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Palau Aggressor II :


Log Date: Sunday, May 21, 2017
Entry By: Palau Aggressor Crew


Palau Aggressor Charter May 21at – 28th, 2017

Water Temp: 80-85 deg F

Air Temp: 85-90 deg F


This week we welcomed 17 guests from around the world. It was nice to have such a fun eclectic group. We boarded all the guests at 4pm and got the week started with a nice fruity welcome drink. With 17 guests on board we got everyone up to the salon for the captain’s safety briefing. After, we had them sit down to a nice welcoming buffet. Then the guests relaxed and enjoyed their new home.

Early the next morning we made our way early to Ulong and after doing a briefing about the diving we jumped in at Sandy Paradise. Here the guests were treated to leaf scorpion fish, multiple mantis shrimp, and many other special creatures. Next dive we would go to Siaes Tunnel and see the many types of dart fish. In the tunnel there are also many different types of Nudibrianch. It’s a great dive and a really cool wall. The entrance to the tunnel is at about 75 feet, when you go in it’s a large cavern with schooling jacks below you and upside down fish above. It’s always darker in there so there are fish you usually see much deeper. Next we do the Ulong Channel dive. Here the guests jump in and swim along the wall until they reach the hook in site and hang there to see the many sharks and schools of fish in the water ahead. After hanging there for a while we unhook and make our way down the channel. There we would see the spawning grouper, Giant clams and the lettuce coral. A fun dive with a hooking and a quick drift to the end. For the last dive of the day we would go to Ulong coral Garden. Here in front of the channel we would find many schooling fish above the reef and lots of different nudibranch in the reef. There were sharks and turtles and as they came up for the dive were treated to a nice start to a perfect sunset.

The next morning we would go early to Sandy Paradise again to see the Bump head Snappers spawning. The current was pretty strong so we had a small swim, but the payoff was amazing as we saw hundreds of snappers spawning in groups. This only happens once a month and not always at the right time to get to see it so we were all very lucky. Next we would go to Siaes corner where we would hook in again and see many white tip sharks, large turtles and schooling barracuda. This site also ahs the beautiful purple anemone and tons of pretty coral in case you get bored with all of the marine life. Next dive we would see the plentiful Ngerchong outside dive site. This site has more fish than almost any other. The schools of fish are amazing and not shy at all. After that we would go to German channel. Here we go to see if we can get pictures and video of the mantas but this time we were left without, but saw multiple sharks swimming all around an octopus hanging out in the reef, and then went down the reef a ways to see the giant coral heads and plate coral. An amazing dive no matter what you see. That night we were all treated to a fabulous dinner from Chef Ronnie.

This morning we woke up to dive Blue Corner. One of the most famous sites in Palau and home to a friendly Napoleon wrasse. The guests would hook in after a short swim and get treated to the wrasse swimming right up in their faces to check things out. A super friendly fish. There were also a dozen or more reef sharks hunting along the wall. There were schooling barracuda and jacks and red toothed triggers everywhere. Always a fantastic dive. There were also the 3 resident eagle rays to say bye to as the diver did their safety stop. Next we would go to blue Corner again. The dive was so good the first time we did it again everyone loved it all over again. Then after a great lunch we went on to Ferns wall. A beautiful sheer wall with tons of sea fans, and other sift corals. There were turtles and all sorts of small critters in the reef. It was a slow dive where we were able to see a lot. Next we went to Turtle cove. A nice wall with turtles and sharks and beautiful colorful soft corals. The start of the dive is a neat little swim through that drops you down to the reef. That night for the night dive we would dive Ngedebus Coral a site right under the boat. But it has lots of small fish, lizard fish, mantis shrimp, and lots of small crabs and shrimps.

Early the next morning we would make our way to Peleliu and Camp Beck. Was the site of some of the fiercest fighting in the Pacific, and the island still bears some of the scars that serve as a reminder to that time. With the Palau Aggressor safely at anchor we dove at Purple Beach then we headed out for a land tour on the Island to take in some of the history. After lunch we went to Orange Beach, more Clown Trigger fish, Moorish Idols, and buried in the corals, some .50 Caliber rounds, and Mortar and Artillery shells. We would also do Barracks point. After making our way back up to the German channel area would dive turtle cove for the night dive.

The Last full day we would go back to dive blue holes a site with another big cavern, a few disco clams (we make people disco dance to show them) and a beautiful wall at the end of the dive you finish at the blue corner. Then we go to new drop off. Another great hooking site with lots of sharks and schools of fish. After that we go to Barnum’s wall. Here we would see the Cuttlefish everyone had been looking for. So cool. We would finish at German channel one more time. A greet dive as always but again sadly no mantas.

The next morning we get up and finish our day at chandelier cave and finally a 3 hour tour of the rock islands. It was a great week of diving and a good group of people we wish it was like this all the time.