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Cayman Aggressor V :


Log Date: Saturday, Jun 10, 2017
Entry By: Cayman Aggressor Crew


Cayman Aggressor IV

Capts Log

June 10rd to 17th 2017

Guests Donna & David, John & Ria, Sheila & Larry, Anita & Shawn, Steven & Kate, Kaley, Jerry, Sharon, Shibly & Lorna, Antonio and Jose

Crew Capt Alan, Instructor & Helmsman Manny, Master Chef Kingsley, Instructor Aubri, Engineer Rodel, Steward Latoya.

Water Temp 81 to 83f

Air Temp 84 to 86f

Exposure Protection. 3mm wetsuit or Rash Guard & Board Shorts.

Saturday With all our guests arriving early we slowly left the dock and headed to a site close to George Town for the night. Once our safety briefing was complete it was time for Chef Kingsley’s Famous BBQ Dinner, Our guests this week hail from Alabama, Colorado, Connecticut, Spain and United Kingdom, a pleasant start to an exciting week of diving.

Sunday We started our week at a site called Devil’s Grotto which is always a very popular dive, located close to town this site is what put Cayman Diving on the world Map, the Caves, Crevices and cracks make this site a top site for our photographers, Tarpon are here in abundance, as are Creol Wrass, chubs and snappers. During lunch we cruised up Seven Mile Beach to the Wreck of the USS Kittiwake. This is a scuba delight, purposely sank for divers, with reasonable depths and so many places to explore, the sand chutes close by also make this area a perfect place to explore, our guests returned extremely happy. At night this area comes alive with nocturnal creatures and the usual suspects were present as always, our resident Octopus showed up to delight our divers, after hot towels and hot chocolate it was time to call it a day.

Monday The engines roared to life promptly at 6:00am to begin our journey around to the North wall of Grand Cayman. Our first dive would be at Hammerhead Hill where we encountered many large Grouper, a Turtle, and a green Moray Eel- sadly there were no Hammerheads in the area but that didn’t bother our enthusiastic divers. When everyone was back onboard we made our way over to Stingray City- an iconic Cayman dive in 12ft of crystal clear water filled with some very friendly Southern Stingrays. After a mouth-watering Mexican lunch and quick siesta it was back in the water for two afternoon dives at Babylon before setting course to Bloody Bay Wall. Babylon thrilled our divers, some even exclaiming it was their favorite dive site ever, with Turtles, Eels, a Nurse Shark, Spotted Drum, Crabs, and Lobsters. After a hot shower and with a smooth crossing ahead everyone tucked into a 5 star meal prepared by Chef Kingsley followed by movie night in the salon- next stop Little Cayman!

Tuesday We woke up to a picture perfect sunrise over Bloody Bay. Our first site was Randy’s Gazebo, this lush reef and pristine wall impressed our divers, the Nassau groupers here are the main attraction, along with the schooling Snappers, Goat fish, Schoolmasters and Horse-Eyed Jacks. Next up was the Meadows, which is always a Favorite dive, and this week was no exception, our resident Grey Reef shark calmly cruised around the group for the entire dive, three different Turtles, two Eagles Rays, a Goliath Grouper and our usual schooling fish that all live here right under the yacht. Next up was a dinner cruise to over to Cayman Brac, to dive the MV Keith Tibbetts Wreck, Sank in 96 this dive is the main attraction on the Brac, at night it come alive with shrimps, crabs, Eels and several Octopus, All our divers returned with happy tales of the dive, all in all a world class day of diving.

Wednesday We arose to another gorgeous sunrise over Cayman Brac, our first dive of the day was the Tibbetts, the visibility this morning was spectacular, and this sunken gem has been here since 96 and is a photographer’s delight. The stern gun was looking mighty impressive as our divers toured the area; a hawksbill turtle was spotted munching on a sponge. Next up was Sara Set back on Bloody Bay. A Long Snout Sea Horse was spotted by our eagle eye Mr Shibly, a very impressive creature hiding at 20 ft depth in plain sight. Reef squid were seen in the shallows, along with several Nassau groupers. Next up was Bus Stop, one of our favorites. Out on the wall three large turtles were seen along with a large green Moray Eel, a Grouper that was harassing a squirrel fish and a plethora of sail fin blennies were spotted right under the yacht. During the dust dive our group was rewarded with more interactions with groupers, a large Eagle ray and a Reef shark cruising effortlessly along the wall. Dinner this evening was another delightful meal making this a world class day of Eating, Sleeping and Diving.

Thursday Nothing like a 6am dive to start your day out! Diving at Bus Stop we found several Eagle Rays feeding in the sand and another Eel hunting right under the boat. Next up was Three Fathom Wall, where we saw schooling fish, free swimming nurse sharks, and even some yellow headed jaw fish with eggs! After recharging the batteries with lunch and a nap we rang the bell for the final dive here at Little Cayman, The Great Wall. As soon as we splashed we were greeted by Freddy “the original friendly grouper”. True to his reputation, Freddy stuck around for a couple of photos and showed divers how good he was at chasing squirrel fish under rocks. But the day was not over just yet, we still had our Thanksgiving Feast and movie of the week. Just as we were about to watch our movie a different source of entertainment came upon us- a massive 30ft Sperm Whale breeched the surface and swam opposite to us. Everyone rushed outside as we swung the boat around to get a better look. No better farewell could have been had from such a great week of diving.

Friday Our morning was spent at Doc Poulson, back around the west side of Grand Cayman, this site is an old favorite, the wreck sits in 50 ft, and the wall slopes gently down to the abyss. A large Eagle ray was seen feeding in the sand along with a green turtle. The marine life here is spectacular, schooling wrass, chubs and Horse eye Jacks. After heading to the dock and spending time packing we were all ready for the Captain’s Cocktail Party. Big congratulations to all of our new Advance Diver Shawn and to our new Nitrox divers- Shawn, Anita, Antonio, Steve, and Kate.

Until Next Week

Cayman Aggressor IV Crew