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Log Date: Sunday, Jun 04, 2017
Entry By: Rock Islands Aggressor Crew


Sunday afternoon we welcomed aboard 12 guests from around the world. We started with a quick introduction to the staterooms then continued on to the dive deck and had everyone set up their dive gear. Once everyone was checked in, we headed up stairs to cover the vessel orientation & safety briefing. Afterwards we sat down to dinner prepared by our chef then went to bed for the next day of diving!


   On the first day of the charter around five in the morning, we started moving the big boat towards Ulong Island. After breakfast everyone gathered around the TV in the salon for the general dive briefing then handed out the lifelines. As soon as the briefing was done we went downstairs analyzed our tanks and started loading up the gear into the skiff. Sandy Paradise was our first dive of the week, we started from the mooring and descended down the slopping coral garden until we reached the area where coral garden meets the sand at 80 feet. At the big rock that has been used as a cleaning station for mantas, we gathered around and stayed for a few minutes but nothing came in to be cleaned. We continued swimming along the edge and stopped at a rock outcropping where there are two beautiful anemones and also some friendly cleaner wrasses that tires to clean the hands of the guests. Further down the reef we stopped and found the leaf scorpion fish and mantis shrimp then for the rest of the dive we saw schools of fish and sharks sleeping on the sand. After a briefing on how to use reef hooks, our second dive was at Siaes Corner, we tied the skiff off at the mooring, descended along the wall and drifted. The current was okay at first but it started to pick up then became strong so we decided not to hook in and just drifted along then ended our dive. Back in the big boat we had our buffet lunch and went on to a third dive at Ulong Channel. It was an outgoing tide so we decided to start the dive from inside going out to the mouth of the channel just before the giant clams. We spotted different species of Nudibranchs, flatworms, sea slugs, anemone, and the big stacks of lettuce corals with plenty or squirrel fishes hanging around it. Our next dive was at Ulong Coral Garden where we saw a giant clam again and the schooling jacks swimming around the shallow area. After the dive we went back to the big boat then had our delicious dinner and called it a day.



The next day was a bit special because it is four days before the full moon and there was a potential for us to see the red snappers spawning. After breakfast we headed on to the dive site called Shark City where the spawning is suppose to happen and without any disappointment we saw thousands of them all together and we just swim along spending all of our bottom time watching them. It was followed by a dive at Siaes Tunnel, we dropped down by the mooring line and descended into the wall at 90 ft. deep then went into the entrance of the tunnel. Everybody explored inside with their flashlights and saw the black and white butterfly fish then on the sandy bottom at the exit there was a small peacock flounder, flatworms and the big sea fan. After our sushi lunch we did our third dive of the day at Big Drop-Off and saw baby white tip sharks inside a small cave then the ball and chain remains by the Germans before WWII that they used to block other ships from crossing when they were mining in one of the islands nearby. Next stop was at Turtle Cove, beautiful wall covered with colorful soft corals, macro species, schooling fusiliers, jacks, snappers, and sharks swimming along as we drifted. As we got out from the dive the boat started moving towards Turtle Cove then after dinner we did our first night dive of the week at German Coral Garden. We explored the sloping coral garden seeing the hard coral formations with different fishes tucked in while they were sleeping. Some of the divers also saw an octopus and a leopard shark.


Wednesday was an action pack of diving! We did our first dive at the famous Blue Corner on the incoming side. It was a bit choppy at the surface but as we dropped down to the wall the current was just mild and we drifted along with it until we got to the hook in area. There were plenty of sharks out in the blue, after a few moments we unhooked and explored the rest of the plateau where we saw more sharks, the Palette Surgeon Fish, Nudibranchs and big friendly Napoleon Wrasses. It was followed by a dive at Blue Holes, swells were breaking above the holes so we decided not to drop down on top of it, instead we descended down the wall and entered the small window about 50 ft. deep. Inside the cavern the divers spend almost 30 minutes just exploring around and seeing the disco clam and other macro species. Outside the cavern we spotted a feathertail ray swimming pass just below the divers and we continued drifting along the wall until it was time to end the dive. After a delicious lunch we went diving at Ngedebus Corner and saw the wall covered with big sea fans, reef fishes and sharks. Fourth dive was at another great dive site called German Channel where the cleaning stations for the mantas are. We started at the Koror side of the channel and spent few minutes of our bottom time at both cleaning stations but didn’t have luck in seeing the mantas. This didn’t stop us from having a wonderful dive by drifting into the natural part of the channel and seeing the beautiful formation of hard corals and marine life. At night after another delicious dinner we went on a night dive at Turtle Cove. The wall was amazing as it transformed into bright yellow and orange because of the cup corals feeding.


The following day the guests woke up as the boat was moving towards Peleliu Island. As soon as the boat was safely tied up to the dock inside the lagoon of Camp Beck, the divers went on a dive at Peleliu Corner on the outgoing side. We dropped down and drifted along with the strong current until we reached the hook in area. For almost 2 minutes of hook in we decided to unhook right away and just let current push us to the other side of the plateau and ended our dive. After the first dive the guests were divided into three groups, some went on a guided land tour in Peleliu Island where one of the bloodiest battles in the pacific occurred. The others went back to dive again at Peleliu Corner but this time with only mild current so they were able to explore the plateau and got to see plenty of reef fishes hanging around. The remaining guests stayed on board and relaxed while waiting for the others to come back. At lunch time everybody got back together on boat for lunch. It was followed by a dive was at Orange Beach which is just outside the lagoon and the area where the First Marine Division landed during the WWII. We drifted with the current and explored the reef seeing plenty of scattered bullets and a landing craft. The current started to pick up and pushed us farther away and we eventually ended our dive at West Wall which gives us two dive sites in one! As we were back on board the captain started the engines and we left the island heading to back to Turtle Cove. Next dive site was Barracks Point where we spotted a sexy and popcorn shrimp then at night after dinner we had a night dive at Big Drop-Off where the guests saw a lobster and the baby white tip sharks.


Next morning the weather was getting better and the divers were excited to go back to Blue Corner for the second time. After a hearty breakfast we headed on to the dive and the current was mild. As we were approaching the hook-in area there was a great barracuda about 6 ft. long swimming towards us. The divers spent few minutes just watching it and headed on to the edge of the plateau to get hooked in. The friendly Napoleon Wrasse was hanging around and there were also plenty of action going on out in blue. There were sharks, schooling Jacks, Snappers and Trevally as well. Dexter’s Wall was the second dive of the day and one of the guests immediately saw Leopard Shark just chilling at the sandy area of the sloping wall. It was about 130 ft. deep so as soon as everybody had a good look and took photos we continued drifting and explored the rest of the wall. The weather was still looking good and our next stop was New-Drop Off, the current was a bit strong but everybody enjoyed it and was able to explore the plateau. Fourth dive was another attempt to see the Mantas at German Channel but still didn’t see any. It was still a good dive seeing a cuttle fish as we were approaching the cleaning station and there were plenty of sharks as well. As soon as we were on board the engines roared to life again and it was time to head to back to Koror. On the way there we had our buffet dinner then watched a movie put together by our video pro about the whole trip.



On Saturday which is the last day of diving, the guests woke up to a view back in the Malakal Harbor. After breakfast we headed on to a wreck dive called Iro Maru. It is one of the Japanese warships that sank during the WWII and is now a host of different marine species and corals. We descended down the mooring line and approached the bow of the ship then continued swimming along on right on top of the deck. There was a pipe fish, cuttle fish and the highlight of the dive was the three kin posts that have Tomato Anemone Fishes and giant clams. Then the last dive of the week was at Chandelier Cave where everybody explored the air chambers inside the cave looking at the rock formations. The remaining bottom time of the divers was spent at the coral garden outside the cave looking for the mandarin fish, cuttle fish, razor fishes, and sea snakes. As soon as we got back to the big boat the crew helped the guests break down their gears have them washed and hang nicely to dry. Afterwards everybody gathered back in the salon to have a delicious lunch then it was time to settle the bills. When everybody was cleared the guests had the rest of the afternoon for themselves. Some went to shore to explore a little bit on the island while the others just stayed on board packing their things and relaxed. At 6 p.m. everybody gathered in the salon once more and had a cocktail party with the crew while a slideshow was playing on the big screen of all the photos taken by our Photo Pro during the entire week. Everyone talked about how great the trip was with all the great experiences and creatures that we saw during the dives. After the party it was time for dinner off the boat with the guests’ restaurant of their choice. At night some of the guests left the boat for the flight back home or headed on to a continuation of their travelling.


Sunday morning the rest of the guests woke up to continental breakfast and just before 8am we loaded up the skiff with luggage, said our final goodbyes and skiffed the guests ashore to transfer them to their hotels for a least an extra day in Palau. We would like to thank everyone for joining us this week and hope to see you all again soon.


         -Rock Islands Aggressor Crew