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Cayman Aggressor V :


Log Date: Saturday, May 27, 2017
Entry By: Cayman Aggressor Crew


Dive with the Owners Week

Cayman Aggressor IV

May 27th to June 3rd 2017

Capts Log

Guests Eric, Arturo, Juan, Sarah, Dave, Karen & George & Kevin, Joel, Martin & Bethany, Kara, Laurie & Mike, Larry, Don.

Crew Capt Niall, 1st & Engineer Alan, Instructors Aubri, Manny & Justin, Master Chef Kingsley.

Owner On Board Capt Wayne Hassan.

Water Temp 82f

Air Temp 84f

Exposure Protection 3mm or rash guard and board shorts.

Saturday We had all guests on board by 4.30pm so pushed off the dock and made our way up the west side of Grand Cayman and moored up on the Doc Poulson. All safety briefs done and introductions complete everyone settled down for a good nights rest in prep for a great week of diving to come.

Sunday Our day and week started at the ship wreck Doc Poulson for a single dive. The Doc Poulson is the perfect dive to start a week of diving Aggressor style. The wreck sits in only 50ft of water and reaches up to 35ft at the bridge so for those that had not been in the water for awhile and wanted or needed a check dive this was the place to do it and for those already in dive mode the wreck sits very close to a very cool swim that goes out thru the wall and over the drop off. Chef Kingsley was fresh back from a well deserved break and served up a delicious subway Sunday lunch that was followed by ice cream sundaes. World famous Sting Ray City was next up and as we made our way around northwest point we could deal the weather gods were showing us favour, the seas were calm and we slipped into the north sound for a dive on the merry go round that is Sting Ray City. We then made our way out east to Babylon for some sheer wall and coral adorn pinnacle diving. Turtles and a free swimming moray eel were among the highlights and once all were back on board we pointed the boat east and got under way for Bloody Bay in Little Cayman.

Monday We awoke in Little Cayman after a very smooth crossing and the delights of Randys Gazebo just a giant stride away. The Grouper were out in force and as friendly as ever along with care free turtles and a curious nurse shark. The wall top was as lush as we had ever seen it and teeming with life as usual and we even had a grey reef shark give us a drive by. Kingsley served up an authentic Mexican lunch as we made just a short run to Bus Stop dive site for the afternoon and night dive. Sharks, turtles and more Grouper were the order of the afternoon along with an eagle ray and a cool sighting of a Goliath Grouper. The nightdive produced channel crab and lobster along with sleeping parrot fish and a delightful glimpse of a tiny octopus.

Tuesday  We again awoke to a stunning sunrise at Bloody Bay and while Kingsley served up eggs benedict and eggs Florentine we made the very short run to 3 Fathom Wall for 2 morning dives, we again had sharks and turtles along with eagle rays and a nurse shark. While Kingsley served up a truly delicious Italian lunch as we headed to Meadows for 2 afternoon dives. More sharks and turtles and even a goliath Grouper had us snapping lenses and rolling video. During dinner and with a flat calm sea we made our way across to Cayman Brac and the MV Keith Tibbetts shipwreck that was formerly a soviet era Koni class destroyer. Our night dive produced flamed scallops, moray eels, probably 1000 shrimp, a delightful juvenile spotted drum and a very well hidden scorpion fish.

Wednesday Our first 2 dives were on the Destroyer and with abundant light we could see just how much of a reef the wreck has become, the sponge life is prolific and varied in colour and the wreck photo ops just as abundant. We had camera friendly turtles and a fantastic drive from a good size eagle ray. After lunch it was back to Little Cayman for 2 dives at Lea Leas Lookout and a twilight dive at Meadows. Sharks, turtles, nurse shark, reef shark and of course countless truly friendly Grouper were the order of the afternoon.

Thursday This would be our final day of diving in Little Cayman and we made sure it got the most out of it by starting with a dawn dive at Nancys Cuppa Tea, sharks and sheer drop offs were the order of the dawn wake up call but the visibility looked like it might get a little green so we moved to Bus Stop for a 2 more morning dives with sharks and turtles and again we found that big ole goliath grouper. Next up and our final stop in Little Cayman was a couple of dives at the Great Wall and it truly was a great way to sign off Bloody Bay Wall. Freddie the resident Grouper was in a very playful mood and seemed to want his photo took with just about every diver that swam into his golden underwater garden.

Friday We awoke at the USS Kittiwake in Grand Cayman after a very smooth crossing back from Little Cayman. A dive on this once proud US Navy submarine rescue vessel was how we started our day and then off to Devils Grotto for our final dive. Ship wrecks & tarpon, sheer drop offs and cavern like swim thrus were the order of the morning. Sadly our week would now come to a close but it was a truly great week of diving and Aggressor adventure. At the cocktail party all talk was of were to go next, some folks were already booked on the New Roatan Aggressor and some were actively looking at all the other great Aggressor destinations trying to decide were next.

Until Next Week

Your Cayman Aggressor Crew