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Cayman Aggressor V :


Log Date: Saturday, May 06, 2017
Entry By: Cayman Aggressor Crew


Cayman Aggressor IV

Capts Log

May 6th to 13th 2017

Guests Peter & Celia, Roland & Ellen, Robert & Erin, Fritz & Carolyn, JJ, Matt, Brandee & Lance, Brad & Catherine, John, Tito, Johannes, Philippe.

Crew Capt Niall, 1st mate & Chef Alan, Instructor & Helmsman Manny, Engineer Rodel, Deckhand & 2nd Engineer Oneil, Steward Latoya.

Water Temp 81f Air Temp 84f Exposure protection Rash Guard & board shorts.

Saturday By 9pm we had all but 2 guests on board as Brad & Catherine would not be joining us until 5pm on Sunday.

Sunday Our day started at the ship reef Doc Poulson for a single dive. Some of our happy gang had not been diving for a while and some been underwater only days before which makes the Doc Poulson perfect to start, its shallow with a sandy bottom with a very cool shipwreck and the drop off is just nearby so it truly has something for everyone. Sting Ray City was our 2nd spot of the day for a dive with some very entertaining southern Sting Rays. On we moved to Babylon out on the east end of Grand Cayman for a couple of dives on a sheer and coral adorned drop off and with Brad & Catherine safely on board we pointed the boat in an easterly direction and made way for Little Cayman.

Monday After an uneventful crossing from Grand Cayman we awoke to the welcome sight of Bloody Bay and its wonderful underwater delights. Randys Gazebo was our first stop for a couple of dives and it was a very popular site with all our eager guests. The sheer drop off and lush coral garden add together to make a truly blue and gold themed morning. We had a sleeping nurse shark right off the bat along with several of the famous bloody bay Grouper. The afternoon and night dive was spent at Meadows in Jackson bite which is the most protected part of Bloody Bay. Sharks and turtles along with more Grouper and a cool Eagle Ray were the order of the afternoon and a night dive that produced yet another shark, several lobster and hermit crabs.

Tuesday A dawn dive was how we began our diving day and then off to Leah Leahs Look out for some more truly amazing Blood Bay dives. Atmospheric swim thrus and coral encrusted drop offs was the order of the day. We had eagle rays and turtles, lobsters and a very cute juvenile spotted drum. The weather gods decided to send us some harsh north east wind and waves so we pointed the boat west made for Grand Cayman and the clam waters off the west side of the mother island.

Wednesday We awoke to a classic Grand Cayman sunrise with the USS Kittiwake only 50ft beneath us. The crossing back from Little Cayman was a comfortable following sea. We had the Kittiwake all to ourselves and we explored all over and inside this once proud US Navy submarine rescue vessel. Schooling jacks made the wreck almost seem like it was breathing and we sighted hog fish and stingray seemingly grazing in the sand nearby. On we moved as chef Alan delighted us with an Asian themed lunch with Lost Treasure and Spanish Anchor being our first stop after lunch and then on to Governors Reef for a late in the day and night dive. Turtles, Eagle rays and a sleeping nurse shark made for entertaining afternoon and a highlight of a feeding octopus added to really great Aggressor day of diving.

Thursday Another bright and colourful sunrise greeted us as we made our way to Round Rock for a couple of morning dives. Chef Alan had the sweet aroma of French toast and eggs to order drift about the boat as we made ready for another great day of diving. Turtles and eagle rays were the highlight of the morning along with the cavernous swim thrus that Round Rock is famous for. Italian lunch was the fare for lunch as we made the short hop to Angelfish reef for one afternoon dive and then on to the Oro Verde for a mid afternoon and twilight dive. More turtles and moray eels along with a very cute juvenile spotted drum. Thanks giving dinner was culinary delight presented by Chef Alan has all toasted a fantastic way to spend the day.


Friday A truly dynamic sunrise greeted us for the final day of our Aggressor adventure here in the British West Indies. Neptunes Drop Off and Devils Grotto were the chosen sites this morning and it was an underwater pleasure fest of turtles and eagle rays, sting sand atmospheric swim thrus. We were motored back to Georgetown harbor with a very happy group divers that will be back on the deck of another Aggressor very soon. Special mention must go to Cathy & Brad, both completed their nitrox courses with us but Cathy also completed her openwater certification and is now hooked on the Eat Sleep Dive of the Aggressor Fleet way of life.

Until Next Week

Your Cayman Aggressor Crew