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Okeanos Aggressor II :


Log Date: Saturday, Jun 03, 2017
Entry By: Okeanos Aggressor II crew


This week our guest came from Australia, Germany, United States, Canada, Luxenberg, UK, France, Hungary and Argentina. The crossing took approximately 34 hours.


6/5/2017: First day we had our check out dive at Chatham Bay, there we found our first hammerhead, it looked like he was waiting for us.

The next two dives were in Manuelita Island. There, we found numerous hammerheads, tiger sharks, marble rays, eagle rays, a giant tuna and some moderate current.


6/6/2017: We visited Dirty Rock, Punta Maria and Manuelita Bay. Punta Bay was spectacular for large Galapagos sharks, hammerheads, eagle rays, marble rays, large eels, octopus, and white tips everywhere.


3 night dives during the week were in Manuelita Gardens, for those who love an adrenaline rush, keep a fast pace with the brightest lights, attracting 60-70 sharks, on a tremulous feeding frenzy, keeping some distance so that diver were not caught in the washing machine of sharks.


6/7/2017: Alcyone never disappoints! Hammerheads gracefully gliding by, white tips everywhere with some napping on the bottom sand, octopus and large moray eel swimming freely along the rocks. As we’re swimming along, coming right towards us is a 25-foot whale shark.


6/8/2017: Dirty Rock, Punta Maria and Manuelita Gardens. At Dirty Rock, we came upon more hammerheads, with a safety stop at a large spiraling school of horse eye jacks. Manuelita Gardens brought us two large frog fish, and a box fish posing perfectly for their photos. Them swimming right towards us from the deep blue, a 35 foot whale shark, circling around the divers, giving everyone in the group the perfect photo op.


6/9/2017: Off to Manuelita Channel where 2 tiger sharks joined us for a leisurely swim, what was most impressive, was the school of hammerheads in the background, for those fortunate photographers.


6/10/2017: Back to our favorite Alcyone. Here we saw a frenzied female chased and battered by 13 males, it went on for our entire dive, as we followed to watch the female being chased by the pact of crazed males. Watching the spectacular mating chase, we barely noticed the schooling hammerheads in the background.


6/11/2017: The last day we visited once again Dirty Rock, Punta Maria, Manuelita Channels.   At Dirty Rock we watched schooling hammerheads, and a flight of 5 large marble rays in formation gliding over us. Punta Maria had challenging currents, whipping through the rocks, with hammerheads to the right, left and above us, with a large Galapagos greeting us to say good bye. A wonderful trip with, happy divers full of lifelong memories! Safe diving to all of you, until we see you again in Isla Del Coco.