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Okeanos Aggressor II :


Log Date: Monday, May 01, 2017
Entry By: Okeanos Aggressor II crew


Captains Log

Okeanos Aggressor II

Guanacaste & The Bat Islands, Costa Rica

1-8 May 2016

Water Temperature: 81 – Thermoclines 76

Visibility 40 ft.


We just Came back from a successful first trip to Guanacaste & The Bat Islands, Costa Rica. We left the port of Puntarenas at noon on the 1st of may, after an overnight crossing we got to Bahia Culebra where we dove Tortuga, Argentina and virador. We got to see sea horses harlequin shrimp, turtles, White-tip reed sharks and schools of fish, it was a nice way to start our trip. At night we dove Tortuga, it was a beautiful site with lots of octopus and a nice seahorse.


Next day we moved the boat to the northern area of Cuajiniquil, we dove two days there doing sites as Black Coral where we have the opportunity to dive in shallow water a rock with beautiful black coral which makes it a great dive. Next day we dove Punta Blanca and Los Cabros. Punta Blanca had beautiful schools of fishes and we got to see about 6 big nurse sharks hanging out together as well as schools of about 20 mobula rays gliding passed above us.


Fourth day we move the boat to the bat islands, it was time to see big stuff. We had beautiful encounters with oceanic manta rays and got to see our first two bull sharks of the season! Bajo Negro was as usual with an incredible amount of schooling fish that makes that dive an incredible one.


Last day we had a two hour crossing to Catalina Islands where we did our two last dives of the week, we had a lot of southern Sting rays and some Eagle rays which made our dives,


Thanks to all of our guests coming from the United States and Spain, we hope to see you soon!


Okeanos Aggressor II