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Cayman Aggressor V :


Log Date: Saturday, Aug 05, 2017
Entry By: Cayman Aggressor Crew


Cayman Aggressor IV

Aug 5th to 12th 2017

Guests Jan & Clare, Jim & Lori, Bill & Kathy, Anna, Blake & Jazzy, Luisa, Jamie & Randi, Matt & Heather, David & Jo-ann, Mark, Jim.

Crew Capt Niall, Engineer Rodel, Helmsman & Instructor Manny, Master Chef Kingsley, Instructor Justin, Steward Latoya.

Air temp 86f

Water temp 81f

Exposure protection 3mm wetsuit or board shorts & rashguards.

Saturday By 8pm we had all guests on board with intro’s and safety briefs done. Folks got an early night in anticipation of a great week of diving to come.

Sunday Our first stop was the ship”reef” Doc Poulson for a couple of dives. The Poulson wreck these days is more living reef than structured metal and is home to lots of schooling fish and draped in decorative corals. The wreck also sits very close to the drop off and has a very cool swim that leads out to the blue. Kingsley served up a yummy subway Sunday lunch followed by ice cream sundae desserts as we made the short hop to Lost Treasure for some afternoon and night diving. Lobster and nurse sharks, turtles and delightful juvenile spotted drum were the order of the afternoon. Our night dive capped a great day of diving with sleeping turtles and parrot fish, several large channel crabs and 2 fantastic octopus.

Monday We awoke to a blustery sky and winds a blowin’ but that didn’t deter our hardy gang of happy divers as we made our way to USS Kittiwake for a couple of morning dives. The chop and swell on the surface had little or no impact down below and the visibility was a genuine 90ft with a rich blue background. We explored inside and out and also across the reef and nearby drop off. Kingsley served up a delicious Mexican lunch as we made the short run to the wreck of the Oro Verde for some more reef & wreck mix. We had critters galore on the OV, lots of lobster and at least 2 delightful spotted drum, we also had a cool turtle encounter and a drive by from a sizeable nurse shark.

Tuesday The weather gods sent us some better wind and seas today and we made our way around to the north east end of Grand Cayman for a day at an area known as Babylon were we would spend our whole day exploring sheer drops and coral adorned pinnacles. We had turtles and moray eels, schooling snapper and clouds of blue chromis.


Wednesday We started our day at a mix of Round Rock & Trinity Caves, as always we were the early birds and had both spots to ourselves. Atmospheric swim thrus and friendly turtles were the order of the morning along with visibility that was in the 90ft range. Kingsley served up delicious cheese burgers in paradise as we made the short hop to the Governors Reef for some afternoon and a night dive. Turtles and Eagle Rays along with spotted drum and a very cool encounter with 8 squid. More squid on the nightdive along with yet another Octopus ended a great day of diving.


Thursday Big Tunnels was our first stop today for more cool swim thrus and friendly turtles. We cruised the wall top and caverns below and all agreed it was a great way to start the day. On we moved to Sting Ray City for a mid morning dive at this world famous site. At first the rays were shy but by the end we had several of these graceful creatures play with us. Kingsley served up lunch of the week with a Asian noodles and Caribbean favorites as we headed to Angel Fish Reef to finish our day. Turtles and eagles rays were the highlight of the afternoon and it was all completed with a yummy thanks giving dinner.


Friday Sadly our last day was upon us and we a glorious sun rise we headed to Neptunes Drop Off to start our dive proceedings, we had turtles and an eagle ray along blue chromis speckling the back ground. Kingsley had warm chocolate chip brownies waiting for us when we got back on deck and we made our way across the bay to Devils Grotto. More Atmospheric swim thrus and over hangs were enjoyed at the grotto along with another school of curious squid that were certainly the highlight of the dive.

Special mention must goes to Jim S for his 12th Aggressor trip and also to Kathy & Bill for their 9 Aggressor trips of which 6 were on board the Cayman Aggressor and to Clare for completing her Deep & Wreck specialty courses.

Until Next Week

Your Cayman Aggressor IV Crew