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Bahamas Aggressor :


Log Date: Saturday, May 06, 2017
Entry By: Bahamas Aggressor crew


Bahamas Aggressor Captains Log 6-13 May  2017


Air Temp.  77-84+ F

Water Temp. 77-79 F

Visibility 40-100+ft



Captain David Patterson

Engineer James McKenzie

Instructor Gabi Ruben

Instructor Alexandra Quint

Instructor Caitilin Tincher

Chef Marco Moroni



Jeroen, Michelle, Mark, Alex, John, Matthew, David, Laura, Roger, Roman, Steve, 

Bruce & Amy



Sunday – Sherwood Forest, Silverfox Ledge, Shark Paradise

Monday –Mini Wall, El Dorado, Hogfish Reef

Tuesday – Reds Ledge, Shark Paradise, Sugar Wreck

Wednesday – Mini Wall, El Cappitan, Gary Woods Wonderland, Mini Wall

Thursday – Mt Olympus, Shark Paradise, Sugar wreck

Friday – 


Saturday 6th May 2017 

The crew of the Bahamas Aggressor welcomed 13 new divers aboard for the yacht for a fun filled week diving with the Sharks of Grand Bahama. 

Once everyone had set up their dive equipment at their designated take station we then showed them to their cabins so the unpacking of the many suitcases could commence. 

After a short while everybody gathered in the Salon so Captain David and his crew could deliver the welcome and safety briefing. 

We then had dinner after which we stayed the night in the beautiful marina at Old Bahama Bay 


Sunday May 7th

The crew awoke early to take the yacht out of the marina and out toward open ocean. While we motored toward our first dive site Chef Marco served up a delicious breakfast. First up for us was Sherwood forest. This medium to shallow site is the perfect place to start our charter. Our divers saw Reef Sharks, we also saw Turtles, Filefish, Puffer fish, Hogfish and whole host of other schooling fish. After a wonderful dive we motored a little further North and we were soon tied up at Silver Fox Ledge. 

This dive site has some extremely healthy coral heads that are home to a whole host of critters. Here we saw Sharks, Crabs, Lobsters, Angelfish, Parrotfish, Eels, Chubs, Barracuda and much much more.

We then decided to dive Shark paradise. This dive site is always a winner when it comes to finding Tiger Sharks. As we were tying the boat up to the dive site we saw two of them scoping the area out. Once our divers hopped in they were greeted by two huge Tiger Sharks roaming around beneath the boat. Over the course of our two dives here the Tiger Sharks and Lemon Sharks came very close to our divers which made picture and video opportunities very easy indeed. 

Due to a strong current we had to cancel the night dive so we travelled onto the Little Bahama bank to drop the anchor prior to getting a restful nights sleep. 


Monday 8th May

First up for us was the wonderful site of Mini Wall. This gorgeous reef system is so big that it would take a whole week to explore it fully. We hopped in to explore a small portion to see what we could discover. 

We were not disappointed at the amount of life on this dive. We saw Reef Sharks, Golden Tail Morays Spotted Morays, Queen Angels, Arrow Crab, Snapping Shrimp, Barracuda and much much more. Guests ascended with smiles up their faces after an amazing dive. 

Next up we anchored the boat over a shallow reef structure and dropped our fish attraction triangle into the water. Over the course of two dives we saw around 5 Tiger Sharks, 1 Bull Shark, numerous Reef Sharks, Lemon Sharks as well as a whole host of other marine life. We ended the day by doing our afternoon and night dive on the Sugar Wreck. This popular site is a favorite among guests and crew alike. The sheer volume of fish we see here is simply out of this world. 

There are thousands of French Grunts, Yellow tail snappers and a whole of goatfish perusing the wreckage. 

Our guests see moray eels peering from under the wreck at our intrepid underwater explorers. 

We decided to sleep on the wreck for the night as the winds had dropped down dramatically. 




Tuesday 9th May 

we started our day off with two wonderful dives on El Dorado. We completed two dives on El Dorado.  This reef ranges in depth from 80 feet to 40 feet on the top of the coral finger. We saw Barracuda, Turtle, Reef Sharks, Triggerfish, Golden Eels and Eagle rays. We then motored a little further south where we dropped anchor to dive with 3 Tiger Sharks. The sharks cruised by our divers which enabled them to get some great shots of these huge animals. 

We then ended the day by diving Hogfish Reef. We played with the friendly Reef Sharks, Lemon sharks and Rays in the sandy patches on the edge of the reef. 

We then dropped our lines and headed inside to the Little Bahama Bank to sleep for the night.



Wednesday May 10th

We opted to do dive El Cappitan for our first two dives. This reef is in fantastic shape due to the amount of current that flows through it. We saw Eagle Rays shark


Thursday May 11th

We started our day off at the majestic dive site Garry Woods Wonderland. Named after a prolific sportsman with red hair, this dive site features the beautiful Elephant Ear sponges that resemble Garry woods fiery red hair. 

We see a whole host of marine life here including Tiger Sharks, Lemon Sharks, Morays and Rays. We then moved a short distance to a different part of the Mini wall where we dropped anchor in the sandy area. 

Here we saw More sharks and huge schools of fish such as grunts, snappers, hogfish and jacks. 

We then moved over to the shark paradise area where we dropped the anchor to see the Tiger Sharks. They didnt disappoint.  We saw three tiger sharks circling the boat for the whole dive. The group also got up close and personal with lemon sharks and reef sharks too. After  wonderful shark experience we ended our day by doing a couple of dives on hogfish reef. We then enjoyed the video and picture presentations prior to getting an early nights rest. 


Friday May 12th

We ended the trip with one last hurrah at Sherwood Forest. This site always has sharks at and this time was no different. We enjoyed checking out the wonderful reef structure and abundant marine life. We then motored back to our dock at Old Bahama Bay Marina. In the early evening we enjoyed a cocktail party to end the trip nicely. 



The Crew Would Like To Thank Everyone For Joining Us On The Bahamas Aggressor!!!



Until The Next Time Safe Travels…





Bahamas Aggressor Crew