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Log Date: Saturday, Jul 29, 2017
Entry By: Roatan Aggressor Crew


*Roatan Aggressor  Captains log 29th - Aug 5 2017

*Air Temp.  82-89 F
*Water Temp. 81-84 F
* Visibility 70-100ft
* Wetsuit req. 3mm full or shortie

Captain Eddie Anderson
Master Chef Dorian
Instructor Matt
Instructor Gerardo
Steward Franklin
Stewardess Jenna
Engineer Mario

Sunday – Eel Garden, Taviana Wall
Monday – Cayos Sea Mounts, Toon Town
Tuesday –Aguila, Half Moon Bay Wall
Wednesday –The Odyssey,  Lighthouse Reef
Thursday – Cara a Cara, Marys Place, Pirates Point
Friday – Mr. Buds Wreck

Saturday July 29th
   The sun shines down on our beautiful yacht as a new set of guests arrived, cocktails in hand and grinning with excitement from ear to ear.  The weather brought some challenges for us this week, but we were able to stay one step ahead throughout, even taking a window of opportunity to spend a day in Cayos Cochinos.  

Sunday  July 30th
  We begin the week at our favorite spot for our check-out dives, Eel Garden.  This beautiful sloping wall is right next to the Southern tip of the island, which brings a multitude of eagle rays, green morays, southern sting rays, and schooling jacks.  In the sand, we find yellow-headed jawfish, several groupers at a variety of cleaning stations, and a massive scorpion fish waiting for a quick snack.  We move a short distance to Taviana Wall to spend the afternoon and night, which  is highlighted by several lettuce leaf sea slugs, arrow blennies, and goldentail morays.  What a great way to start the week!

Monday July 31st
We awoke at 4:00am and shot down to Cayos Cochinos, taking our one day of opportunity to go explore the gorgeous seam mounts and bays.  Our first two drift dives over the sea mounts were a calm cruise over and across the beautiful pinnacles, covered with creole wrasse, west Indian simnia, and Nassau groupers.  We then headed to a shallow reef called Pelicans Point.  We jumped in, and were immediately surrounded by a gigantic school of blue tangs, casually feeding along the wall.  A short distance away, we finished our day at Toon Toon, acutely named for is generous proportions of tunicates.  Spanish and spotted spiny lobsters walked freely as we snapped our cameras away.

Tuesday August 1st
With the wind picking up, we took our chances and headed north back to Roatan to the wreck of El Aguila.  This wreck offers a labyrinth of penetration points, and finishes with a large mast that is micro heaven!  We ha the luck of finding several secretary blennies, neck crabs, flamingo tongues, and friendly green moray out for a morning swim.  We then headed to a new site that we put in along the Half Moon Bay Wall.  This proved to be one of the most beautiful sites we have, with a vibrant reef full of activity.  Our night dive capped off an amazing day, with a squadron of squid flying by, as well as numerous octopus feeding in our lights.   

Wednesday August 2nd
  The engines roar to life at 6am, and we make our way for another phenomenal wreck dive, The Odyssey.  This freighter was purposely sunk for divers, and has been overgrown with macro life.  The best part about this dive is that it has been gutted on the inside, allowing each person to penetrate it from the engine room all the way up to the bridge, using the staircases along the way.  As we did our safety stop, a squeaking grew louder, all of a sudden showing itself in the form of 12 adult dolphins and 1 baby!  The excitement did not stop there, as we headed South to Lighthouse Reef.  This shallow reef is accentuated with a large cave, full of green morays and channel clinging crabs.  With the winds picking up, we spent the night on a secure mooring with movies and wine.  Not a bad way to end a fantastic day!
Thursday  August 3rd
We rolled our bed to find a magnificent blue sky, painted with colors that predicted the amazing day that was about to come.  We left cruised to the South side, where we went to Cara a Cara, our spot for Caribbean reef sharks.  Throughout the dive, we had several sharks, both large and small, zipping and darting in between our group of divers.  We then headed a short distance to the world famous, “Mar’s Place.”  We spent two beautiful dives here gliding through the crevices, as if in our own “choose your own adventure” novel.  The rest of our day and night were spent at Pirates Point, a lovely site with a sunken bulldozer making a great hiding spot for several marine animals.  

Friday August 4th
 Everyone wakes up refreshed and enjoyed another brilliant breakfast, as we headed to my personal favorite macro site here, Mr. Buds wreck.  Here we had the pleasure of watching sergeant majors guard their eggs, squat lobsters peeping out of coral heads for a view of the divers, and several flounders scurrying throughout the sand.  Our next stop, Romeos, where we cleaned the gear and reminisced about the fantastic week during the cocktail party!

Saturday August 5th
With another incredible week coming to a close, we saw our guests off to the airport and to Pineapple Villas, joyful farewells and hugs in abundance. Thank you for all of the wonderful memories, and we look forward to the next time we meet again!

   Until next time, the Roatan Aggressor crew..