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Palau Aggressor II :


Log Date: Sunday, May 14, 2017
Entry By: Palau Aggressor Crew


Palau Aggressor Charter May 14th – 21st, 2017

Water Temp: 80-85 deg F

Air Temp: 85-90 deg F

This week we welcome 18 guests from around the world. When the group got on board we showed them the vessel and helped them set up their gear. Once this was done we showed them to their rooms and helped to get them Settled. Once the gear was set, cameras were pulled out and Rooms made comfortable, we took them up to the beautiful salon where Captain gave a Safety briefing and shortly after served them a filling and delicious dinner buffet from Chef Ronnie.

First thing Monday morning after a good night’s sleep the guests had a nice breakfast before sitting through the dive deck briefing and then went on the first dive of the week. This week they were treated to the Teshio Maru. A cargo ship lying in 100 feet of water. The visibility is great and there were tons of nudibranchs, and a plethora of other small life. A great checkout dive to start the week. Next we would dive the IRO Maru on our way out to the reef at Ulong. Here the divers would be treated to a 472 foot wreck with Octopus, turtles, and loads of coral, and other life to enjoy. Again a nice easy dive but thoroughly enjoyable. Once we got out to Ulong, we found ourselves at Ulong, diving a site called Sandy Paradise. This site has a sandy bottom at about 90 feet, leading up to a gorgeous hard coral reef. Here the divers would see eels, mantis shrimp, and leaf scorpion fish among all of the numerous schooling fish too. To finish off the day we dove one of the crew’s favorite sites, Ulong Channel. Here threes a perfect wall leading up to a hook in area at the beginning of a thin but beautiful Channel with a quickly running current. We saw sharks, turtles, big eyed jacks, and a wall of lettuce coral.

Tuesday morning would wake up to a beautiful sunny day starting with a dive at Siaes corner. A great little hookin dive site with lots of schooling fish being chased by hungry sharks. A great way to start. Next dive we would go to saies tunnel where there’s a large cavern down at 80 feet with dart fish, loads of nudibranches, then after you leave this room you float along the wall looking at big fans, sharks and schools of Barracuda. After that we would move on to Barnum’s wall. Here there are always schools of barracuda, big sharks, and schooling butterfly fish. That night we would finish our day at Turtle cove where the divers would see one of the most colorful walls in Palau. We would see a couple turtles, eels, all kinds of shrimp everywhere and even a couple white tip sharks would make appearances

The following morning the divers would wake up to yet another perfect day. Sunny with only a few clouds to provide just a little shade. An amazing day. After breakfast we would make our way to German channel. Unfortunately we were not able to see any Manta’s, but we saw three Octopuses hanging out letting everyone take pictures. We also saw more sharks than usual and loads of schooling fish above us. Following that dive up would be the world famous Blue corner. Today there was a good current and the sharks were getting really close. The three resident eagle rays were there flying around majestically. A Beautiful dive. Just down the reef is another site called Blue holes. Here we go into another tunnel to find all sorts of things all over the walls. The main thing in there we have fun with is the disco clams. But before we will show the guests this we have to see their best underwater disco move. Some were better than others. Coming out of this tunnel we were greeted by a school of large barracuda, shark after shark looking for a meal, and a large napoleon Wrasse. After this dive we returned to Turtle Cove and went through the hole in the reef to get down to the wall. Here we would see lots of turtles, again multiple types of shrimp, and then at the end we saw quite a few flatworms and nudibranches. For the night dive we would go to Ngedebus Coral Garden. The highlight of this dive was finding a Spanish Dancer. A very rare sight in Palau.

Thursday Morning we would wake up to a beautifully cooked breakfast from Ronnie before heading out once more. We left early from the mooring to get down to Peleliu and dive along this awesome wall. The first dive would be at Purple wall. A slowly sloping wall that ends up going a little flatter so that we could find all of the turtles and schools of fish hovering above the reef. After that we were headed to West Wall. All of the sites along Peleliu are sloping slowly into the blue. Here and the next site are lots of turtles, schooling fish, Crocodile fish, sharks, and numerous other marine life. At Orange beach we would be able to see all of the lost ammo and a large concrete box at about 50 feet. It’s full of old WW2 ordinance from the landing during the war. During the second dive some of the guests went on a tour of the island to see the history from the war and how quaint this small island still is today. The final dive at Peleliu would be at Barracks point a site that can often have really cooled large pelagic and recently even a whale shark. No luck this week, but still lots of fish and 3 giant clams. Always an amazing dive no matter what you see. The night dive Thursday would be at German Coral Garden. A great coral dive in front of German channel with loads of life.

Friday would find us at blue corner. Here the dive was intense and short because of the strong current. Abut we got face to face with a napoleon wrasse. A very short but very sweet dive. Next we would return to German Channel and would get to see lots of schooling jacks and barracudas. There were sharks and octopus all around as well. Overall a great dive as always. After an amazing lunch we would go to canyons a site that has lots of thin swimthroughs with lots of little creatures all through them. Including a very friendly crocodile fish. The last dive of the day would be at Ferns wall. A very vertical wall with tons of Moray Eels, Turtles, and what it’s known for, Loads of soft coral. During dinner that night we would make our way back to the harbor we started so that we could dive at Chandelier Cave. Here there is a shallow cave with 4 different air capsules where you can come up and breath before submerging and seeing the next one. Out front is where all of the Mandarin fish hang out. Here the guests would hang out and quietly look for the shy fish. After that the final event of the trip is a rock island tour. The trip takes the skiff and sees the sites where the Japanese would store gasoline, ammunition, and we would go to the Milky Way where all of the guests would put the white mud all over themselves. It’s believed to have rejuvenating properties.

The week was beautiful. Perfect weather through most of it, great diving with lots of great creatures, and good food. Who could ask for anything more? Thanks for a great week to all of the guests this week.