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Cayman Aggressor V :


Log Date: Saturday, Jun 03, 2017
Entry By: Cayman Aggressor Crew


Cayman Aggressor IV

Capts Log

June 3rd to 10th 2017

Guests Beth & Jeff, Jim, Andy, Ken, Maurice, Kayte, Joanne & John, D & Rona, Earlena, Garry, Mike, Jodie, Debbie, Jessie & Jody.

Crew Capt Niall, Engineer & Helmsman Manny, Master Chef Kingsley, Instructors Justin & Aubri, Steward Latoya.

Water Temp 81 to 83f

Air Temp 84 to 86f

Exposure Protection. 3mm wetsuit or Rash Guard & Board Shorts.

Saturday We had all guests on board by 4.15pm so we pushed off the dock in George Town and headed out to moor up at what would be our first dive the next day. All safety briefs and intros were so our happy group bedded down for the evening in readiness for a great week of Aggressor style diving to come.

Sunday Our Cayman Aggressor adventure began at the wreck of the Doc Poulson with 2 morning dives. The Doc Poulson offers lots of photo and video subject which was good because several of our eager group were keen photographers and videographers. A subway Sunday lunch was the lunch time fare as we made our way around to Sting Ray City for what is arguably the best 12ft dive in the world. We had a good number of Sting rays in pretty clear water and even a few Sting Ray hickies were sported by some lucky divers once back on board. Our final stop of the day was the wreck of the Oro Verde for a late afternoon and night dive on an aged old classic Cayman dive site.

Monday Our first stop was the USS Kittiwake for a couple of dives on this once proud US Navy submarine rescue vessel. We explored inside and out and even had a near by reef and drop to add to the ambience of the dive. We had turtles and a schooling jacks, sting ray and midnight parrot fish. Mexican theme was the lunch time fare as we moved the short ride to Governors Reef for a couple of afternoon and a nightdive. Nurse sharks and turtles were the highlights of the afternoon while lobster, crabs and a small octopus entertain for the dive at night.

Tuesday The weather gods decided to send us some hard south winds so the very best spot for us was Babylon on the north side of the east end. Sheer drop offs and coral adorned pinnacles were the order of the day with turtles, a moray eel and another nurse shark among some cool sightings. The night dive produced just about the biggest channel crab any of us had ever seen along with several lobster, a cute little puffer fish and quite a few sleeping parrot fish.

Wednesday We got under way early and made for White Stroke Canyon on the north wall of Grand Cayman. The drop off was as blue as blue could be and the wall top lush with coral growth. A large loggerhead turtle was a cool sighting along with several large dog snapper that were clearly hoping we were on a lionfish cull. Cheese burgers in paradise was the Kingsley treat to our happy group of divers as we made our way along the north wall to Hammerhead Hill. We had a very cool eagle ray encounter and a drive by from a curious turtle. Our night dive was a wonderment of nocturnal sea critters we had slipper lobster and spotted drum, a free swimming moray eel and a huge parrot fish and yet another octopus out feeding and hunting.

Thursday The weather gods still insisted sending us wind and swell but it did not deter our eager group as we headed off for 2 dives at Babylon and its sheer wall and coral adorned pinnacles. Kingsley served up a mouth watering Asian themed lunch as we cruised around to the west side of Grand Cayman and a dive at Angelfish Reef and then on to Lost Treasure for a mid afternoon and a twilight dive. Friendly and camera loving turtles were the order of the day and our happy guests settled down for a thanks giving dinner after 5 glorious dives.

Friday Our morning was spent at Devils Grotto and what a morning of diving it was, atmospheric swim thrus and schools of tarpon along with turtles and a nurse shark with the added delight of schools of silver sides packed in the Grotto. And so with heavy hearts our week of diving came to an end but plands were already afoot for the next Aggressor trip and Maldives Aggressor seems to be the favored Aggressor destination that this easy going and fun loving group will visit next.

Until Next Week

Cayman Aggressor IV Crew