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Okeanos Aggressor :


Log Date: Tuesday, Jun 13, 2017
Entry By: Captain Beto


Okeanos Aggressor 1 Trip Report

(Photos by Alberto Muñoz)


Average Water Temperature 80 F (26 Celsius)

Average Air temperature 82 F (27 Celsius)
Average Visibility 85 ft-25 mts
Wetsuits: 5mil, maybe more if you get cold easily.
Crew this week: Capt. Beto, Chefs Douglas and Erick, Engineer Luis, Steward Osayuki, Boat drivers and Divemasters Lito Xavier and Anibal


We left port early this time, the first part of the crossing was good but after half of it became a bit rough, but once on the island and after our first dive the we all got in the mood so we went for the second dive and the magic of Coco’s island started to show, we went down and the hammerheads were there already, we didn’t have to kick to find them they were just there getting clean, so after a little while we move towards the shallower side of Manuelita as we finned our way around the rock there was this tiger shark coming straight to the us we just had to stop and stay put on the reef and let it get close, this action, adrenaline sight got us all excited and ready for more, so as the tiger swim away this other bigger tiger came in going on the same direction the first one went, imagine our eyes going as big as oranges and of course our pounding hearts, no being enough a group of seven eagle rays went by, so back on the boat we were so happy and wanting to tell the other group what we just have got in our dive, turned out they were having a whale shark in their dive they were also very excited an celebrating, all of this happened in what I think is the best dive site of Coco’s island MANUELITA.

Next days we went around coco, trying to find the best spots, and all of them had action, lots of hammerheads and loads of fish, the Marble rays came up to shallower water as we had this cold currents stirring up the bottom so the rays were just getting away from the cold.

We had this one dive in Punta Maria and also Dos Amigos small where we saw lots of Galapagos sharks and sometime they came close for the picture.

The weather conditions this week were amazing lots of sunshine and the ocean was not really moving meaning the currents were not there. Some people were happy as they didn’t want to deal with the current, we also had this one dive in the shallow side of Manuelita where we found a couple of frog fish and they were in a perfect position for the picture.

Several times we saw the tiger and this one day we were just waiting for the hammers to come in and as I told my guest we were gonna move a squadron of at least 14 mobula rays went by very close to the surface and moving fast, too fast for a picture L. So we went for our safety stop and after few minutes and just before I signal my guest that I was gonna come up a huge tiger shark came by moving slow and just below our fins and believe it or not this was Manuelita again.

The night dives were loaded with white tip sharks hunting, they won’t stop chasing the fish until they get one few times we saw them getting their pray, most time they go in a feeding frenzy stalking, chasing and getting the fish they go after.

The week went on too fast and the dive was good from starting to end, including the very last dive of the week where some of the guest saw the whale shark before they had to say good bye Coco.

Stay tune for more

Thanks to all of our guests Marc, Ken, Klaus, Gregory, Kristian, Jesse, Juan, Michael, Marie, Andrew, Francois, Daniele and Donata, Daniel and Kelly, Sally, Cortney, Derek an Adrie, Marco and Cathrin For a great week of diving.

Cap. Beto,