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Cayman Aggressor V :


Log Date: Saturday, Jul 01, 2017
Entry By: Cayman Aggressor Crew


Capts Log

Cayman Aggressor IV

July 1st to 8th 2017

Guests   Dean & Penny, Paul & Brendan, Rosette, kirstie, Jack & Alexis, Phil & Lin, Sammy, Wade & Phyllis, Alexandra, Stuart, kevin.

Crew Capt Niall, Engineer Rodel, MasterChef Kingsley, Helmsman & Instructor Manny, Instructors Justin & Aubri.

Water Temp 82f   Air temp 86f

Exposure protection   Rash Guard & Board shorts.

Saturday We had guests arriving from all over the US and further afield and by 8pm we finally had guests aboard. So with safety & welcome briefs done all aboard settled down for some well needed rest after a days travel and in prep for the great week of diving to come.

Sunday We got under way at about 6am and first stop was the USS Kittiwake for a couple of morning dives. The visibility was what we would consider good at about 90ft and it was definitely a great way to start our week. The wreck sits right alongside a very cool drop with weaving swim thrus. After a fabulous subway Sunday lunch we found ourselves at Governors Reef for an easy, lazy dive on coral encrusted fingers of reef, we had turtles and an eagle ray to entertain us. Next stop was the wreck of the Oro verde for a dive and what a dive it was, we had very cool spotted drum doing that ribbon like dance they do and then a free swimming moray eel along with a turtle that was hunkered down on a piece of the wreckage clearly enjoying scratching an itch and cared nothing as we crept close for photos.

Monday And we were on the move today, first we stopped at the “ShipReef” Doc Poulson for a single dive on a coral adorned wreck and nearby drop off and then it was off to world famous Sting Ray City for a dive with several stars of that 12ft show. On out we moved to Babylon on the east of Grand Cayman for a couple of dives on the sheerest wall dive the main island has to offer. We had turtles and moray eels again and even a large channel crab that got our camera lenses snapping. We then set our sights on Little Cayman and got underway for a 6 hour uneventful journey to the smaller of the sister islands.

Tuesday We awoke to a fine Little Cayman day with the underwater delights of Bloody Bay awaiting us. Randys Gazebo was our first stop and it was Bloody Bay at its best. Turtles and super friendly Grouper were the order of the morning along with the cutest pair juvenile spotted drums and the small school of painted file fish just crowned the dive. Kingsley served up wonderful Italian lunch as we made the short hop to the Meadows at the other end of Bloody Bay. We again had turtles and friendly Grouper and a couple of passes by grey reef sharks upped the tempo a little bit. The night dive produced channel crab and lobster with friendly grouper and sleeping turtles.

Wednesday An early start saw us under way for Cayman Brac and a morning of diving at the MV Keith Tibbets. The wreck has been on the ocean floor since 1996 and the coral growth on this sunken treasure is clear evidence of exactly how long since it first became a living reef. We had turtles and more friendly Grouper and also a very cool little pipe fish. Cheese burgers in paradise was the lunch time delight from Kingsley today as we made our way back to Bloody Bay and first stop was Nancy’s Cuppa Tea for a single dive and then back to Jackson bite for an afternoon and night dive.  

Thursday A dawn was the start to our day today and Bus Stop was the chosen spot. Swim thrus with friendly Grouper and a close encounter with a couple of Caribbean grey reef sharks was the order of the morning before it was back on the boat for smoked bacon, eegs your way & hash browns for a well deserved breakfast. Next stop was Leah Leahs Lookout for a couple of dives and it seemed that Leah Leahs was the most popular dive so far. The water was a deep rich blue and the wall top just lush with life. Long winding gullies and fantastic swims thrus made the morning so wonderful along with carefree feeding turtles and sleeping nurse sharks. Our fond fare well to Bloody Bay was made at The Great Wall for a long lazy shallow dive……….

Friday We awoke at Round Rock in Grand Cayman after an uneventful crossing from Little Cayman and off we went for our 2nd to last dive of the week on what is generally considered to be one of the best of the wall sites on Grand Cayman, the site consists of fabulous swim thrus and sheer drop off, we had turtle encounters and a fantastic free swimming eel. Our final dive was spent at Devils Grotto among the atmospheric swim thrus and with schooling tarpon and again glorious long winding swim thrus. And so our week came to an end and a stunning Cayman sunset threw colour in the sky as we enjoyed the capts cocoktail party. Special mention goes to Brendan & Paul for completing their rescue diver course as Brendan strides on in his quest to become a Divemaster and also had a milestone of logging his 300Th dive, also special mention to Kevin for taking his nitrox course.

All in all we had a great week, we visited all of the 3 islands and had glorious weather to boot.

Until next week

Your Cayman Aggressor IV crew