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Log Date: Saturday, Aug 05, 2017
Entry By: Red Sea Aggressor Crew


Air Temp: 30C/86F min – 35C/95F
Water Temp: 29C/84F – 30C/86F
Exposure suit: – 3mm Full length / Shorty or Rash guard.
Visibility: 25 to 40m/ 75 to 130 feet
Weather: Clear skies, moderate wind
Itinerary: Brothers – Daedalus
Captain: Sayed
Cruise Director: Mahmoud
Instructors/Guides: Katia & Shaker
Chef: Hussein & Sherif
Steward(s): Hegazy & Ali
Mechanic: Hussein
Seamen: Emad, Ayoub, Hossam and Ali
GUESTS: Wayne, Davis, Bruce, John, Bill & Nancy, Lynn, Tom, Scott, Michelle, Coni, Emile, Brian, Eamonn and Anna, Al and Jessil, Emilio and Linda
Sunday – Marsa Shona, Marsa Mobarak
Monday – Little Brother
Tuesday – Big Brother
Wednesday – Daedalus
Thursday – Daedalus   
Friday – Abu Dabab III
                            Welcome Aboard!
Northern Itinerary
The crew of The Red Sea Aggressor welcomed 19 divers onboard for a fun filled
action packed week of diving our Northern Itinerary.
This week we have  special guests President of Aggressor Fleet Wayne Hasson and his son Davis. After all of our guests had boarded we commenced with the safety briefing as well as covering the all-important introductions. Dinner was taken in the Salon after which guests were able to explore the Marina here at Port Ghalib.
The following morning we were granted clearance by the Egyptian authorities to leave the marina and head to the first dive site – El Shouna. El Shouna was to be our check dive. This is a fabulous place to perfect buoyancy skills or test out a new piece of dive equipment. El Shouna is a sloping wall that levels off at around 85 feet. This means that our divers can pick their depth depending on their comfort levels. On the first dive we saw a wonderful Pipefish, Burr fish and big schools of Red Sea Banner Fish & Masked Butterfly Fish. Guests boarded the yacht happy with the first dive and eager to explore some more. We moved to the east part of the reef at El Shouna for dive 2. On the dive we saw a plethora of spadefish, a Scorpion fish, a huge Moray eel and a green sea turtle.
After a wonderful experience at El Shouna we moved the Red Sea Aggressor to Marsa Mobarak. This amazing dive site always offers us fantastic visibility and hordes of marine life. Today was no exception. We saw a free swimming moray eel, an Octopus and a box fish. All in all not a bad dive to be fair. Staying here for the night dive meant that our guests had one Spider crab, and four Large Pleurobranche. Lion Fish followed our lights as we ventured a little further from the boat to make the most of the true darkness, and Giant Moray Eels watched us closely as we swam overhead.  Back in the glow of the boats lights at the end of the dive, and a ball of Anchovies was waiting for us near the boat.
After we had dinner we made the long crossing to Brother’s Islands.
We would spend the day here at Little Brother exploring the walls and shallow ledges there. Over the course of the day we saw many sharks, like Grey reef shark, Tresher shark, Oceanic White tip shark and white tip reef shark. We also saw the abundant Orange Antheas fish that ping around the reef tops here at Little Brother.
The following day we moved to Big Brother for another wonderful day of diving. Here on Big Brother we dived two Shipwrecks – The Aida & The Numidia. The Aida is very deep – The deck starts at around 25 Meters /80 feet and slopes down the wall into the abyss. The Numidia however starts at around 10 meters and goes all the way down to 60M / 200ft plus.  We are able to penetrate the Numidia and explore its engine room and gear compartments. Many divers did this, which is a whole lot of fun. Our divers are again fortunate to see the many trevallies, Yellow Fin Tunas and Barracudas that cruise around this region out in the blue. All the usual suspects are present here too, the colorful reef fish are here to mesmerize our divers and dance the dance of delight in our divers bubbles.
Two days flew by quickly and soon it was time to depart Big Brother and head toward Daedalus.
Daedalus Reef is a mesmerizing place that all divers should visit at some point in their lives. The variety of corals and fish life is astounding. The health of the corals is heartening to see. Beautiful sea fans, Hoards of fire coral and black coral as far as the eye can see – Daedalus Reef is a divers paradise. We completed two days of diving at Daedalus Reef.  We saw around Hammerhead Sharks, Napoleon Wrasses, and Oceanic White Tip shark As well as the pelagics we saw the awesome colourful reef fish that inhabit this area. Red Sea Anemone fish were spotted in their droves, adorning the walls and coral ledges of Daedalus Reef. We also see Titan Triggerfish, Morays and huge schools of Barracuda and Tuna out in the blue.
One of the best things about Daedalus and The Brothers is spending time in the shallows at the end of your dive. The pictures and videos you will get are second to none. If you take the camera in on one dive and you will fill  a memory card up just by cruising the shallow parts of the reef. On Daedalus this is a must!
We depart Daedalus reef to a wonderful Sunset that shimmers a beautiful Blossom Orange over the glass like surface. Our next dive site of choice – Abu Dabbab. Abu Dabab III is a nice shallow dive on which to end the week that enables the photographers in our group the chance for one last hurrah. Alas it was time to head for home and back to reality.
Right before we ended the day we also did celebrate three successful completed Advanced Open Water Courses of Anna, Emile and Brian. Massive congratulation to Al, Michelle, Coni, Bill and Nancy, Bruce, Scott and Eamonn for being the Iron Divers of the week.
Thank you for a wonderful week of diving. We hope you enjoyed your time with us and we hope to see you back in the Red Sea very soon.
Until the next time ….. Safe diving Always
Your Red Sea Aggressor Crew.