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Log Date: Saturday, Jun 17, 2017
Entry By: Roatan Aggressor Crew


*Roatan Aggressor  Captains log 17-24th June 2017

*Air Temp.  82-89 F
*Water Temp. 81-84 F
* Visibility 70-100ft
* Wetsuit req. 3mm full or shortie

Captain Eddie Anderson
Director Jonathan
Master Chef Ricardo
Instructor Matt
Instructor Gerardo
Steward Franklin
Stewardess Jana
Engineer John B


Sunday – Pirate’s Point, Mr. Bud’s Wreck
Monday – Cayos Cochins Sea Mounts, Toon Town
Tuesday – Utila Sea Mount, Seahorse Reef, Jack Neals Reef
Wednesday – Cara A Cara, Mary’s Place, Eel Garden
Thursday – El Aguila, Helf Moon Wall, Black Rock
Friday – Cara A Cara, Mr. Bud’s Wreck

Saturday June 17th
  As the flights touched town for our new guests, our impeccable crew put out the finishing touches and prepared for another phenomenal week of diving.  With the wind changing this week, we had the opportunity to explore all that the Bay Islands have to offer, diving Roatan, Cayos Cochinos, and Utila.  

Sunday  June 18th
  With the sunrise splashing oranges and purples across the sky, we set sail to the South side of the island, to a dive site called Pirate’s Point.  We began the day with an absolutely stunning dive along this beautiful wall, spotting turtles, juvenile spotted drums, and southern sting rays.  At the end of the dive, we had the luck of finding a yellow-headed jawfish with so many eggs in his mouth that he couldn’t close it!  As we stared intently, watching him pop in and out of his hole, a caribbean reef octopus crawled right past us on an early morning hunt…what a way to start the trip!!!  We then headed a short distance to a phenomenal macro wreck, Mr. Buds.  Here, the entire afternoon was spent watching 3 different jawfish with eggs, a small coral head completely covered with squat lobsters, damsel fish guarding eggs, and too many mantis shrimp to count!  
Monday June 19th
  With the smell of Chef Ricardo’s bacon wafting from nose to nose, we made our way South to the Cayos Cochinos sea mounts.   This untouched reef is bountiful with life, and a rainbow of colors guided us on two drift dives.  These large pinnacles explode from the oceans floor, connected by a bridge where a gargantuan Nassau grouper permanently resides.  After two magnificent dives, we made our was into a cove suitable for a postcard, where we spent the rest of our afternoon on a plentiful site called Toon Town.  This site is known for its abundance of tunicates, which cover this sloping wall from head to toe.  Throughout this field of toonies, there are spotted drums, fairy basslets, lobsters, and golden tail morays as far as the eye can see!  

Tuesday June 20th
  The morning sunrise gave us a crystal clear view to Utila, so we dropped the mooring and headed that way.  Our first dive was at the Utila seamount called Black Hills.  This large pinnacle offers an army of lobsters, channel clinging crabs, and tiger groupers.  We then drifted along Seahorse Reef, where we had a splendid dive that would rival any lazy river.  Our next stop was Jack Neals, a shallow reef known for its vivid colors and active life.  We had several dragonets, file fish, and an assortment of crabs join us for this tour.  With the winds changing, we enjoyed another amazing dinner by Chef Ricardo with some local wine as we headed back to Roatan for the next day.

Wednesday June 21th
  After a peaceful night sleep, the engines roared to life at 6am and we made our to our site where Caribbean Reef sharks are regularly spotted.  With the sun making its way high into the sky, we jumped off the boat, and immediately spotted a Scalloped Hammerhead slowly cruising the wall for some early morning exercise!  The slow moving body cruised over us, with the sun creating the perfect backdrop to see the hammer-shaped head, and then off into the distance he went.  The excitement did not end there, as we realized that in the awe of the hammer, we had been reluctant in noticing that we were now surrounded by too many reef sharks to count!  After this exhilarating experience, we headed to our world famous site, Mary’s Place.  Every swim through here was filled with squat anemone shrimp, scorpion fish, squid, and sail fin blennies.  We even had a large marlin sunning itself on the surface!  After a fantastic burger bar-b-qua on the sun deck, we made our way to West Bay and a site called Eel Garden.  

Thursday  June 22th
  We arose to another majestic sunrise over West Bay beach, and made our way around the corner to our favorite wreck, El Aguila.  This incredible structure has had decades for marine life to attach itself, and all of the little creatures were out in full force this morning.  There was a fat green moray free swimming around the bottom of the wreck, looking for an easy meal, and as we made out way to the mast, it was macro heaven.  Secretary bennies surrounded the base, and as we spiraled upwards, we found 5 different neck crabs, slender file fish, and several  bearded fire worms.   After two dives here, we headed back west towards a new drift site for us, which covered the entire half-moon bay wall. This proved to be a for sure repeat dive for us, as we had a grazing turtle allowing us to watch peacefully as we glided down this extremely healthy reef.  The rest of our day and night were spent at Black Rock, where our highlight was two octopi mating for several minutes!  What an amazing way to finish the day!

Friday June 23th
  Sadly, our last day of diving has come.  Due to extreme popular demand, we returned to Cara A Cara for another face to face encounter with the reef sharks.  After a brilliant dive, we worked towards Mr. Bud’s wreck, for one last chance for a macro adventure.  With the sun high and the skies clear, we had perfect light for photos and video of the peterson cleaning shrimp, squat lobsters, arrow crabs, and cryptic teardrop crabs.  We returned to Romeos restaurant for an afternoon of gear washing and packing, followed by our rum punch celebration.  We had an amazing week full of splendid guests, and incredible marine creatures, both large and small.  A big congratulation to Julie, who became a photo pro throughout the week!  We also had a great week of iron divers, with Julie, Don, Greg, Janette, Lori, Nancy, Robby, and Suzanne all completing every dive!

Saturday June 24th
  As we say our heartfelt farewells, every guest and crew looks forward to our next meeting together on the Roatan Aggressor.  The excitement about the unforgettable week of diving with one another exudes a feeling that will not be soon forgotten by any of us.  The diving here is always amazing, but sharing it with the guests we had is what makes this job worth while.

   Until next time, the Roatan Aggressor crew..