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Cayman Aggressor V :


Log Date: Saturday, Jul 15, 2017
Entry By: Cayman Aggressor Crew


Cayman Aggressor IV

Capts Log

July 15th to 22th 2017

Guests Laurence & Allyson, Melissa & Ed, John & Mary, Paul & Trevor, Joe, John T, Scot, Sarah, Jamie, Kelley and Sydney.

Crew Capt Alan, Instructor & Helmsman Manny, Master Chef Kingsley, Instructor Aubri, Engineer Rodel, Steward Latoya.

Water Temp 81 to 83f

Air Temp 84 to 86f

Exposure Protection. 3mm wetsuit or Rash Guard & Board Shorts.

Saturday With most of our guests arriving early we pushed off the dock and headed to the west side of the island. Once our final guest arrived a little later we enjoyed a BBQ dinner, safety briefing, and introduced ourselves. We had nine repeat Cayman Aggressor guests- proving that once you dive with us, you always want to come back again.

Sunday We started our week at a site called the Oro Verde, a shallow ship reef which has a max depth of 50 ft, a perfect check out dive for our guests. This area is known for schooling fish such as Chubs, Snapper and Wrass. Next up was our cruise to Stingray City, this highlight of our week is a haven for southern stingrays. Our stingray city hickey winner this week was Trevor! During a healthy lunch we cruised towards Babylon for our afternoon dives. Upon arrival to Babylon divers were already suited up and eager to splash and explore the sponge encrusted wall and pinnacle. We also encountered an energetic young Hawksbill Turtle up in the shallows and a stingray feeding in the sand. Once back on board from the afternoon dives it was time to begin our crossing to Little Cayman! Kingsley served up a delicious Red Snapper dinner as we cruised into smooth seas.

Monday The sun rose over little Cayman as we were enjoying pancakes and coffee! Our first site of the day was Randy’s Gazebo, a famous site which has a sheer wall and a lush reef. Our divers were amazed at the amount of life that exists here. The friendly groupers here delighted our guests. Next up after our splendid Mexican lunch was the Meadows. This site is located in Jackson Bight, which is toward the east side of Bloody Bay. The swim thru’s here lead out onto the expansive wall, our friendly grouper Cosmo was there to impress us. The top of the wall here is alive with schooling fish such as Schoolmasters, Snappers, Damselfish and Blue Hamlets. We moved to Sara Set for our fourth dive and night dive. The shallow reef here is very spectacular, squid, groupers, and a friendly Nurse shark all impressing of happy gang of divers. At night this site comes alive, several lobsters, channel crabs, rather large lionfish, baby octopus and reef squid were all seen by our eager night divers. What a great day of diving!

Tuesday With the weather in our favor and no other boats around we had our pick of dive sites here at Bloody Bay Wall. The choice was an easy one however- Lea Lea’s Lookout! We splashed for 8:00am and were greeted by feeding turtles, curious grouper and barracuda, and even a few sleeping nurse sharks tucked away in the cavernous swim thru’s. Many divers claimed Lea Lea’s to be their favorite site yet! After a delicious Italian lunch we set off for another favorite of ours here on the Cayman Aggressor- Three Fathom Wall. The afternoon dives were simply beautiful with the sun shining down on the reef and schools of fish that take over the coral heads on this shallow wall. Some very special creatures were spotted including a Sea Spider, Harlequin Pipefish, Hawksbill Turtle, and a Reef Shark. For our night dive we headed back to Meadows where we saw a Slipper Lobster, Shark, and Octopus! Another fantastic day of diving in the books.

Wednesday We arose to another beautiful sunrise over Little Cayman, we started our engines and headed towards Cayman Brac, the MV Keith Tibbets was our site for the morning with visibility over 200 Ft. The wreck lays fallen on its port side with schooling fish, sponges and sea fans all growing on the wreck. Sweet lips, our resident Goliath Grouper was seen inside the wreck, a Spotted Eagle Ray was also seen feeding in the sand and a friendly Hawksbill Turtle was feeding on a sponge. During a Cheese burger lunch we cruised back towards Bloody Bay for a site called Donna’s Delight. Located in the heart of Bloody Bay, this is always a favorite for our guests; the wall here starts at 30 ft and drops all the way to the abyss. The reef here is alive with coral, cleaning stations and of course our friendly Nassau Groupers. Next up was Bus Stop located back up in Jackson Bight, with swim thru’s galore, sheer walls and superb reef this makes it a favorite with our guest. Sharks, Eagle Rays, Turtles were spotted by our guests along with several SailFin Blenny’s hiding in the rubble area.

Thursday Eight fearless divers have made it out for our 6am dive this morning at Bus Stop. For their extreme efforts, the prize was a feeding Eagle Ray that hung around for several minutes. No better way to start your day! When the rest of the gang woke up and had their breakfasts we headed down to Nancy’s Cup of Tea for two more morning dives. Turtles, Crabs, and Sharks were out and about this morning as we explored the beautiful sponge adorned pinnacle and searched for the many anchors left behind in centuries past. After one final lunch here in Little Cayman and it was time for our final dive at the Great Wall with Freddy the Friendly Grouper. Everyone enjoyed a bit of bonding time with Fred however, he wasn’t too happy to have to share the attention with the Nurse Sharks and Eel that hung around- typical Freddy. Bound for Grand Cayman we enjoyed a family style Thanksgiving dinner followed by some entertainment with the trip movie and photos to close out a perfect day.

Friday On our final day of diving we headed for the famous shipwreck of the Kittiwake where divers were thrilled to get to explore the inside of a wreck. We even had quite the competition going for who could find the Aggressor Fleet plaque first. Our final dive was at Devil’s Grotto, a Cayman classic close to our dock. We explored the ins and outs of the swim thru’s and marveled at the mass of Silversides and Tarpon. Once back the packing and cleaning process began for all up until the Captain’s Cocktail Party. Congratulations to Sarah for completing her Navigation and Fish ID courses, Scott for becoming a Wreck diver, and to all 10 of our Iron Divers!

Until Next Week

Cayman Aggressor IV Crew