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Cayman Aggressor V :


Log Date: Saturday, Jun 17, 2017
Entry By: Cayman Aggressor Crew


Capts Log

Cayman Aggressor IV

June 17th to 24th 2017

Guests   Jim & Debbie, Rex & Pat, Jeff, Dale, Elaine & Brian, Lori, Jackie, John & Regina, Jeanette & Rick, Zach, Jeff, Laurel, Candice.

Crew Capt Niall, Engineer Rodel, Chef Kingsley, Helmsman & Instructor Manny, Instructor Justin, 2nd Engineer & Steward Oniel

Water Temp 80f

Air Temp 82f

Exposure Protection   3mm or Rash Guard & Board Shorts.

Saturday We had all our guests on board by 3pm so we pushed off the dock and took up a mooring. The weather gods were not being kind to us which was made evident with the low lying dark clouds and sideways rain. Looking at the weather forecast it was clear that Babylon would offer the best protection from the coming winds, so we left our mooring and headed round northwest point and down east to Babylon.

Sunday The weather report was pretty accurate as we awoke to whipping winds and white caps but tucked on close at Babylon we were protected and would have one of the best dive sites in Grand Cayman all to ourselves. Free swimming eels, turtles, barracuda and spotted drum were the order of the day. The winds and rain kept coming but it did nothing to spoil the spirit of our happy gang, we dived and ate, napped and dived again and all agreed it was a real easy way to spend a Sunday. Chef Kingsley finished off the day with a delightful steamed red snapper dinner that made for the perfect finish to the proceedings.

Monday We venture up to the north wall and found White Stroke Canyon with enough protection from the heavy winds to let us splash in for a couple of dives. We again had loggerhead turtles and a spotted eagle ray. The wall top here is lush and colorful and we found gardens of jawfish and a good size school of horse jacks. By lunch time the winds were coming strong again so we headed back to the protection of Babylon for 2 afternoon dives and a night dive. Nurse sharks and lionfish with schooling jacks and trunk fish we the order of the afternoon but the night dive stole the show with Octopus and slipper lobsters, squid and speckled moray eels.

Tuesday We awoke at Babylon to exactly what the weather folks had predicted, low lying clouds and whipping winds but the every cloud has a silver lining and ours was the fact that Babylon offered the best protection and a genuinely 1st class dive site for us to explore. We spent the entire day navigating coral adorn pinnacles, sheer drop offs and lush wall tops. We had loggerhead turtles, schooling jacks, a busy school of blue chromis, huge channel crab, delightful juvenile spotted drum, several trumpet fish and lots of barracuda.

Wednesday The weather gods sent notice that wind would abate so we got moving early to see if the gods were true to their word. We cruised all the down to Devils Grotto for some dives in cool swim thrus with tarpon and literally thousands of silversides. We get these silversides in the Grottos for only 2 to 3 weeks in the year and it makes for such at atmospheric dive. The Grotto seemed to be breathing and pulsating as we drifted thru and to cap the dive we found a school of squid right by the mooring line. Next stop was Governors Reef for a late in the day and night dive for a lazy shallow dive with lobster and turtles and a night dive that produced lobster, moray eels, channel crab and five Octopus !!!

Thursday The weather gods today showed much more favour and we set our sights on the USS Kittiwake for a couple of morning dives. The visibility had to be in the 100ft range and the wreck just looked glorious this morning. There was a school of jacks that seemed to be patrolling this sunken treasure and to add to the delight we had a huge loggerhead turtle that did a drive by. Asian themed lunch was the culinary delights coming from the galley as we made our way to Lost Treasure for a single afternoon dive and then on to the wreck of the Oro Verde for another afternoon dive and then a twilight dive. Nurse sharks, turtles, lobster, peacock flounder and several spotted drum were the order of the dives and all came back hungry for the traditional Thursday Aggressor Thanks giving dinner.

Friday The wind had by now died off but the rains kept coming. We headed for the Wreck of the Doc Poulson for our final 2 dives of the week. This little wreck is covered in corals and sits nearby a very cool swim that leads out over the blue. Sadly this brought our week to a close. The weather gods did not show us favour but that did not stop our funny loving gang of divers from having a good time. Special mention goes to Brian, Elaine and Laurel for completing their nitrox courses and also to Jackie for becoming a 7 seas diver, to Candice also for completing her 2500 logged dive and last but not least to John whom spend his 23rd week on different Aggressors around the world.

Until Next Week

Your Cayman Aggressor Crew.