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Bahamas Aggressor :


Log Date: Saturday, Jun 03, 2017
Entry By: Bahamas Aggressor crew


Bahamas Aggressor Captains Log – 3rd to 10th June, 2017


Air Temp. 77-84+ F

Water Temp. 77-79 F

Visibility 10- 80ft




Captain David Patterson

Engineer James McKenzie

Chef Marco Maroni

2nd Captain Matt Rutledge

Instructor Alexandra Quint

Instructor Gabi Ruben




Dennis, Ollie, Jeff, Kate, Becki, Maggie & Bill, Tim, Colin, Steve & Ginny


Saturday 3rd June 2017


The Bahamas Aggressor crew welcomed 11 guests on board for a week filled with snorkelling with dolphins plus scuba diving in the waters of Grand Bahamas and Bimini. Whale man “Jeff Pantukhoff” is back on board again to lead a team of dolphin aquatic explorers. The crew warmly greeted our returning guests plus new faces.

After refreshments, the guests were shown to their cabins. A safety briefing from Captain Dave preceded the evening’s dinner. After dinner Jeff “The Whale man” provided a brief plan of the dolphin watching activity to take place throughout the week. The Bahamas Aggressor remained in Old Bahama Bay Marina overnight.




Sunday 4th June 2017


Guests enjoyed breakfast and then the Aggressor left the marina heading north in search of Bottlenose dolphins.

A small group of dolphins were found within an hour, which started bow riding and playing around the vessel.

The Aggressor headed to the ‘Sugar wreck’ site. Snorkelers enjoyed swimming over the wreck and found hundreds of schooling fish including creole wrasse, snapper plus many porcupine fish and angelfish.

Some guests enjoyed scuba diving around the wreck, Congratulations to Kate on completing her first scuba dive.

After the dive, the Aggressor headed north and found a pod of bottlenose dolphins, crater feeding, south of barracuda shoals.

All guests entered the water on several occasions to swim close with the pod of up to 14 dolphins, including young calves. The guests took many underwater photos of the dolphins.

Lunch was served on board after the dive and whilst underway. Two further encounters with bottlenose dolphins occurred in the afternoon within the crater vicinity. Bahamas Aggressor headed to mini wall dive site. Snorkelers enjoyed swimming with lemon and reef sharks plus a nurse shark. Scuba divers were able to take both video and photos of many sharks underwater, at close range. After the dive, and with calm sea conditions, the Aggressor headed to Dry Bar Anchorage and stayed there overnight.


Monday June 5th, 2017


Guests awoke with clear skies and calm seas. After breakfast, the Aggressor headed northwest in search of dolphins. A bottle nosed dolphin pod was located again crater feeding. The guests again enjoyed numerous interactions in the water with the pod of 9 bottlenose dolphins that approached very close to the snorkelers. After a full morning of snorkelling with these dolphins, the Aggressor headed to shark paradise dive site. Lunch was served on board, while at the mooring site. After lunch, guests enjoyed both snorkelling and diving at this site, which had numerous resident reef and lemon sharks. Snorkelers swam with these graceful sharks plus enjoyed finding other aquatic life, which included parrotfish, angelfish and moray eels.

After a full day of snorkelling and diving with bottlenose dolphin’s, the Aggressor heading south to Bimini Island.


Tuesday June 6th, 2017


Aggressor arrived, in the early hours, at a sheltered anchorage situated north of Bimini’s northern island.

After breakfast, the Aggressor headed to waters of the Isaac islands in search of spotted dolphins.

In the morning, several hours were spent with a pod of spotted dolphins. At several times throughout the morning, snorkelers entered the water and were approached by several spotted dolphins. Also spotted dolphins were spotted bow riding the vessel plus jumping out of the sea close by.

At midday, the Aggressor headed to the Hesperus shipwreck dive site. Both divers and snorkelers dived at this site. Many eels and stingrays were spotted. Lunch was enjoyed while moored at this site.

In the afternoon, the Aggressor again headed to search for spotted dolphins. A small pod was located and approached us to bow ride and also leap out of the sea to investigate us. On two occasions throughout the afternoon, small groups of snorkelers entered the water to swim with these dolphins. Snorkelers also saw a shark.

After another dolphin packed day, the Aggressor headed back to the sheltered anchorage where the day’s adventure had begun.


Wednesday June 7th

Guests awoke with a pair of bottlenose dolphins circling the vessel. During the morning, there were a couple of interactions between snorkelers and dolphins. Guests enjoyed watching the pod catch mackerel and share the prize between the pod. Guests enjoyed snorkelling and scuba diving at ‘Road to Bimini’ shipwreck. Lunch was enjoyed while at this dive site and then it was back again to search for spotted dolphins. In the afternoon on two occasions, snorkelers entered the water to swim close with up to 6 spotted dolphins. In the late afternoon, Aggressor headed to its sheltered anchorage position on the north of Bimini Island.


Thursday 8th June

With growing wind speeds, the Aggressor headed to South Bimini and crew said farewell to Steve & Ginny who departed for the airport.

The Aggressor faced stronger winds and the day was spent back in the sheltered marina on the very southern tip of North Bimini Island. Guests explored the local area and its markets, bars and restaurants.

A welcomed overnight stay at the marina, sheltered from the elements.


Friday 9th June 17

Guests awoke with the Aggressor already heading northwards. Calmer seas assisted the search for dolphins. A final goodbye swim was made with a pair of dolphins.

Later in the morning, the Aggressor headed back northwards to Old Bahama Bay Marina in the West End. An early afternoon arrival into the marina. Whaleman Jeff presented an underwater film extravaganza of all the dolphin encounters underwater with the guests/ there was also a slideshow of the weeks underwater photography compiled by Guest – Ollie Milsom.

The sun shone brightly and no wind in the air, as guests enjoyed an evening of wine and refreshments with the crew on the sundeck.


The crew thank everyone for joining us on the Bahamas Aggressor.


Bahamas Aggressor Crew