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Bahamas Aggressor :


Log Date: Tuesday, May 23, 2017
Entry By: Bahamas Aggressor crew


Bahamas Aggressor Captains Log 13th - 23rd May 2017


Air Temp.  77-84+ F

Water Temp. 77-79 F

Visibility 40-100+ft



Captain David Patterson

Engineer Dave Millard

Instructor James McKenzie

Instructor Alexandra Quint

Instructor Caitilin Tincher

Chef Marco Moroni



Harvey, Anita, Geeraard, Alidor, JP, Brigitte, Peter U, Sabina, Rinnie, Briggita, Peter VBD, Ingrid, Herwig, Gerda



Saturday 13th May 2017 

The crew of the Bahamas Aggressor welcomed 14 new divers aboard for the yacht for a fun filled week diving with the Sharks of Grand Bahama. 

Once everyone had set up their dive equipment at their designated take station we then showed them to their cabins so the unpacking of the many suitcases could commence. 

After a short while everybody gathered in the Salon so Captain David and his crew could deliver the welcome and safety briefing. 

We then had dinner after which we stayed the night in the beautiful marina at Old Bahama Bay 


Sunday May 14th

The crew awoke early to take the yacht out of the marina and out toward open ocean. While we motored toward our first dive site Chef Marco served up a delicious breakfast.

Due to the heavy seas and strong winds we had to delay the morning dives in order of the weather to calm down. Eventually we found ourselves tied up at Shark paradise to start our underwater adventures. Over the course of this dive we saw many Lemon Sharks, Reef sharks, Groupers, Spadefish, Parrotfish and many others. We then moved the boat to the Little Bahama bank where we enjoyed a spot of lunch. 

After a brief siesta we continued on diving Shark Paradise. Over the next two dives we found up to 7 Tiger Sharks. These majestic creatures weaved in and out of the group. They passed by very close to the group which enabled them to take some stellar shots. We also saw the resident Lemons, Reefs and nurse sharks. The group also saw Barracuda, Puffer fish and Trigger fish. 

Due to heavy winds and rough seas we decided to head into the shallow areas and take shelter behind a series of Sandbars. 


Monday 15th May

First up for us was the wonderful Dive site - El Cappitan. Here we enjoyed two beautiful dives. This dive site is the most northern site in this itinerary so it is dived much less than the rest. It also has a fair amount of current that emanates from the gulf stream. Because of this the coral is in sublime condition. The soft corals and hard corals are healthy and vibrant. Over the course of two dives here we saw another Tiger Shark we also saw Lemons, Reef sharks and around 5 Eagle Rays. The Eagle rays were a real highlight as they circled our divers for quite some time. A couple of the group also saw a Great Hammerhead cruising by them in the blue. What a special moment that was. 

We then completed another two dives on Shark Paradise where we saw more Lemons, Tigers, Reef Sharks and the abundant reef fish that frequent this area. 

We ended the day with a wonderful night dive on the Sugar Wreck. Here we saw Loggerhead Turtles, Sharks, Moray Eels as well as possibly the a whole host of other schooling reef fish. We anchored for the night on the Little Bahama Bank. 


Tuesday 16th May 

we started our day off with a magnificent dive on Mini Wall. This large coral strip extends for almost a mile running in a North - South direction. We were able to see Reef Sharks, Oceanic Triggers, Tiger Sharks, Turtles as well as some huge schools of Jacks. We then moved the yacht to The Sugar Wreck so the group could check it out at night time. The sheer volume of colorful reef fish will leave you wanting to come back for more on this amazing wreck dive. We saw thousands of Blue Striped Grunts, Jacks, Snappers and Squirrel Fish all vying for the best spot on the wreck. 

We then ended the day by doing two dives on the ever popular Shark Paradise where we saw more tigers as well as the other friendly sharks we see here. 

We then moved the yacht overnight from Grand Bahama To Bimini. This crossing took around 12 Hours. 


Wednesday May 17th

We started the day off with a dive on Moray Alley. This mid to shallow reef is a lovely place to start in Bimini. Here we saw Barracuda, Loggerhead Turtle, Stonefish, Lobster, Crabs and a couple of inquisitive Stingrays

Next up was Big Greeney. The highlight of this dive was the 3 eagle rays that circled our dives right below the boat. What a memorable experience. 

We then dived Victory Reef North. This reef was in absolutely fantastic condition. The corals were abundant and were also very colorful. We saw a few friendly reef sharks as well as various schooling fish. 

We ended our day on the dive site Bull Run. Here we saw more Reef Sharks, and many many other types of reef fish. 


Thursday May 18th

We started our day off at the ever popular Tuna Alley. Here we saw schooling Mackerel, lobsters, Jacks and a wonderful Logger head Turtle sighting. We then decided to dive Victory Reef South where we saw more Turtles, Eels and schooling Snapper. For our final dive in Bimini we decided to dive the Strip. We saw Nurse Sharks, Reef Sharks, Crabs, Parrotfish and lots of Seargent majors. We then decided to head back to Grand Bahama to play some more with the big sharks. 


Friday May 19th

First up for us was of course Shark Paradise. Straight away we had Tiger sharks and Lemons swarming our divers right beneath the boat. After one dive here we then decided to dive El Dorado for the next one. Here we saw Eels. Stingrays, Nurse Sharks, Barracuda and many others. The reef at El Dorado is also in great shape due to the currents that we get here. 

We then did another dive on Shark Paradise to play with the tigers prior to diving the Sugar Wreck for our night dive. 

The highlight of the sugar wreck was witnessing a Moray Eel and an octopus fighting. The Octopus rolled the eel round trying to daze it. The eel however was having none of it so it proceeded in biting off one of the octopuss tentacles. Our Dive Instructor Caitlin Tincher caught the whole thing on camera. What a great piece of luck to witness this. Although it was carnage down there! We then moved the yacht into the Little Bahama Bank where we anchored for the night. 


Saturday 20th May

We motored to our first dive site of choice - El Cappitan. This popular site was a favorite among our guests so we opted to dive it again. Here we saw the resident Eagle Rays, Tiger Sharks, Reef sharks and much more. After two wonderful dives we then moved to Shark paradise where we saw around 8 Tiger Sharks over the course of two dives. The photographers in our group were very happy indeed. 

We ended the day by completing our night dive on hogfish reef prior to anchoring for the night in the shallows. 


Sunday 21st May 

We started off with a drift dive on Mt Olympus. This deep dive is one of the few deep dives we have on this itinerary. We saw Sharks, Turtles, rays and Spadefish as we ambled gently in a southerly direction. 

We then did a wonderful dive on Mini Wall which everyone enjoyed. 

We then hopped in for one last hurrah on Shark Paradise. This didnt dissapoint at all. We saw up to 7 different tiger sharks at one time. What  great experience. 

The guests then enjoyed dinner in the salon followed by the showing of the video of the week. 

We then completed our night dive on Mini Wall prior to motoring south on The Little Bahama Bank to find safe anchorage for the night. 


Monday 22nd May 

We ended our diving adventures witha wonderful shallow dive on Sherwod Forest prior to heading back to Old Bahama Bay Marina. We enjoyed a cocktail party on the sundeck prior to taking dinner ashore. 


The Crew Would Like To Thank Everyone For Joining Us On The Bahamas Aggressor!!!



Until The Next Time Safe Travels…