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Turks & Caicos Aggressor II :


Log Date: Saturday, Jul 15, 2017
Entry By: Turks & Caicos Aggressor Crew


Turks & Caicos Aggressor II

Captain’s Log

15 - 22 July 2017


Air temperature: 80° - 84° F

Water temperature: 82 - 84° F

Visibility: 50 – 80 feet

Thermal recommendation: 3mm full wetsuit





Engineer: ROB SMITH





Dave & Melissa, Mike & Kat, Richard & Judy, Steve, Elan, Stephanie, Andy, Dan, Lisa, Scott, Stacy & Joe



Sunday: Eel Garden & the Dome – N.W. Point           

Monday: Boat Cove & Brandy-Wine – W. Caicos

Tuesday: Spanish Anchor & Magic Mushroom – W. Caicos

Wednesday:            Elephant Ear Canyon & Gullies – W. Caicos

Thursday: Sharks Hotel, 2-Step, Amphitheatre – N.W. Point

Friday: Pinnacles – Grace Bay           


Our guests boarded on Saturday afternoon and we quickly briefed them to enable our departure from Turtle Cove Marina, catching the tide and the evening light. A very pretty motor out through the channel that winds along Grace Bay and out to sea to start our week off of North-West point of Provo. On the crossing over the guest enjoyed the first of many wonderful culinary delights prepared by Chef Christy. Upon arrival at N.W. Point guest had finished up dinner, shared a few drinks and several laughs then where off to bed to get some rest before a wonderful week of dining here in Turks & Caicos.


            Sunday morning many guest where up early and eager to get diving, after a nice breakfast and back deck brief divers jumped into the water of one of our best dive site off of N.W. Point known as Eel Garden. Once comfortable and weight checks complete divers drifted down the water and along the wall spotting many cool animals including our two local frog fish, quit rare for the Caribbean. One of which had posted itself high up a purple rope sponge making for some amazing photo ops. That afternoon we hopped over to The Dome. This dive site is the reminted of an early 1990 French reality TV show, were challenges had to free dive down into the dome structure to receive pearls. The show never made it past its pilot episode but it did leave behind the dome, providing its own little artificial reef for tons of littles critters and coral life.


            Before the sun broke the horizon on Monday morning the T&C Aggressor fired up its engine and mooted on down to West Caicos. We stared off the day at Boat Cove, here we have a large sand shoot with a coral running down the middle. There was lots of great marine life on the first two dives including several curios sharks and a broad-band moray, these morays are so ugly that they are kind of cute. After an excellent buffet lunch our afternoon and night dives where at Brandy Wine, named for all the large barrel sponges that can be found on the site. During the night dive guest got the special treat of watching an octopus out and about search for pray, the octopus did not seem to mind the all the attrition as he counted to put on an excellent show of wonderful color and shape shifting displays.


            Tuesday morning the boat moved down to Spanish Anchor the most southerly dive site of West Caicos. Here the is a neat swim through starting at 45’ and exiting around 80’, right at the end of the swim through there is a large anchor complete incrusted in coral and blending in almost perfectly with the wall. This anchor is believed to be over two-handed years old and off of a Spanish vessel due to the fact the Spanish rarely used chain lines on their anchors. Here divers posed for pictures and the continued on for two excellent dives. That afternoon I moved back you north to the middle of W. Caicos at Magic Mushroom. It gets its name from a rock formation that appears to be a large mushroom during low tide then disappears as the tide rises. One of the neat futures on the site is a coral head know as Lobster Tower. Standing over 9’ tall it has a large crack running down in where lobster have be known to cram their selves in, sometimes as many as thirty or more, today we a about seven. One of the best finds on the dive was a juvenile trunk fish, a tiny little green guy with yellow spots making it look like a floating dice with eyes.


            On Wednesday move to the north end of W. Caicos to Elephant Ear Canyon, one of the crews favorite dive site and as it turned many of the guest favorites. Here there is a beautiful sand shoot with coral one all sides including many large Elephant-Ear sponges, a gorgeous orange color, excellent for taking photos. When divers finished exploring the canyon we move up on top of the wall to the expanse of never ending sand. Here is where the fun begins as there is tons of life in the sand. You get patches of sea-grass where dive found pipe-fish, pipe-horses, head-shield slugs, a juvenile French angelfish and tons of different types of shrimps. For the afternoon Gullies would be the dive site of choice. With several resident turtles, a multitude of sharks and just the general abundance of sea-life here you can just not go wrong. That evening once all divers where back on board from yet another great night dive me fired up the engines and headed back up to N.W. Point.


            Thursday came all too early but oh boy was it jam packed doing not just our regular 5dive-a-day schedule but also thronging in additional dawn dive as we would only be able to do one dive Friday mooring due to the tides. So we started before the break of dawn with a dive at 5:30 on Sharks Hotel. Aptly named as we had many a shark on both dives here, although one of the main high lights was extremely friendly hawksbill turtle munching away on sponges, allowing for lots of great photos with the rising sun. For our mid-day dives we scouted on over to 2-Step and oh boy was it a heck of a time. Our first dive here guest had and incredible experience with a common octopus as it was out and about hunting for more than a half-hour. On the second dive although the octopus was gone we had several inquisitive squid and yet another playful turtle. Dive four and our night dive we ventured over to Amphitheatre, here you have at large overhead environment, not quit a cave but looks like someone had taken a giant ice-cream scope out wall. We were able to find lots of decorator crabs all the while several sharks meandered back and forth, then on the night dive what did we see but yet another octopus. That night we moved the T&C A2 on over to Grace Bay.


            Friday we had our last dive at Pinnacles where we got to see a few finger-print cyehforma are rare cousin to the flamingo tongues as well as what… another octopus. Afterward everyone started the much loved proses of rising out and drying dive gear then had one more wonderful lunch prepaid by Chef Christly. That afternoon we all gather round for a wine and cheese party on the sun-deck to remise the week on by and celibate a few milestones. That evening everyone enjoyed the island a little with dinner of the boat.


            On Saturday we said our final goodbye with hugs and wish of safe travels. Thanks to Live 2 Dive Scuba Company and all the rest of the guest for a making an awesome week. We hope to see you all again in the future.