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Red Sea Aggressor :


Log Date: Saturday, Jul 08, 2017
Entry By: Red Sea Aggressor Crew


Air Temp: 30c – 35c / 80 – 90F
Water Temp: 27c / 82 F

Visibility: 20 – 35 m / 70 – 149 feet

Weather: High temperatures, Clear skies, moderate winds

Itinerary: Brothers Islands, Daedalus, Elphinstone.


Highlights: White tip oceanic shark, Thresher shark, Hammerhead sharks, Yellow Fin Tuna





Captain: Abdullah     

Cruise Director: Mahmoud

Instructors/Guides: Shaker& Rashad

Chef(s): Hussein& Sherif

Steward(s): Hegazy & Ali

Seamen: Emad & Ayoub & Said & mohanad



Victoria, Garrett, Michelle, Gian, Mohammed, Hasan, Irene, Xinyi, Veronica, Gina,

Stephan, Igor, Iryna, Kacey, Estelle, Mark, Susan, Eric, Rachael




Sunday – Marsa Shoona , Marsa Mobarak

Monday –Little Brother Island

Tuesday Big Brother Island– 

Wednesday – Elphinstone

Thursday – Daedalus Reef

Friday – Umm Erg, Abu Dabab


                            Welcome Aboard!


This week we happily & eagerly greeted our new Guest. After a welcome drink and being showed to their cabins everyone gathered in the dining area for the general boat briefing and introduction of the crew, while munching on our chefs exquisite pizzas and assortment of seasonal fruit. After setting up equipment and finishing some paperwork, they were free to visit the very mystical Port Ghalib at sunset hours. After our delicious dinner it was time for a beer and a glass of local wine & off to bed.



Day 1 started in Port Ghaleb and continued in Marsa Shoona and Marsa Mobarak. A Continental breakfast at 7 am and we are set and ready to leave the harbor of Port Ghalib and starting our Northern Itinerary diving the offshore reefs of Brothers Islands, Daedalus and Elphinstone. At 9 am we reached the bay of Marsa Shoona, our dedicated place for our check dive. The first and the second dives are the boat to boat dives descending along the white sandy bottom of the bay; we reach his colourful wall covered in pink and fire corals. Visibility is clear and we enjoyed such a colorful dive with red sea groupers and butterly fishes, an octopus, pipefishes and lion fishes, giant puffer fishes and blue spotted stingrays. Late in the afternoon we sail northern to Marsa Mobarak where we planned to spend our afternoon and night dive . The dive started visiting a pinnacle of coral covered in purple soft corals and surrounded by glass fishes, anthias, and damsel fishes. We continued the dive along and above a beautiful lagoon and coral garden with large school of goat and butterfly fishes, puffer fishes and snappers. 1 hour surface time and it is night dive time beautiful Feather corals and surprising Spanish dancers, not one but two.. Dinner time and we leave the coast line of El Quseir direction Brother’s Island.



Day 2 started in Little Brother Island. Wake up at 6 am and we feel rested and relaxed after a night sleep with our boat safely and firmly moored in the South Plateau of Little Brother Island. Sun is shining, sky is crystal clear, sea and wind conditions are calm and it feels like a perfect day for diving. A continental breakfast, dive briefing and at 7 am we are already in the water. A moray eel, a turtle and grey reef shark that is a good start. We continued the second dive along the west wall reaching the south plateau with large school of butterfly fishes, cornet fishes and snappers. A scenario filled with cornet fish, lion and butterlfly fishes. Such a beautiful dive. In the end of the dive we enjoyed admiring an oceanic white tip moves and approaches while it is followed by pilot fish all around. It is time for lunch. Sun is higher in the sky and late afternoon dive just under the yacht with white tip oceanic shark. The dive at the west wall and diving along. The yellow fin tunas, barracudas and silky shark. Exciting. A great diversity of marine life and we continued the dive along the drop off wall reaching a section of it largely covered by leather coral and visiting couple of hoverhangs where black corals and colorful sponges stand out. At 7 pm it is time for dinner and for leaving the islands going to the Big Bbrother



Day 2 started in Big Brother Island. We sail all night to reach the offshore reefs of Brother’s Islands, forty miles away from the coastline of El Quseir. Wind blows intensively but diving conditions are still excellent in the east and south plateau, a mild current and crystal clear visibility . Our morning dives are set in the south plateau of the island. We admired broccoli leather and black corals, Hammerhead ,school of fusiliers fishes , trevallies and yellow fin tunas in the blue, school of black snappers , butterfly fishes and cornet fished and a beautiful scorpion fish quietly resting on the edge of the wall. We continued the dive along the wall and visiting a couple of overhangs. Early in the afternoon it is finally time to visit the wrecks of Numidia and Aida sitting on the North edge of the Island . Zodiac to zodiac dives and we descent along the reef where the Numidia wreck sits at a depth of 10mt/33ft until 70mt/240ft. The wreck sits in a vertical position facing the depth of the blue water. Late in the afternoon we did Aida Wreck .



Day 5 started in Elphinstone Reef . The bell rings at 6 am , sun rise at 4:50 and at 6:45 am we are already in our zodiacs ready to dive the North Plateau. Sea conditions are calm. The drop off walls of the north side offered us a couple of Hammerhead shark. The second dive we started from the boat, drifting over the south plateau. We saw a couple of Napoleon Wrasse, Oceanic white tip shark

The third dive was nice dive too diving the wall of the west side of Elphindtone reef. . After the third dive we sail to Shaab abu Dabab III where we planned to spend our last dive . We visit his large coral garden of dome and mountain corals flying above those huge blocks of coral



Day 5

started in Daedalus reef. We sailed southern all night to reach early in the morning the offshore reef of Daedalus. Up in the north we saw Hammerhead sharks, a School of barracuda were spotted. The late morning dive is a drift dive along the north east wall where fan corals and black corals offer to our divers a beautiful drop off wall dive. Time for lunch and we went to the north of Daedalus reef again. Dive with a Hammerhead shark. The late afternoon dive is in the Anemone garden. We descent along the reef and the nemo city, with their countless anemones start coloring the wall from a depth of 5mt/15ft until 20mt/66feet. Flashes and happy faces while we continue the dive along the wall. A Hammerhead shark swam away below us.



Day 6

We sailed from Daedalus reef to Abudabab area our first dive was Umm Erg .. started Umm Erg south side we jump of the boat diving in a depth of 40 feet we saw nice dome coral and butterfly fish and blue spotted stingray the second dive was in Abudabab two after the dive we had lunch and we sailed back to Port Ghalib. At 6 pm our cocktail party starts. We celebrate our diving trip and iron divers of the week.



Iron Divers

                         Garrett, Michelle, Mohammed, , Irene, Xinyi, , Gina,

                         Stephan, Igor, Iryna, Kacey, Susan, Rachael


Victoria, Garrett, Hasan, Veronica, Gina, Igor, Iryna Eric, Rachael


23# Of dives done this trip


Thanks and kind regards

Red Sea Aggressor