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Cayman Aggressor V :


Log Date: Saturday, Jul 29, 2017
Entry By: Cayman Aggressor Crew


Capts Log

Cayman Aggressor IV

July 29th to August 5th

Guests on Board…..Chuck & Mary, Janice & Mike, Robert, Rodney, Guylaine, Richard & Jill, Sandy, Valerie, Elaine, Steph & Dwian, Christy & David, Iyla.

Crew   Capt Niall, Chef Kingsley, Engineer Rodel, Helmsman & Instructor Manny, Instructor Justin, Steward & 2nd Engineer Oniel.

Water Temp 87f

Air Temp 90f

Exposure Protection………Rashguards, board shorts and swim suits.

Saturday All guests were on board by 4.30pm so we pushed of the dock in George Town and headed to the Doc Poulson mooring were we would spent the evening by enjoying a delicious bbq dinner from Chef Kinglsey. All safety and welcome briefings were done and all the was left to was would be to get a good nights sleep in prep for a great week of diving to come.

Sunday We awoke to a spectacular sunrise over Grand Cayman and a dive on the Ship “Reef” Doc Poulson only a giant stride away. The Doc Poulson is a perfect start to any week of diving, the coral adorned wreck sits in only 50ft of water and it is right long side the drop off, so for those that have not been in the water for a while it’s a great check out dive and for those that are good to go it was a tri-mix of wreck, reef and drop off. We moved onto to Sting Ray City for a dive at that world famous spot and although a little green this week it was still a lot of fun. We then pushed on out to Babylon for a couple of dives on a very sheer drop off with a pinnacle that is covered top to bottom in sea fans, whips and gorgonians.

Monday We awoke in Little Cayman after a crossing that rolled and rocked a bit to start but then settled out nicely. Randys Gazebo was out first stop and it had that jaw dropping eefect on some of the folks that had not been here before and for the repeat guests it was genuine confirmation of why they keep coming back. The golden garden of the Bloody Bay produced Turtles and Eagle Rays, Lobster and friendly Grouper and a very cool encounter with 2 nurse sharks. We move up the bay for an afternoon and nightdive at Meadows. More Turtles and Eagle Rays (even on the night dive) another cool nurse shark and lots more friendly Grouper along with a Goliath Grouper capped a truly great way to spend any Monday.

Tuesday We awoke to flat calm seas and a brilliant sunrise and the sweet aroma of eggs benedict & Florentine. Leah Leahs Lookout was our first stop. Swim thrus, gullies and lush wall top was the order of the morning, we had channel crab and a delightful juvenile spotted drum along with care free turtles feeding on sponges and schooling jacks, chub and snapper that drifted back and forth with our yacht for shade and shelter. Kingsley served up a yummy Italian lunch as we moved the short distance along Bloody Bay to 3 Fathom Wall for our afternoon and night dive. Lazy and happy turtles along with more friendly Grouper was some of the cool sightings we had. We also found a very cool jaw fish with a mouthful of eggs.

Wednesday And it was off to Cayman Brac we went for 2 spectacular dives on the wreck of the MV Keith Tibbetts that was once a cold war era Russian destroyer. The wreck was put on the ocean floor back in 1996 and the marine growth that has taken place is as impressive as it is colourful. Kingsley served up cheese burgers in paradise as we cruised back to Little Cayman and an afternoon and night dive at Nancys Cuppa Tea. Sharks, Turtles and Grouper were the order of the afternoon and there was even a sighting of a sizeable Hammerhead shark. Our night dive produced a free swimming nurse shark, several sleeping Grouper and Parrot Fish and a fleeting glimpse of a hunting Octopus.

Thursday Sadly we would need to think about leaving Little Cayman but not before maximizing our time underwater and with that as our intent we got up at 5.45am and did a very cool dawn dive, the sun was just peaking over the eastern horizon as our happy but some what sleepy gang emerged on to deck but the early rise was definitely worth it as we encountered at least 3 grey reef sharks and yet another hammerhead sighting along with at least 3 turtles and more friendly Groupers. We moved on to Bus Stop for a couple of dives among super friendly Grouper and long atmospheric swim thrus and we again had a very cool shark encounter. Our last dive was a return to Meadows for cool swim thrus and lush wall top as we bade farewell to Bloody Bay.

Friday We had a smooth and uneventful crossing back from Little Cayman and awoke to a splendid sunrise over the USS Kittiwake for our first dive of the last day. The Kittiwake is always a big hit and it proved to be that again on this fine Grand Cayman morning. A majestic ship wreck that lays in only 50ft water and right long side a very cool drop off is a great way to start anyday. Kingsley served up sinful chocolate chip brownies as we cruised across west bay and south to Devils Grotto to finish our week of diving on an old Cayman favorite. Long winding atmospheric swim thrus are the highlight at the Grotto and our happy gang was suitably enthralled.

And so our week came to an end. It was a classically brilliant week of Cayman diving, we got to visit all three of the islands and had relatively calm seas all the way.

Special mention goes to Mary & Chuck for spending their 7th week on board with us, also to Mike & Dwain for completing 200 logged dives, Elaine completed 100 logged dives but also did her Advanced Diver Course and last but by no means least, Iyla gets a special mention for completing her 9th week on board the Cayman Aggressor.

Until Next Week

Your Cayman Aggressor Crew