau. This site is just covered with schools of tropical fish. We spotted turtles, a couple reef sharks and artifacts from WWII. The current was still strong but it was a great drift. We ended the dive and came back to the boat and 14 of the group went on the Peleliu WWII land tour to explore the sights of one of the bloodiest battles of the Pacific islands on WWII. The remaining 2 guests went West wall a great dive Ike showed them many of the small reef fish. Dive Three White beach coral garden, mor of a sloping wall dive again lots of turtles and a nurse shark was spotted. When we arrived back at the big boat we left South Dock and headed back up to the Peleliu coat. Dive Four was at Barracks Point. We saw some big schools of snapper and jacks, and barracuda. We also saw a giant clam and around 8 turtles. The current switched on us during the dive and we turned around. For the night dive we headed out to Big Drop Off. We started the dive in the shallow sand channel between the two moorings and found one leaf scorpion fish. We then dropped out of the sand channel and went wall on the left. We saw a couple of big groupers out hunting in our lights and a scorpion fish.  


     On Friday we started the day out at Blue Corner. This time the current was mild so we started the dive in the middle of the corner so we could explore the reef. We found the baby eagle rays swimming around as well as the gray reef sharks on the reef as the current was so mild. We also found a purple anemone balled up a great photo stop, we ended the dive at the corner with schooling blue line snapper and turtles. Back to the big boat for a snack and a rest. Dive two headed back out to German Channel this time staring at the Koror side of the channel and our first stop was at the red anemone then we headed over to the cleaning station on the way 2 octopus were spotted something the group really wanted to see. Dive three was Blue Holes we tied up to the mooring did a surface swim to be on top of one the 4 holes on top of the reef. You can go down any one of the four holes that goes in to one big chamber. In the chamber Ben the photo pro took pictures of the guests and Andy showed the guests some shrimp on the bottom of the holes and the disco clam on the wall on the way out of the holes on the wall we spotted lots of schools of barracuda and schooling jacks and sharks. Dive four was at Barnums Wall this was a great wall lots of nice corals and reef fish to see. On the return to the boat the guests had a few drinks at the boats bar watched the sun set then sat down for chef Ronnie’s last dinner of roast beef and Yorkshire puddings! After dinner we had a sofa dive and watched the video of the week on the big screen!



     We woke up Saturday morning with the big boat in Malakal harbor. The first dive was on one of the Japanese WWII wrecks of the Iro one of the biggest wrecks here in Palau. Starting down the mooring line to the bow you see a big bow gun then head to the back of the boat to the tri pod where ther is a huge red anemone full of tomato clown fish. Our second dive was Chandelier Cave. All the divers surfaced in all four air chambers to take photos of the stalactites and outside the cave we found the mandarin fish. After an afternoon of cleaning, drying and packing scuba gear. At 6pm we gathered in the salon for the cocktail party and watched a photo slideshow of the week and soon after all the guests headed off into town for dinner. At 10pm we said our goodbyes to two guests as they headed to the airport for their flight.


At 7 we had breakfast 8 we said our goodbyes to the rest of the guests as they headed off to their hotels. We would like to thank everyone for joining us this week and hope to see you all again soon.


         -Rock Islands Aggressor Crew