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Cayman Aggressor V :


Log Date: Saturday, May 13, 2017
Entry By: Cayman Aggressor Crew


Cayman Aggressor IV

Capts Log

May 13th to 20th 2017

Guests Cathy, Kent & Kathy, Grant & Danielle, Taky, Kaiko, Toshi, Masafumi, Osamu, Marc & Nikki, Rob, Steve, Rie, Masumi, Aki, Shohei.

Crew Capt Niall, 1st & Chef Alan, Instructor & helmsman Manny, Engineer Oneil, Instructor & Photo/Video Pro Aubri, Steward Latoya.

Water Temp 81f   Air Temp 85f

Exposure Protection, Rash guard & board shorts of 3mm wetsuit.

Saturday All guests were safely on board by 5pm so we pushed off the dock and took up a mooring and with all intro & safety brief done our eager guests settled down for a good nights sleep.

Sunday Our first stop of the week was the ship reef Doc Poulson for just one dive and it was a great way to start the week, we had turtles and an eagle ray along with schooling jacks and all with this coral adorned little wreck as the centre piece. Next stop was Sting Ray City as we moved around to the North of Grand Cayman in readiness for our crossing to Little Cayman. We had several Rays that did the now famous Sting Ray dance and made for what is arguably the best 12 ft dive in the world. On we moved as Chef and 1st mate Alan served up a delicious subway Sunday lunch followed by almost sinful ice cream sundaes. Babylon out on the east end of Grand Cayman was our next stop and we were delighted to encounter a huge loggerhead turtle. All items were stowed and the ship made tight as we put the bow on 067 degrees and made Bloody Bay in Little Cayman our intended destination.

Monday We awoke in Little Cayman to dark rolling skies and whipping winds but our dives at Randys Gazebo and Meadows were easily worth the bump and sway of the sea to get across the stretch of open ocean from Grand Cayman. We had turtles and friendly Grouper, nurse sharks & reef sharks all with the back ground of a deep rich blue drop off and golden coral garden on the wall top. Sadly the weather gods were intent on sending us some high winds from the north east so our best plan when rough weather is coming is to get out of its path and so with heavy hearts we waved goodbye to Bloody Bay.

Tuesday We awoke at Grand Cayman after a rolling following sea and Round Rock and Trinity Caves our first dive stop. More turtles and eagle rays along with atmospheric swim thrus and cavernous over hangs. Alan served up an Italian lunch that would make any Italian gran mother nod in appreciation. Lost Treasure offered up turtles and another nurse shark along with a short swim to Spanish Anchor dive site to see an age old Spanish galleon anchor buried in the reef. Next up was Governors Reef and as soon as we jumped in a small turtle swam right thru the group with not a care in the world. We had several lobster and a huge channel crab along with a moray eel and a snapper that swam so close and for so long he must have thought we were hunting lionfish. Find of the week was a very cool and defensive octopus that we saw in exactly the same spot last week.

Wednesday An early morning run to the USS Kittiwake saw us have this magnificent shipwreck all to ourselves and when we wanted it we had a dynamic drop just near by. We had eagle rays and turtles on the reef and all kinds of wreck penetration for those that like that kind of thing. Alan served up cheeseburgers in paradise for lunch as we made the short hop to the Oro verde shipwreck and nearby reef for the afternoon and night dive. Squid, turtles and eagle rays were the order of the day.

Thursday We made an early morning run for Big Tunnels up on Northwest point for a dive among the cool swim thrus and over hangs that this site offers. A large loggerhead turtle was the highlight of the morning and as Alan served up a scrumpicous Asian style lunch we made our way to Angelfish reef. We had nurse sharks, turtles, moray eel and the cutest juvenile spotted drum any of us had ever seen, we also saw enough lobsters to feed an army of hunger divers.

Friday Our final morning of diving began at Neptunes Drop Off for a single dive on this coral adorned wall. Yet another eagle ray presented itself as we cruised the wall top and then up on to the shallower part of the reef for the remainder of the dive. A snack of chocolate chip brownies kept us fed as we made the short journey to Devils Grotto for our final dive. Atmospheric swim thrus and schools of tarpon were the order of the dive. Sadly our diving adventure came to an end and we had to say goodbye to a fun and easy going group of divers.

Special mention goes to Kathy & Kent whom completed their nitrox course on board with us this and to Aki and the Sawsadee dive group all the way from Japan, hopefully we will see many more divers from that part of the world come here to Cayman to dive with us.

Until Next Week

Your Cayman Aggressor Crew.