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Log Date: Saturday, Jul 22, 2017
Entry By: Bahamas Aggressor crew


Bahamas Aggressor Captain’s Log 22-29 July 2017

Air Temp.  77-84+ F
Water Temp. 83-86F
Visibility 70-100+ft

Thermocline from 0 feet - 20 feet - very warm on the surface, considerable temperature change beneath 20 feet. Around 90DEG on the surface, 86DEG below 20 feet. Very warm indeed.

Captain David Patterson
Engineer David Millard
Instructor James McKenzie
Instructor Alexandra Quint
Instructor Caitilin Tincher
Chef Marco Moroni

Lori, Kevin, Zac, Nic, Taka, Liz, Richard, Rob, Robert, Ron, Dale, Candace, Joe & Bert

Sunday – Sugar Wreck (1 Dive), Wonderwall Drift (1), Shark Paradise (2), Sugar Wreck (1)
Monday – Mount Olympus Drift (1), El Cappitan (2), Hogfish Reef (2)
Tuesday – Reds Ledge (2), Metropolis (1)
Wednesday – Mini Wall (1), Shark Paradise (2), Fish Tail (1), Metropolis (1)
Thursday –El Dorado (2), Mini Wall 2 (2), Sugar Wreck (1)
Friday – Silverfox Ledge (1), Sherwood Forest (1)

Saturday July 22nd 2017
The crew of the Bahamas Aggressor welcomed 14 divers aboard for a week long diving extravaganza on our Tiger Beach Itinerary. Once everybody was onboard and the welcome briefing was taken care off we left the dock and motored out of the marina. After around 2 hours of cruising we dropped anchor for the night.

Sunday July 23rd 2017
First up for us was the ever popular Sugar Wreck. This shallow wreck is always a very popular site. The wreck was carrying Molasses back in the early 1900’s when it started to take on water. The crew beached the ship in the shallows in order to aid in their rescue. The ship was unable to be moved so it stayed put for many years where it was a navigational hazard. Strong hurricanes and heavy seas have taken its toll on the ship. It eventually sank to the seabed - now sits in 25 feet of water and it is home to a myriad of marine life. We see huge populations of French Grunts, Yellow Tail Snappers, Jacks, Hogfish and Barracuda. The guests also saw many Turtles, Stingrays and Eels also. The sheer population of marine life here in this remote spot always amazes the divers who dive on this fantastic wreck. Due to its shallow depth the sunlight is very favorable for picture and video opportunities.
Once everybody had boarded and showered off we hot footed it to our next dive site of choice - Wonderwall Reef.
Since their was a fairly strong current emanating for the Straits of Florida we opted to drift this site.
Once all of divers were geared up and on their feet Captain Dave gave the order to Dive Dive Dive. Soon we had 14 divers hopping off simultaneously from the Bahamas Aggressor - taking the plunge into the azure blue aqua.  2nd Engineer James Mckenzie followed closely in the chase boat in case any of our divers needed assistance. The divers drifted along the reef checking out the various nooks and crannies that give home to the fish life. We saw Stingrays, Grunts, parrotfish, Grouper, Barracuda, Permits, tangs and much much more. The highlight of this dive however was the sighting of a Tiger Shark cruising by close to our group. This large Apex predator checked out a group which gave many of them wonderful picture and video opportunities.
The divers surfaced with wide eyes and smiles upon their faces. The group then bunched together on the surface so Captain David could cruise in close in order for them to board the Bahamas Aggressor.
Lots of happy faces and stories exchanged on the dive deck after this one!
We then moved over to Shark Paradise for our two afternoon dives. We dropped our ‘fish attraction triangle’ into the water. This attracted a lot of sharks to the reef below us. We saw upward of 20 sharks. These were a mixture of reefs and lemons. The group also saw huge grouper, and various other reef fish.
After two enjoyable dives here we then moved back to the sugar wreck for our night dive. The group saw the ever present pair of loggerhead turtles sleeping on the wreck - which rounded of a wonderful day of diving on a high note.
We then stayed tied up to the wreck overnight as the seas were flat calm.

Monday July 24th 2017
We departed our mooring at the Sugar wreck to head towards our next dive site of the charter - Mt Olympus. This was to be our second drift dive of the charter. Mt Olympus is a deep wall dive which offers up the chance to see big pelagic’s swimming by in the blue. Our group saw many different kinds of sharks, Eagle Rays and stingrays on top of the wall. We also saw trumpetfish, Turtles, Angelfish, Spadefish and Groupers. The divers boarded the yacht happy after a wonderful dive.
We then moved over to El Capitan where we enjoyed two amazing dives. This dive site has some of the most colorful and healthy reefs in the whole of the Bahamas. Orange elephant ear sponges are everywhere you look. Huge gorgonians, Sea whips & sea fans create a wonderful underwater tapestry. The kaleidoscope of color is inspiring. Its literally a photographers dream dive site. We also see sharks here too as well as a healthy population of reef fish feeding from the nutrients coming in from the deep drop off next to the dive site.
We ended our day at hogfish reef. Again we dropped in our Triangle to attract the sharks. The sharks swarmed round our group which was a highlight for many. The sharks came in close to check out of divers. Being up close and personal with the sharks is something we as crew simply never get tried of. Its always amazing to be so close to these gentle -often misunderstood, creatures. being so close we are able to get some stellar shots of the sharks. To see the joy in the faces of our divers as they experience this with us is an amazing feeling. Hogfish Reef is also a very nice night dive. Our group of divers got to see an octopus cruising over the reef. This made everyones dive. We also saw lobsters, Crabs and Eels hunting for food.
Once everyday was onboard we served up the obligatory hot chocolate with baileys. After a full day of diving or group of underwater explorers took the chance to get some rest - to recharge the batteries for a another day of diving to follow.

Tuesday July 25th 2017
First up was the wonderful site of Reds Ledge. This site offers us the chance to venture a bit deeper than the average sites around Tiger Beach. The sand is at around 80feet - the top of the reef is at around 50 feet. The top of the reef is covered in wonderful lush soft corals. This gives home to a wide variety of critters. These vary from Nudibranchs to Lobster and Crabs as well as sharks.
We see all of the above plus we see a plethora of parrotfish, our divers are in hamlet heaven and Porkfish paradise. The abundance and variety keep us coming back to check out reds ledge on a weekly basis. After two dives here we head over to Metropolis for one dive. Here again we dropped our triangle into the water and soon we had around 20 sharks below the bow of the boat. The divers got to check out the sharks once more. We also saw a lot of different reef fish of all shapes and sizes. The top of the reef here at Metropolis is a hive of activity. We saw damselfish, Goatfish, parrotfish, trumpet fish, permit, Eels and much much more.
Due to mechanical issue we had to cruise back into the marina at Old Bahama bay. We soon had our issue fixed and at around 10.30PM we were anchored back in the diving grounds in preparation for the next day of diving.

Wednesday July 26th 2017
We started the day off with a dive on the beautiful site - Mini Wall. This dive site never fails to amaze us. The health of the reef here is great to see. We saw Scorpionfish nestled on top of the reef, Reef Sharks, Lemon Sharks and Stingrays.
We then moved over to Shark Paradise where we spent two dives playing with around 30 sharks. This made video and photo opportunities plentiful.
After filling up the memory cards with shark pics we dropped anchor at the next dive site - Fish Tail. Here we saw Pufferfish, Lemon Sharks, Reef Sharks, Parrotfish, cowfish, and a whole host of other marine life.
We ended the day with night dive on Metropolis which was enjoyed by all.

Thursday July 27th  2017
First up for us was El Dorado where we completed 2 dives. This medium range dive site is always a popular one on this itinerary. Due to the fact that this site is prone to current it generally brings in some bigger stuff. Here at El Dorado we saw Eagle Rays, Lemon Sharks & Reef Sharks. Huge schools of Dog snapper are spotted all over El Dorado. We must have seen thousands of them on this dive site.
We also see Barracuda in huge shoals hovering in packs - Safety in numbers is their mantra. As we are on the safety stop we see stingrays frolicking in the sand beneath us. after two great dives we venture south to pick up the mooring at Mini Wall 2.
Located a few miles north of Mini Wall this site offers us a shallower experience than its southern neighbor. The sharks were there as always but we also saw French Grunts, Parrotfish, Yellow Headed jawfish, Blennies, Eels, Graysby and Hogfish.
After 2 magnificent dives Mini Wall 2 we finished the day off with a night dive on the Sugar Wreck.
The reason we often do this dive site multiple times at night is simple - Its the best night dive in the Bahamas!
We saw Sea Urchins, 2 Octopus, 5 Turtles, Nurse Sharks, Moray Eels, Crabs, Caribbean Spiny Lobster and Slipper Lobster. Some of our divers said that it was the best night dive they have ever done - who are we to disagree with that!
With all divers back on board and ladders up we travelled around 2 hours south before dropping the anchor in the shallows to rest for the night.

Friday July 28th 2017
We started off with a pre breakfast dive on Silverfox Ledge. Our divers enjoyed exploring the nooks and crannies on offer here. With a mx depth of around 80feet its a great place to check out for sharks and stingrays. We saw many on this dive. We also saw Lionfish, Fairy Baslets, Grunts, Snappers and Lobsters.
The group enjoyed breakfast as we travelled to our final site of the charter - Sherwood Forest.
Here our group enjoyed exploring the beautiful shallow corals. The sunlight made for wonderful picture opportunities. After a fabulous dive our divers boarded the yacht happy with their week of diving.
As we cruised back into the marina our guests took care of rinsing and cleaning the equipment.
We enjoyed a wonderful cocktail party in the main salon prior to taking dinner ashore.

The Crew Would Like To Thank Everyone For Joining Us On The Bahamas Aggressor!!!

Congratulations to our Iron Divers this week - Kevin, Zac, Joe, Bert & Richard

Until The Next Time Safe Travels…


Bahamas Aggressor Crew