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Cayman Aggressor V :


Log Date: Saturday, Jul 22, 2017
Entry By: Cayman Aggressor Crew


Cayman Aggressor IV

Capts Log

July 22th to 29th 2017

Guests Damon & Teresa, Ray & Cheryl, Dennis & Sue, Sam, Gordy & Ricki, Dennis & Dawn, Ron, Eric, KC. Gary & Paula

Crew Capt Alan, Instructor & Helmsman Manny, Master Chef Kingsley, Instructor Aubri, Engineer Rodel, Steward Oneil.

Water Temp 81 to 83f

Air Temp 84 to 86f

Exposure Protection. 3mm wetsuit or Rash Guard & Board Shorts.

Saturday The Cayman Aggressor IV is fueled, stocked and ready for a fun filled week of eating sleeping and diving. Our entire guests boarded promptly at 3pm and we slowly pushed off the dock and headed to our first site. We conducted our safety briefing and introduced ourselves, after which it was time to sample Chef Kingsley’s BBQ dinner which as always delighted our guests.

Sunday Our first site of the week was Doc Poulson. A shallow ship wreck siting in 50 ft. The wall here slopes off to the west, the marine life here is spectacular, and the Blue Chromis here today were in abundance. A small Hawksbill Turtle was gracefully swimming along the reef, and a large Puffer fish was hiding under the wreck. During a deli style lunch we cruised to the wreck of the Kittiwake, this majestic ship was sank in 2010, and makes for a perfect wreck dive, siting in 60ft of water and 251 ft in length, this wreck has it all, chambers, Large prop, chart room, Officers mess and a perfectly intact wheel house, Dennis found our Aggressor Fleet Plaque, and claimed his free Kittiwake T shirt. Along the side we found two Juvenile Neck Crabs, so tiny and so perfectly camouflaged. At night this reef next to the wreck comes alive, Sleeping Turtles, Feeding Eels, Basket Stars, Parrot fish, Lobsters, crabs and for our eagle eye Ray a couple of super exited Caribbean reef Squid.

Monday The sunrise this Monday morning was glorious. Our first site of the day was Angel Fish Reef, a mix of reef and wall with marine life in abundance. Our divers had such a relaxing dive checking out the reef, a Pistol Shrimp was spotted hiding in a Cork screw Anemone. Two very friendly Mutton Snappers were following us during the whole dive and a very colorful Cow Fish was posing for photos at the end of the dive. During our hearty Mexican lunch we cruised towards Stingray City. The best 12 ft dive in the Cayman Islands, and today was exiting, Dawn, our new diver discovered the magical yellow tail snappers that live here among the stingrays, today we had a stingray for every diver and everyone returned in high spirits. Next up was Babylon which is the most talked about dive on Grand Cayman. The pinnacle here is decorated with Black Coral, like the hanging gardens of Babylon, where the site gets its name. The visibility today was 150ft and the reef was alive with Wrasse, Snappers and chubs. All in all a great day of diving.

Tuesday We started our day out back in West Bay at the famous shipwreck of the Oro Verde. Divers were delighted to find several feeding Hawksbill Turtles during the morning dives as well as a few Lobsters tucked away in the reef. What really makes this site special however are all of the different schools of fish that gather in the surrounding reef. During a delicious Italian lunch we cruised back around the island to the area known as Babylon for some afternoon and night diving. We explored many different areas of Babylon throughout the afternoon and night dives and came across rivers of Creole Wrasse, juvenile Trunk Fish, an adult Spotted Drum, lobsters, crabs, and even a school of Snapper chasing and eating a school of fish. For those not interested in the night dive what better to do than have a few drinks and play some Dominos! Eric won maintaining his undefeated title of dominos champion for the week and then it was off to get some rest for another full day of diving.

Wednesday We Started our day at Round Rock/ Trinity Caves, located at North west point of Seven mile Beach, The wall slopes off the Abyss but has a series of shallow swim thru’s that are perfect for recreational divers. The amount of life here is stunning, Sea Fans, Whips, Sponges and a schooling fish such as Creole Wrasse, Snappers, Schoolmasters and Goatfish. During our Cheeseburger in Paradise lunch we cruise to a site called Governor’s Reef, a shallow site but close enough to the wall for our adventurous divers. We encountered 3 Hawksbill Turtles; reef Squid, Two Green Moray Eels and a large Eagle Ray. At night the site comes alive with the Nocturnal creatures, several Lobster, Channels Crabs, Tiny Reef Squid and Two Caribbean Octopuses. After Hot Towels, Chocolate and hot tub it was time to call it a day.

Thursday We awoke to the mouthwatering smell of breakfast on this fine Thursday morning. Our sights were set for some epic diving at one of our favorites- Big Tunnels. Along with the big tunnels we also discovered big Turtles and big Tarpon at this incredibly healthy and lush site. When all the divers got back it was time for yet another delicious lunch and nap while we moved to the next dive site. When the dive bell rang again at 1:30pm for Lost Treasure we could all feel that this was going to be a great afternoon. From up close Eagle Ray encounters to sleeping Nurse Sharks and everything in between we were not disappointed. Our final dive of the day was a dusk dive where divers enjoyed observing the curious behaviors of reef fish and creatures preparing for the night. With the diving done it was time for dinner and a cocktail followed by the movie and photo slideshow of the week to close out the evening.

Friday Sadly we have reached our final day of diving here in Grand Cayman- but it’s not over yet there are still two more amazing dives. For our first dive we went to Big Tunnels and it turned out to be one of the most amazing dives of the week with Neck Crabs, Turtles, Scorpion Fish, and Drum Fish. To finish out our diving we went to Devil’s Grotto and explored the swim thru’s. This site put Cayman diving on the map and today was exceptional. We saw at least 25 Tarpon, all moving in slow motion. The caverns here were amazing with natural light piercing through the cracks. A spotted drum was seen swimming in circles, the schooling fish also was impressive. As we collected our last pair of fins it was time to head back to the dock and start washing out of Gear. Congratulation to Dawn for taking the discover Scuba Course! And a special thanks to our entire guest for joining us this week and making it a safe and successful week. Until next time


Until Next Week

Cayman Aggressor IV Crew