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Belize Aggressor IV :


Log Date: Saturday, Apr 22, 2017
Entry By: Belize Aggressor IV Crew


Belize Aggressor IV Captain’s Log

April 22 -29, 2017

Air Temp 90 -100 Degrees F

Water Temp 82 -85 Degrees F

Exposure Suit – Board Shorts to 3mm

Visibilty 80 -120ft


We had a wonderful week with our group being fresh to the Aggressor way of Eat, Sleep and Dive. We had guests From Belgium, Canada and the USA. The winds died down all the way this charter. Pulling off the dock after dinner and headed to our night mooring strategically placed between Half Moon Cay and Long Cay. The ride was smooth and comfortable. The breath taking walls of Long Cay were ready to greet us. The water was a crystal blue and inviting. The contours of the wall kept little pockets of fish, crabs and nudibranchs. Every dive was peaceful and calm with no current. We dropped down the wall in hopes of spotting the big creatures that make the Cays their home. Reef shark patrol the deep walls and we see them pass every so often. Loggerhead and Hawksbill turtles hang in the shallower areas with several sightings this week. Our guests got their fill of the big bulbous headed Logger heads and the meek hawksbills that sit and nibble at the sponges higher on the reef. Chris and Holly started out the week with their 600th dive on the first dive of the charter. The only way to celebrate is on the back deck with an Aggressor style celebration chocolate cake. We travel to Half Moon Cay in the mornings and enjoy waving sand that trickles down to the reef wall. Conch and stingrays like to make this their area as the Conch skip along. We had a few sharks come right over the reef and come up close to the guests. Kena was very excited to see sharks right in front of her. Blue hole day was a blast, Ed celebrated his 200th dive at the Blue Hole. Another cake but this time we had Blue frosting in honor of Ed making his 200th at the Blue Hole. Eagle Ray Passlived up to it’s name. Two Eagle Rays were sighted gliding across the reef and making their way in between the guests. The last dives of the afternoon were a hit because all the fish mingle together for one last moment before hiding in the reef for the night. The night dives were fantastic!!! One night we had reef squid everywhere. All of our night divers had a chance to swim next to 7 squid laying on top of a gorgonian. The Tarpon were on every single night dive hunting by our lights. It was such a pleasant and relaxing week for us we are sad to see it end. Thank you to all the guests that joined us this week. Thank you for the memories and friends we made along the charter!!!!!!!